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 Affiliate Disclosure: We receive affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases made via the links provided on this blog.

We’ve always believed in transparency on the web, therefore we’re disclosing that we’ve featured certain products and links to those products on our site for which we will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the provided link.

Our purpose on AffordableThing Blog is to help you find quality affordable things available on AliExpress. However, please note that we earn a commission on sales made on AliExpress through our affiliate connections.

You should presume that any link directing you to products on AliExpress or other shopping sites advised by us are affiliate links for which we will get income if you make a purchase after clicking the link.

Despite this, there are millions of products on AliExpress, and we only promote products that we have thoroughly researched and believe will provide you with value. Please conduct your own research before making any purchases on AliExpress.

Please note that No AliExpress vendor have provided us with any free products or anything else in return for recommending them on the AffordableThing Blog. The only consideration consists of affiliate commissions or direct revenue from AliExpress or other retail sites.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the foregoing.


Asiwaju Patrick