This AliExpress Wigs density guide will help you comprehend what density means and how to select the best wig from AliExpress.

When searching for a wig on AliExpress, you likely want to select the most natural-looking option that compliments your hairline and features.

When someone purchases a wig, they will consider the quality an essential factor.

However, some individuals believe that thicker is preferable. There are many densities for wigs, and the following information is crucial.

If you have shopped for wigs or viewed wig listings on AliExpress, you have encountered the term “hair density.”

The density of the hair strands on your hair system is denoted by the term “hair density.” There are numerous levels of hair density that can be used to construct hair wigs.

Before selecting the hair density for your unit, you should carefully inquire with each AliExpress hair vendor about their standards for creating hair.

When selecting human hair wigs on AliExpress, hair density is a crucial factor to consider. On the beauty market, hair density is becoming an increasingly important metric for evaluating the appearance of human hair wigs for black women.



The amount of hair added to the cap of a wig to make a particular look is called its density. Ultimately, it helps determine how thin or thick the hair looks on the wig cap. It’s also important to know the difference between how thick and dense your hair is.

The number of hairs on the wig cap is called its “hair density.” On the other hand, the width of a single hair strand is meant by “hair thickness.” This means you can have thin hair with thick hair strands or thick hair with thin hair strands. The hair on a wig looks thicker and fuller the more density it has.

Wigs have different types of hair density, just like human hair has different types. Wigs usually have a natural density of hair, which is 120%. And this is almost as much hair as the average person has on their head.

Since the density of human hair is between 100% and 120%, a wig with 120% density looks real. It’s also easy to wear and doesn’t weigh much.


The density of a wig refers to the quantity of hair connected to its cap. The greater the amount of hair, the fuller it will appear.

This is why many individuals confuse hair density and hair thickness. Thickness refers to how thick each hair strand is, whereas density refers to the amount of hair in the wig.

Even though the two are distinct, the density may make the wig appear thicker. Some individuals may benefit from having thicker hair, but this is not always the case for others.

Some individuals wearing thick wigs may appear odd. Choosing the correct density is essential since you want your hair to appear as natural as possible, depending on the occasion or your profession.

Regarding wig density, you have a range of 50% to 250% to select from. Density variants include wigs with low density (60 density), medium density (120-150 density), and high density (200 density), among others.

Let’s examine all of the below-listed wig densities. In addition, while classifying wigs, there are other categories to consider. Popular wig types include, among others, lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, standard wigs, monofilament wigs, and hand-tied wigs.


This is one of the most common and conventional options for wig wearers.

As you may be aware, hair strands grow differently for each individual, resulting in variations in hair density.

Your hair may become thinner around the hairline and thicker on the crown and in the center.

If you have thick hair and wish to add volume to your head, use this hair density. It closely resembles your actual hair and is not overly thick.

The recommended wig density on AliExpress most closely resembles our natural hair. When ordering a full lace wig on AliExpress, the majority of AliExpress hair sellers will recommend this level.

It is lighter than other low and ultra-light-density materials.



Do you like wigs with hair that is 150% dense? It can be used by anyone and is easy to wear. With the best wig density, you’ll have the best time.

People who wear wigs can put their hair in a high ponytail or any other trendy style they like. It’s hard to tell you’re wearing a wig because it looks like your hair.

With an average hair length of 16 inches and a density of 150%, you have great hair to hide your natural hair loss.

Also, ask the hair brand that makes the hair to make it fit your hair color. Your 150% density wig is ready to wear and looks natural and authentic.



Between 130% and 150%, 180% is also a good density for a wig. We often saw this kind of hair on kids. It works for people with both thin and thick hair.

This is the kind of hair every woman wants. But let’s consider the base material if you decide on a wig with a density of 180%. Use a French lace wig cap because it will keep your hair in place and make it last longer.

This hair costs more than 130% and 150% hair wigs because it is made with more hair strands and better materials. The more dense your wig is, the more it costs.



AliExpress Hair Vendors often use general rules for wig density to make it easy for people to choose a wig. This way, you’ll know what to expect from any brand, no matter your choice.

The natural density of hair is between 100% and 120%, but this can change depending on your diet, how you treat your hair or your genes. With a wig, you can be sure that your hair will always be as complete as you want it to be. The better the hair, the less likely it is to get tangled and fall out.

It’s important to remember that the type and quality of each AliExpress hair seller can cause slight differences in density.

The best AliExpress wig density chart will help you make an informed choice and feel good about your investment.

As you look for the best human hair wig on AliExpress, keep in mind that units made from 100% virgin human hair will be the best quality and come the closest to matching the texture of natural hair.

When it comes to density, there isn’t one that is better than the others. It all depends on the look you’re going for. If you want more fullness, you’ll probably choose 150% or more density.

Here are some things to think about when choosing the proper density of wig for you:

Your lifestyle: If you want your hairstyle to match your signature look, you might want to choose a density that goes with what you do. Going out with your friends for the night? If you want a complete look, choose a higher density. Is the gym your other place to live? A wig with less hair will be easier to pull back into a ponytail for exercise. Or, just pick the density you like best!

Hairstyle: Curly or straight, short or long, up or down? Depending on your style, you may want more or less density. Most of the time, a long, straight style needs more hair to look full, while a curly style can have less hair and still look full. You should also think about whether or not you plan to use heated tools to process or style the hair. This could change which density you choose.

Natural Hair: If you want to look like you have natural hair, buy a wig with the same density as your own. Not sure how thick your hair is? Try putting your hair in a ponytail and smoothing it out. Then, wrap a measuring tape that can bend around the ponytail. If your hair is less than 3 inches long, it’s lighter. If something is longer than 3 inches, it is denser.

Base Material: Even though there are many different types of caps, the Swiss and French laces are standard. The base material affects how long the wig will last. The more hair-density wigs have, the stronger the base will need to be.


When choosing a wig, it’s important to know how dense it is. You also want to make sure you get the best hair that will last the longest. And to do that, you need wigs and bundles of 100% virgin human hair from AliExpress.

You can cut, color, and style virgin human hair however you want, and you’ll always look great and feel safe.

The best thing about AliExpress Wigs, besides having beautiful hair, is that Hair Vendors on AliExpress offer free shipping when you buy bundles and closures.

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