Frustrated? AliExpress Order Closed

Having an AliExpress order unexpectedly closed for security reasons can be confusing and frustrating. You might be wondering if your account has been compromised or if you’ve done something wrong.

Breathe easy – in most cases, it’s easily fixable. This blog post will explain the common causes of such closures and guide you through the steps to resolve the situation.


AliExpress has sophisticated systems to protect buyers and sellers from fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, sometimes, these systems can mistakenly flag legitimate orders.

Here are the most common triggers:

Unusual Coupon Use

AliExpress frequently offers attractive coupons and discounts, especially to new users. These are a great way to save money, but it’s essential to understand the limitations of their use. Here’s how coupon activity can raise red flags for AliExpress:

  • New-user coupon abuse: New-user coupons are designed to be used once. Attempting to reuse them on multiple accounts or orders can quickly get you flagged as suspicious activity.
  • Excessive coupon stacking: Sometimes AliExpress allows combining multiple coupons, but there are always restrictions. Applying too many coupons at a time can lead to an automatic order closure.

Key Takeaway: It’s best to review the terms and conditions of each coupon carefully before using them. If you have any doubts, contact AliExpress customer support for clarification.

Suspicious Order Patterns

AliExpress tracks your purchase history to establish a baseline of your typical buying behavior. Drastic deviations from this pattern can trigger their security systems, even with legitimate intentions. Here’s what might seem suspicious:

  • Sudden Spike in Order Volume: If you usually make small purchases occasionally and suddenly place many orders quickly, it could raise concerns about unauthorized account access.
  • Significant Increase in Order Value: Similarly, if you typically buy inexpensive items and suddenly start ordering high-priced goods, this could be flagged as unusual.
  • Inconsistent Shipping and Billing Addresses: A shipping address vastly different from your billing address raises potential fraud concerns, especially if the shipping destination is considered a high-risk area.

Important Note: These unusual patterns sometimes mean you’ve done something right. Sometimes legitimate reasons exist for such changes in behavior; it’s simply that AliExpress’ error-detection systems are on the cautious side.

Payment Verification Issues

Sometimes, the reason for an AliExpress order closure is as simple as a failed payment. Here are the most common scenarios:

  • Declined Card: The most common reason for payment failure is insufficient funds or incorrect card information (like expiry date or CVV). Double-check your card details carefully if this is a possibility.
  • Bank Blocking the Transaction: Your bank or credit card issuer may have their fraud detection systems. They sometimes block transactions that seem unusual or out-of-character, even if they’re legitimate. Contact your bank to clarify if this is the case.
  • Suspected Fraudulent Activity: AliExpress takes payment security very seriously. Suppose their systems detect signs that your card information may have been compromised. In that case, they may proactively shut down the order to protect you from potential fraud.

Important: If you suspect your payment method has been compromised, contact your bank or card issuer immediately and notify AliExpress.

Other Potential Causes

While the reasons mentioned above are the most frequent triggers for security-related closures, sometimes other factors can be at play:

  • Seller Out of Stock
  • In rare cases, an item might unexpectedly run out of stock after you’ve placed your order. If the seller cannot fulfill the order, they may have to cancel it, leading to a closure.
  • Seller’s Account Issues While not a common occurrence, it’s possible for AliExpress themselves to flag a seller’s account due to suspicious activity or violations of their terms of service. If this happens, any orders associated with that seller might be automatically closed.

Important Note: These scenarios are less likely than payment issues or unusual activity on your account. However, knowing all the possibilities when investigating a closed order is good.


Seeing your order closed can be stressful, but the good news is there are clear actions you can take:

  • Check Your Order Details Thoroughly Before contacting support, take a moment to double-check your order information in your AliExpress account. Look for any mistakes in your shipping address, billing information, or payment method that may have caused the closure.
  • Contact AliExpress Support ASAP. The fastest way to get to the bottom of the issue is to contact AliExpress customer support. Explain the situation calmly and provide your order details. They’ll be able to tell you the specific reason for the closure and guide you through the following steps.
  • Be Patient and Provide Information AliExpress may need to investigate the issue. Be prepared to cooperate and provide any requested information. This might include verifying your identity and payment details or explaining unusual order patterns.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t Panic – Refunds Are Issued. It’s understandable to be worried when you see an order closed for security reasons. However, it’s important to remember that AliExpress has your back. In most cases, you will receive a full refund promptly.
  • Communication: Stay in communication with AliExpress support throughout the process. The more responsive you are, the faster they can resolve the issue.
  • Review AliExpress Security Policies Take some time to familiarize yourself with AliExpress’s policies regarding suspicious activity and buyer protection. You can find this information on their help center or in their terms of service. Understanding these policies can help you avoid future issues.
  • Be Vigilant with Future Orders While this experience may have been frustrating, use it as a learning opportunity. Be extra careful about double-checking your order details before submitting, and keep an eye on your account for any unusual activity.

Before You Go

While having an AliExpress order closed for security reasons can be a hassle, remember that it’s usually a temporary setback.

Understanding the common reasons for closure, taking the proper steps, and staying vigilant can minimize the chances of it happening again.

AliExpress prioritizes your security and is always available to help you resolve any issues.


How long will it take for my refund to be processed?

Refunds for security-closed orders are usually processed within 3-20 business days, depending on your payment method.

Can I reopen a closed order?

Usually no. Suppose an order was closed for security reasons. In that case, it’s best to contact AliExpress support and place a new order once the issue is resolved.

How can I prevent my orders from being closed in the future?

Double-check your address and payment details before submitting orders. Avoid drastic changes in your usual shopping patterns, and use coupons according to their terms.

What if I believe my order was closed in error?

Contact AliExpress support immediately. Provide your order details and explain why you think there’s a mistake.

Is my account at risk if my order is closed?

Not necessarily. An isolated closure is usually just a precautionary measure. However, repeated closures could raise concerns, so address any issues promptly with AliExpress.

Can I change my payment method after an order is closed?

Yes, usually. If your original payment method was declined, contact AliExpress support, and they can often help you set up a new payment method for the same order.

Will contacting AliExpress support speed up the process?

Yes! The sooner you contact support and explain the situation, the faster they can investigate and work towards a resolution.

What if the seller is unresponsive?

Suppose the closure is related to seller issues, and you can’t contact the seller directly. In that case, AliExpress support will step in to mediate the situation.

Can I still leave a review for a closed order?

Usually not. Review systems are typically tied to completed orders. However, you can provide feedback to AliExpress support about your experience.

Where can I find more information on AliExpress’ buyer protection policies?

AliExpress has a dedicated help center section on buyer protection. Search for “buyer protection” on their help site for detailed information.

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