Step-by-Step: Cancel AliExpress Order

Sometimes you place an order on AliExpress and then realize you need to cancel it. Maybe you found a better deal, changed your mind about the item, or accidentally ordered the wrong size.

The good news is that cancelling an order is possible, especially if you act quickly before the item ships. In this guide, we will break down how to do it.

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AliExpress buyers cancel orders for a variety of reasons. Here is a breakdown of common scenarios:

Change of Mind

  • Buyer’s Remorse: Impulsive purchases sometimes lead to regret and a desire to cancel the order.
  • Better Price Found: Buyers may discover a better deal on the same item elsewhere, either on AliExpress or a different website.
  • No Longer Needed: A change in circumstances might mean the buyer no longer has a use for the item.

Accidental Orders

  • Wrong Item/Quantity: Mistakes can happen during selection, leading to ordering the wrong size, color, or item altogether.
  • Duplicate Orders: Sometimes technical glitches or impatient clicking results in multiple orders being placed unintentionally.

Seller-Related Issues

  • Slow or Unresponsive Communication: Buyers might cancel if the seller fails to answer questions promptly or does not seem reliable.
  • Out-of-Stock Item: If an item is listed as available but turns out to be out of stock after payment, buyers may choose to cancel rather than wait for a restock.
  • Concerns about Seller Reputation: Negative reviews or suspicious seller behavior can lead buyers to have second thoughts about the order.

Logistical Concerns

  • Incorrect Shipping Address: Realizing a wrong address was provided often prompts urgent cancellation requests.
  • Long Shipping Times: If the estimated delivery time is too long, or the buyer needs the item sooner, they may opt to cancel.

Payment Issues

  • Payment Declined: Failed transactions due to insufficient funds or card issues can result in an automatic order cancellation.
  • Fraud Prevention: If AliExpress suspects fraudulent activity, they might proactively cancel an order for the buyer’s protection.

Important Point: It is always best for buyers to try and communicate with the seller before canceling, especially if the order has already been paid. Open communication can sometimes address issues and prevent unnecessary cancellations.


This is the easiest time to cancel an AliExpress order. If your payment is still being processed (usually marked as “payment verification” or “pending payment”), the process is typically automatic and streamlined.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access “My Orders”: Log into your AliExpress account and go to the “My Orders” section.
  2. Find the Unpaid Order: Locate the specific order you wish to cancel. Ensure the order status indicates that payment is still pending.
  3. “Cancel Order” Button: Look for a prominent “Cancel Order” button next to the order details. Click this button to initiate the cancellation.
  4. Confirmation: AliExpress usually provides a confirmation message or email verifying the order’s cancellation.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Automatic Refund: Since your payment has not been finalized, you don’t need to contact the seller for a refund. The refund process should initiate automatically.
  • Refund Timeframe: The time it takes for the refund to reach your original payment method depends on your bank or payment provider. AliExpress’s help sections often provide an expected timeframe.
  • Rare Issues: In the unlikely case you do not receive a cancellation confirmation, or a refund starts processing, contact AliExpress customer support for assistance.


Once you have completed payment for an AliExpress order, cancellation becomes a bit more involved. It is essential to act quickly, as sellers often process and ship orders promptly.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Locate the Order: Go to your “My Orders” section on AliExpress and find the order you want to cancel.
  2. Submit a Cancellation Request: Look for a “Cancel Order” button or a similar option near the order details. Click this and fill out the cancellation request form. Be sure to:
    • Select a Clear Reason: Choose the reason that best matches your situation (changed your mind, wrong item ordered, etc.).
    • Provide Additional Explanation (Optional): A brief message to the seller explaining your reason can be helpful. Keep it polite and professional.
  3. Await Seller Approval: AliExpress sellers need to approve your cancellation request. They will usually receive a notification through their system.
  4. Directly Contact the Seller (Recommended): While waiting for the seller’s decision, it is proactive to message them through AliExpress’s messaging system.
    • Explain your need to cancel.
    • Apologize for any inconvenience.
    • Politely request they approve your cancellation as soon as possible.

Important Notes:

  • Processing Time: Sellers may take some time to respond to cancellation requests.
  • Be Patient but Persistent: If you do not hear back within a day or two, send a polite follow-up message.
  • Seller’s Discretion: Unfortunately, AliExpress sellers have the right to reject cancellation requests, especially if they have already shipped the item.


Here’s a breakdown of how to cancel an AliExpress order with an “Awaiting Shipment” status, along with important considerations:

Steps to Cancel:

  1. Locate the Order: Go to your “My Orders” section on AliExpress and find the order you want to cancel. Verify that the status is “Awaiting Shipment.”
  2. Submit Cancellation Request: Click the “Cancel Order” button or a similar option near the order details. Fill out the form, selecting a reason for cancellation.
  3. Awaiting Seller Approval: AliExpress sellers need to approve cancellation requests, even when the item hasn’t shipped yet.
  4. Contact the Seller: Send a message to the seller directly through the AliExpress messaging system. This is crucial! Explain the reason for cancellation and politely ask them to approve it as soon as possible.

Important Considerations:

  • Time is of the Essence: Act fast! Sellers often ship orders quickly after payment, so the sooner you act, the better your chances of success.
  • Seller’s Discretion: Even if the item hasn’t shipped, the seller can still reject your cancellation request. Be prepared for this possibility.
  • Patience and Persistence Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from the seller immediately. Send a polite follow-up message if needed.

What if the Order Ships Before Approval?

If your order status changes to “Shipped” before the cancellation is approved, you’ll need to explore other options:

  • Contact the seller to attempt halting the shipment (unlikely to work)
  • Refuse delivery when the package arrives
  • Initiate a return/refund through AliExpress’s dispute system once you receive the item

Remember: Keep in mind that you might be responsible for return shipping costs, even if the cancellation is ultimately approved.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly cancel an AliExpress order once it has entered the shipping process. However, you still have some options:

Option 1: Contact the Seller Immediately

  • Explain the Situation: Reach out to the seller via AliExpress messaging. Explain that you need to cancel, apologize for the inconvenience, and express understanding if it is not possible.
  • Polite Request: Ask the seller if they can intercept the package or stop the shipment. Some sellers might be willing to help if the package has not traveled too far.
  • Low Success Rate: Be prepared for the possibility that the seller will not be able to do anything at this stage.

Option 2: Refuse Delivery

  • When Package Arrives: If the package arrives at your address, you can choose to simply refuse delivery. The carrier will likely return it to the sender.
  • Not Always Ideal: Check with the carrier about their specific policies. For some locations, refused packages might end up held at their facility, requiring you to pick them up.

Option 3: Initiate the Return/Refund Process

  • Accept the Item: Your most likely path to a refund is to accept the delivery of the item.
  • AliExpress Dispute System: Once you have the item, utilize the AliExpress dispute system to file a return and refund request. Choose the appropriate reason and provide any requested evidence (photos, etc.).
  • Communication is Key: Stay in communication with the seller during the process to increase chances of a smoother resolution.

Important Things to Remember

Cancelling an AliExpress order can be a bit nuanced, so it’s important to keep a few key points in mind to streamline the process and manage your expectations:

  • Seller Communication is Key: Maintaining open and polite communication with the seller throughout the cancellation process is crucial. This can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome, especially after the order has been paid for.
  • Seller Policies Matter: AliExpress sellers have varying policies regarding cancellations and returns. Before placing your order, it can be helpful to check the seller’s page or store information to familiarize yourself with their policies.
  • Return Shipping Responsibility: Even if the seller approves a cancellation or a return, you may be responsible for paying the return shipping costs. Be prepared for this potential expense, particularly for international returns.
  • Refund Processing Time: Once a cancellation or return has been approved, give AliExpress and your bank or payment provider time to process the refund. You can usually find details about expected refund timelines in the AliExpress help center.
  • Documentation: Keep records of your order confirmation, cancellation request, and any communication with the seller. Screenshots can be particularly useful if you need to reference them later.

Additional Note: If you encounter significant difficulties cancelling an order or getting a refund, contact AliExpress customer support for further assistance.


  • Seller Approval: If you cancel an order before shipment, the refund process is usually automatic since payment has not been fully processed. However, if you cancel after payment, the seller must approve your cancellation request for a refund to be initiated.
  • Refund Method: The refund will be returned to the original payment method you used (credit card, PayPal, etc.).
  • Refund Timeframe: Processing times vary depending on your payment method and bank. AliExpress’s help center usually provides estimated timeframes. Typical durations can range from a few days to several weeks.

Important Factors Influencing Refunds

  • Cancellation Timing: Cancellations before shipment generally result in faster refunds.
  • Seller Cooperation: Refunds after payment are heavily dependent on the seller’s approval and their responsiveness in processing the return.
  • Return Shipping Costs: If you are responsible for return shipping an item after it has shipped, this cost will likely be deducted from your refund amount.
  • Dispute System: In case of unresolved issues with the refund, you can utilize AliExpress’s dispute system to escalate the situation.

Tips for a Smooth Refund Process

  • Documentation: Keep screenshots of your order confirmation, cancellation request, and any communication with the seller.
  • Track the Process: Monitor the order status on AliExpress for updates on your refund.
  • Contact Customer Support: If refunds are delayed or problems arise, reach out to AliExpress customer support for assistance.

Remember: Clear communication with the seller throughout the cancellation process is crucial for the fastest and most favorable refund outcome.


Here’s what you should do if an AliExpress seller refuses to confirm an order cancellation:

Stay Calm and Polite

Avoid getting frustrated or confrontational with the seller. Maintaining respectful communication increases the chances of resolving the situation amicably.

Reiterate Your Request and Reason

Send another message to the seller clearly explaining why you need to cancel the order. Offer a brief apology for any inconvenience caused.

Explore Your Options

  • Order Not Yet Shipped: If the order hasn’t shipped, you may still be able to refuse delivery when it arrives. However, there’s a possibility you’ll need to collect the package from the carrier’s facility.
  • Order Already Shipped: Accept the package and then initiate a return and refund request through AliExpress’s dispute system. Be prepared to cover return shipping costs.

Contact AliExpress Customer Support

If the seller remains unresponsive or uncooperative, escalate the issue to AliExpress customer support. Explain the situation, provide screenshots of your communication with the seller, and request assistance in getting your order canceled and a refund processed.

AliExpress Buyer Protection

AliExpress offers buyer protection policies. Familiarize yourself with these policies as they might provide additional support in resolving this dispute.

Important Reminders:

  • Time Sensitivity: The success of cancellation often depends on how quickly the order progresses to the shipped stage. Act fast to increase your chances.
  • Seller Policies: Some sellers may have stricter cancellation policies than others. Checking their individual store policies beforehand can help anticipate potential difficulties.
  • Documentation: Keep records of all communication with the seller in case you need to provide evidence to AliExpress.

Additional Tips

Here are a few extra tips to help make your AliExpress order cancellation process as smooth as possible:

  • Track Your Order: Pay close attention to the order status on AliExpress. This will alert you when it moves from “processing” to “shipped”. Knowing the exact stage of your order will help you take the most appropriate steps for cancellation.
  • Screenshots as Evidence: Take screenshots of your order confirmation, cancellation request submission, and any relevant communications with the seller. This documentation can be helpful if you need to reference the details or file a dispute with AliExpress.
  • Be Proactive: The sooner you act to cancel an order, the better your chances of success. Don’t hesitate to contact the seller as soon as you realize you need to cancel.
  • Consider Your Options Carefully: If your order has already shipped, carefully weigh the pros and cons of refusing the package versus accepting it and initiating a return. Factors like return shipping costs and your own availability should influence your decision.

Bonus Tip: If you tend to change your mind frequently after purchases, consider using a payment method (like PayPal) that often offers enhanced buyer protection and may make the refund process smoother in case of cancellation.

Before You Go:

Have you ever had to cancel an AliExpress order? Share your experiences in the comments below! Whether it went smoothly or involved some hurdles, your insights could help other shoppers.

If you have any further questions about order cancellation, drop them below as well!


Can I cancel an AliExpress order after I’ve paid?

Yes, but it’s more complicated than cancelling before payment. You will need to submit a cancellation request and get the seller’s approval.

What if the seller doesn’t approve my cancellation request?

Unfortunately, sellers have the right to reject cancellations, especially if the item has shipped. If this happens, you can try refusing delivery or initiate a return/refund through AliExpress’s dispute system.

Will I be responsible for return shipping costs?

Often, yes. Even when a cancellation or return is approved, buyers are frequently responsible for paying the return shipping costs.

How long will it take to get my refund?

Refund processing times vary. Once the seller approves a cancellation or return, check AliExpress’s help center for timeframes based on your payment method.

My order has shipped. What are my options?

Contact the seller immediately to see if they can stop the shipment. You also have the option to refuse delivery or start the AliExpress return/refund process once you receive the item.

How do I find my AliExpress order’s status?

Login to your AliExpress account. Go to “My Orders” and locate the relevant order. The status (awaiting payment, processing, shipped, etc.) will be clearly displayed.

What reasons can I give for cancelling an order?

Choose the reason that most accurately fits your situation: changed your mind, ordered the wrong item/size, found a better price, etc. Be honest but avoid reasons that might make the seller less likely to approve.

Do I need to provide proof when requesting a cancellation?

Usually not. However, a brief explanation for your cancellation can be helpful for the seller. If your reason involves something like a defect, providing a photo could streamline the process.

Can I cancel part of an order that has multiple items?

Unfortunately, no. AliExpress usually processes cancellations on the entire order level. If you only need to cancel one item out of many, contact the seller directly to explain your situation.

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