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Whether you’ve used hair extensions before or are thinking about getting them for the first time, you’ve probably heard the word “Remy” from both hairstylists and hair brands. So, we decided to make your life easier by giving you this complete guide to everything Remy.

Most Remy hair comes from places like India and Malaysia in Asia and Peru and Brazil in South America.

Remy hair is also called by the place where they were grown such as Brazilian Remy Hair or Peruvian Remy Hair.

People in these places don’t use chemicals on their hair very often, so the collector can always find good-quality hair.

What is Remy hair?

A hundred percent (100%) human Remy hair is used to make Remy hair extensions. The “Remy” comes from the French word for hair, “Remi.”

To put it simply, Remy is a way of collecting human hair so that all the cuticles and strands go in the same direction. This is possible because the hair is taken directly from the root.

Once the hair is collected, it is only slightly changed before it is used to make natural human hair extensions.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Remy is one of the best-looking and highest-quality options on the market.

Remy hair extensions come in a wide range of colors, lengths, and styles, such as straight, curly, and wavy.

Clip-In Remy Human Hair Extensions are great for ladies or women who want to try a new style without total commitment.

Remy Clip Extensions are a great way to save time and money on your hair care routine. They’re also great if your hair is very thick and hard to manage or style on your own.


If you’ve done online hair buying, you’ve likely encountered the word Remy hair, but what does it mean? Natural Remy hair is regarded as the crème de la crème of hair alternatives; the finest available.

Remy Hair can be washed, colored, cut, and styled similarly to natural hair. It can also handle heat likewise to natural hair, so you can confidently use your preferred barrel wand on it.

Another benefit of Remy hair is that the cuticles are not pulled away. Instead, intact cuticles lie flat and shield the hair, making it appear exceptionally shiny.

Additionally, the strands are aligned similarly from root to tip, contributing to its smooth and sleek appearance. And because all the hair is flowing in the same direction, it is less prone to tangle and knot.

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Where is Remy hair sourced?

The majority of Remy human hair is obtained from diverse sources in China. Donors of Remy hair are women or girls who wish to sell their hair.

Remy hair is also sourced from temples, where it serves as a type of donation and money source for the monastery/own temple’s expenses and programs.

Another source is hair salons, which sell their hair rather than dispose of it. Most significantly, the donor’s hair is never bleached or colored.

To ensure that the Remy hair you purchase on AliExpress is of the highest quality, we have compiled a list of the best hair vendors on AliExpress who offer clients outstanding Remy human hair.

Why are Remy hair extensions so desirable?

Remy human hair has several qualities that make it ideal for use in clip-in hair extensions and for helping you achieve your most incredible hair days ever, thanks to its thorough collecting procedure.

Due to its intact cuticles, Remy human hair is silky, manageable, and tangle-free. Therefore, Remy hair extensions are simple to integrate with your hair and style as desired.

As a result of its superior quality, Remy hair extensions also last far longer than other types.

As with other styling products, it is crucial to invest in quality if you want the best results with the least effort.

How can I determine if I’m buying quality Remy hair extensions?

Occasionally, initial impressions do matter! The best way to determine if you’re purchasing authentic Remy human hair is to look at it.

The cuticles are responsible for the natural and healthy appearance of Remy human hair extensions.

Non-Remy hair is frequently subjected to excessive processing and “cuticle stripping,” in which the cuticles are chemically destroyed.

Some merchants conceal this by applying excessive silicone to the hair after the process, making it appear soft and lustrous.

However, once the extensions are washed, the silicone will evaporate, and the hair will become knotted, dry, and difficult to manage.

The price might also help determine whether you purchase natural Remy human hair extensions.

What initially appears to be a deal may cost you more in the long term. This is due to the inferior quality of less expensive alternatives to Remy human hair, which will require replacement after much usage.


Can Remy hair extensions be washed?

At least once each week, you must wash your Remy hair extensions with a high-quality shampoo to maintain them free of odors, pollution, and styling residue.

When washing your Remy hair extensions, using your palms to stir the hair downward is preferable.

Unlike actual hair, hair extensions do not acquire natural oils from the scalp. This necessitates particular caution when washing to avoid over-drying.

Every three to four days, hair should be washed and conditioned.

If properly maintained, Remy hair can last up to a year.

How do I properly store and maintain Remy extensions?

As Remy hair extensions are created from actual human hair, it is essential to treat them with special care to last as long as possible.

Using a hair bobble and a hair net to keep your hair extensions together is an easy way to achieve this. Better, why not simply return them to the bag or box they came in?

Regarding the maintenance of your Remy hair, treat it as you would your own. Utilize a high-quality heat protectant before utilizing hot styling equipment on your hair.

Also, remember that the extensions may curl and straighten differently than your natural hair. If you deal with small parts of hair, you won’t need to apply heat to them.

Also, it’s best to use good hair spray sparingly and avoid very sticky or greasy products.

We suggest setting your heat styling tools to 120C/250F or lower because higher temperatures can damage hair and make them last less long.

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