Don't Miss Top Brands on AliExpress

Have you ever scrolled through AliExpress wishing you could easily find the brands you know and trust? While there are fantastic deals, the sheer volume of products can make it overwhelming to locate quality brands.

Let’s change that! This guide will make finding your favorite brands (and discovering new ones) on AliExpress a breeze.


AliExpress makes it surprisingly easy to pinpoint the top brands on their platform.

Here are the most reliable methods:

The “Top Brand” Badge

AliExpress feature brands

The “Top Brand” label on AliExpress is not just a fancy badge; it signifies a seal of approval from the platform itself. Brands that earn this distinction have undergone a verification process where they must:

  • Prove Authenticity: Provide documentation demonstrating they are the legitimate brand owner or an authorized reseller of the products.
  • Deliver Excellent Service: Demonstrate a commitment to exceptional customer service, including prompt responses and a track record of resolving issues effectively.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Maintain consistently high ratings and reviews, indicating customer satisfaction with product quality and overall buying experience.
  • Why it Matters: Shopping at stores with the “Top Brand” label offers several advantages:
    • Authentic Products: You can be confident you get genuine, brand-name items, not counterfeit versions.
    • Customer Support: Top Brands will likely have better customer support mechanisms, offering a more reliable shopping experience.
    • Warranties and Guarantees: Official brand products often come with warranties or guarantees for peace of mind.

AliExpress Top Brand Verification

To ensure the integrity of its “Top Brand” program, AliExpress has a thorough brand verification process. Here’s what brands typically have to provide:

  • Business Documentation: Proof of their legal business registration and trademarks. This helps verify that the store is legitimately representing the brand.
  • Authorization Letters: If the store is an authorized reseller, they may need to provide letters of authorization from the brand owner permitting them to sell the products.
  • Customer Service Track Record: AliExpress may review the brand’s customer service history, including response times, resolution rates, and overall customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Positive Feedback: Brands need to have a consistently high rating and positive reviews on the platform, demonstrating a history of satisfied customers.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: It’s important to note that earning the “Top Brand” badge isn’t a one-time thing. AliExpress continually monitors these brands to ensure they uphold the standards required for the designation.

AliExpress Search Strategies

AliExpress Brand Search

The most straightforward way to find Top Brands on AliExpress is to utilize their powerful filter system:

  • Search: Enter your desired product keywords into the AliExpress search bar.
  • Filter: Once your initial search results load, locate the filter options (often on the left-hand side of the screen).
  • “Top Brand” Filter: Check the “Top Brand” box to refine your search instantly. This will display only those products sold by verified brands.
  • Beyond the Basics: Here are a few more tricks to refine your brand search on AliExpress:
    • Brand Name + Keywords: If you have a particular brand in mind, include the brand name directly in your search along with the product type (e.g., “Nike sneakers”).
    • “Official Store” Searches: Some major brands might label their stores as “Official.” Try searching for “[Brand Name] Official Store”
    • Image Search: If you have a picture of a product but don’t know the brand, use AliExpress’s image search function to find similar listings, potentially leading you to the official brand store.


AliExpress Brands

The “Top Brand” label is the surest way to spot quality, but you can still identify trustworthy brands even when it’s not there. Look out for these key indicators:

  • Positive Reviews and High Ratings: User feedback is precious. Stores with many positive reviews and high overall star ratings are a good sign. Pay attention to the content of the reviews, too – do they mention product quality, fast shipping, or good customer service?
  • Strong Sales Figures: High sales volumes can demonstrate a brand’s popularity and customer trust. Products with significant orders indicate that many buyers have had positive experiences.
  • Store Longevity: Brands with a more extended history on AliExpress often have a more established reputation. While newer stores can also be great, longevity can indicate reliability.
  • Clear Product Descriptions and Images: Top brands invest in showcasing their products professionally. Look for detailed descriptions that answer your questions about materials, features, and sizing. High-quality, multiple images from different angles help you visualize the product accurately.
  • Responsive Customer Service: This might be hidden upfront, but test it out! Send the seller a question about the product before you purchase. Top brands usually respond quickly and address concerns professionally.

Important Note: Consider these indicators in combination. A single factor alone may not be definitive. Still, a brand excelling in several areas is a vital sign of quality.


While the tips we’ve covered already are constructive, here are a few extra strategies to uncover those top-tier AliExpress brands:

  • AliExpress Brand Lists: AliExpress often curates lists of top brands in various categories. Check out their official pages:
  • Social Media Power: Search for brand names on popular social media platforms. Brands with an active presence, positive engagement, and verified accounts are usually a reliable bet. See if they mention having an AliExpress store.
  • Price Comparisons: If you’re familiar with the brand’s typical pricing, compare their AliExpress store to their official website or other authorized online retailers. While competitive pricing is every day on AliExpress, drastically lower prices could signal counterfeit products.
  • Browser Extensions: Consider reputable browser extensions to help identify top sellers or highlight potential red flags when shopping on AliExpress. Research options carefully before installing.

Remember: Even with additional tools, it’s wise to combine them with your store evaluation based on reviews, descriptions, and overall presentation.


Smartphones & Accessories

  • OnePlus: Offers high-performance smartphones with flagship-level features at competitive prices.
  • Xiaomi: Arguably the king of AliExpress electronics, Xiaomi offers an incredible range of smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, earbuds, smart home products, and more. They’re known for combining high-quality specs with budget-friendly prices.
  • Anker: Anker has built a solid reputation for their power banks, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. They prioritize innovation, durability, and user-friendly designs.
  • Baseus: Baseus stands out for its wide array of phone accessories, cables, chargers, car tech, and quirky gadgets. They’re loved for their stylish designs and practical solutions.
  • Lenovo: While primarily known for laptops and computers, Lenovo also has a solid presence on AliExpress with tablets, Chromebooks, and various computer accessories.
  • Ugreen: The go-to brand for connectivity, Ugreen offers every cable, adapter, hub, and docking station imaginable. Their products are reliable and well-priced.

Consumer Electronics

  • Baseus: Popular for its wide range of phone accessories, chargers, and audio products.
  • UGREEN: Excellent choice for cables, adapters, chargers, and computer accessories.
  • Lenovo: Offers a diverse selection of laptops, tablets, and PC accessories.

Home Appliances

  • Roborock: Specializes in high-tech robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Dreame: Provides robot and cordless stick vacuums known for performance and value.
  • Haier: A giant in the appliance world, Haier is known for refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and more. They offer a range from budget-friendly options to high-end, feature-packed appliances.
  • Midea: Another major player, Midea, specializes in kitchen appliances, such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, and rice cookers, along with air conditioners and other home comfort solutions.
  • Puppyoo: If you’re looking for vacuum cleaners, Puppyoo is a popular choice. They offer a range of models, including powerful stick vacuums, robot vacuums, and specialized options for pet hair.
  • Xiaomi (and sub-brands): Xiaomi extends into home appliances too! For smart home integration, check out sub-brands like Roborock (robot vacuums) and Viomi (water purifiers and kitchen gadgets).


  • Shein: A fashion powerhouse, Shein is mainly known for its massive selection of on-trend women’s clothing. Expect fast-fashion styles at meager prices.
  • Li-Ning: A leading Chinese sportswear brand, Li-Ning offers athletic apparel, sneakers, and accessories focusing on performance and distinctive design.
  • Semir: Semir delivers a blend of casual and trendy fashion for men, women, and children. They are known for their comfortable and stylish everyday wear.
  • Baleno: This brand caters to a slightly more mature demographic, focusing on classic styles and natural materials in men’s and women’s fashion.

Beauty and Makeup:

Discover affordable and high-quality beauty products from beloved brands. Here are some standouts:

  • Focallure: Focallure has exploded in popularity, offering a vast collection of makeup products known for their vibrant colors, good pigmentation, and budget-friendly prices. They release new palettes and collections frequently.
  • O.TWO.O: Another trendy brand, O.TWO.O provides a full spectrum of makeup essentials, from foundations to lipsticks and brushes. They are known for surprisingly good quality at meager prices.
  • Ucanbe: Get creative with Ucanbe’s bold, playful colors and large eyeshadow palettes. They’re loved by those interested in adventurous or editorial makeup looks.
  • NOVO: NOVO specializes in everything from eye makeup to face products and a wide range of makeup brushes and tools.
  • Beauty Glazed: For those who love a good dupe, Beauty Glazed often creates surprisingly affordable takes on high-end makeup products.

Tools and Home Improvement:

Build your dream setup with these brands:

  • Deko is a go-to for power tools, hand tools, and measuring equipment. Famous for their combination of good quality and budget prices.
  • Workpro: Another solid choice for various tools and kits, offering options for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Xiaomi and sub-brands: Xiaomi’s reach includes innovative tools and home improvement gadgets. Look for sub-brands like Wowstick (precision screwdrivers) and Atuman (laser tools).

Homage Brands on AliExpress

  • Pagani Design: A popular choice known for homages of Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master style watches.
  • San Martin: Offers fantastic homages to classic dive watches, including Tudor-inspired models.
  • Steeldive: Excellent quality-to-price ratio for those seeking dive watch homages.
  • Bliger/Parnis: Offer various homage styles across different price points.

Important Notes:

  • This is just a tiny sampling! AliExpress has top brands in numerous categories like beauty, toys, tools, etc.
  • The availability of leading brands can vary slightly based on your location.


Finding top brands on AliExpress is a significant first step, but here are a few additional things to keep in mind to ensure a positive shopping experience:

  • Shipping Costs and Times: Even well-known brands may ship from overseas warehouses. Factor in shipping costs and estimated delivery timeframes before you purchase, especially if you need an item quickly.
  • Regional Availability: Some top brands might restrict sales of specific products to certain regions. Double-check if the product you want is available for shipping to your location.
  • Warranty and Returns: Warranty policies may vary between brands on AliExpress. Understand the warranty terms and return options before finalizing your purchase.
  • Customer Support: While top brands often have better customer service, checking their responsiveness is still wise. Test this by sending a pre-purchase question about the product and gauging their response time.
  • Price Comparisons: Even top brands may offer slightly different prices on AliExpress compared to their official website or other retailers. Do a quick comparison to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Extra Tip: Always read reviews for the specific product you intend to purchase, even from top brands. Individual product quality and seller service within the brand store can sometimes vary.


The short answer is that it can be worth shopping for top brands on AliExpress. Here’s why:

  • Potentially Lower Prices: Top brands offer competitive prices on AliExpress compared to other retailers, especially during sales events.
  • Unique Products: You might find products from top brands on AliExpress that aren’t readily available in your region.
  • Convenience: AliExpress allows you to conveniently shop from a wide selection of top brands in one place.

However, there are some factors to consider:

  • Authenticity Concerns: Sticking to stores with the “Top Brand” label or solid authenticity indicators is crucial to avoid counterfeits.
  • Shipping and Returns: Shipping times can be longer, and returns may be slightly more complex than domestic shopping.
  • Limited Warranties: Warranties for top-brand products bought on AliExpress may differ from those offered by authorized sellers in your country.

The Verdict: If you’re mindful of these factors and use the strategies we’ve discussed to identify reputable brands, shopping for top brands on AliExpress can offer great value and a rewarding experience.

Before You Go:

Finding reliable top brands on AliExpress takes a bit of know-how, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Say goodbye to questionable products and hello to authentic brand-name items, a smoother shopping experience, and the satisfaction of scoring great deals.

With the knowledge you’ve gained, you’re now equipped to easily navigate AliExpress like a pro, uncovering those top-tier brands.

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