How to Connect with AliExpress Sellers

Let us face it, sometimes we need a little extra help when shopping online.  Whether it is wanting to double-check a product size or figuring out the status of your AliExpress shipment, being able to contact AliExpress sellers directly is key.

In this blog post, we will take the guesswork out of communicating with AliExpress sellers.


When you shop on AliExpress, there are several quick and easy ways to get in touch with sellers directly.  Here’s a breakdown of the most efficient methods:

Product Page ‘Message’ Button


If you have a question about a specific item, the most convenient way to contact the seller is through the “Message” button on the product page.

You will find this button under the product’s price and shipping information. Simply type your question and hit send – the seller will typically receive a notification and respond.

This method is perfect for pre-purchase questions about sizing, colors, features, or anything else related to the listing.

Store Page ‘Contact Now’ Option

Contact Seller

If you have a more general question about a seller’s store policies, or want to inquire about multiple products, head to their store page.

You can find a seller’s store by clicking on their name below the product title. Look for the “Contact Now” button – this will open a chat window where you can send your message.

My Orders Section

When you need to contact a seller about an existing order, the “My Orders” section is your best bet. Go to your account, click on “My Orders,” find the relevant order, and then look for a “Message Seller” or “Contact Seller” option.

This is ideal for tracking shipments, asking questions about your purchase, or addressing any potential issues with an order.


While the direct communication methods on AliExpress are usually the most efficient, here are a couple of alternative options if you have further questions or cannot resolve something through the usual channels:

AliExpress Help Center

The AliExpress Help Center is a comprehensive resource with answers to frequently asked questions and guides on various topics. If you have a general question about AliExpress policies, shipping, or returns, this is a great starting point. You may find the answer you need without having to contact a seller directly.

Social Media

Some AliExpress sellers have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. While this should not be your primary method of contact, it can be an option if you are struggling to get a response through other channels.

Keep in mind that response times on social media may be slower, and you might be asked to provide more information to verify your identity as a buyer.

Important Considerations

Before reaching out to a seller through less conventional channels, try the direct options on the AliExpress platform first. These methods typically lead to faster resolutions.

Additionally, keep in mind that contacting sellers through their social media pages might involve navigating a different language, which could make communication more challenging.


Communicating clearly with AliExpress sellers can make a world of difference in your shopping experience. Follow these simple tips to ensure smooth and helpful interactions:

Clarity and Politeness

Be as clear and specific as possible in your messages. Instead of vague questions like “What about my order?”, try something like “I placed order #12345678 on [date]. Can you please provide an update on the shipping status?” Always be respectful, even if you have a problem – positive communication fosters better cooperation.

Provide Order Details

Make it easy for the seller to assist you by always including your order number and the specific product(s) you’re asking about. This saves both you and the seller time and ensures you get the right information quickly.

Language Considerations

Many AliExpress sellers are based in China, where English may not be their first language. Keep your messages simple and easy to understand. If significant language barriers exist, online translation tools can be helpful. Show patience, as it may take a little extra effort to ensure both sides understand each other.

Set Realistic Expectations About Response Times

Sellers on AliExpress are located around the world, so time zone differences may come into play. While some sellers are incredibly responsive, it’s wise to allow 24-48 hours for a response, especially on weekends.

Use Screenshots for Clarity

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to order issues. If there is a problem with your product (damage, missing items, etc.), include clear screenshots in your message. This helps the seller quickly understand the situation and offer a resolution.

The Dispute Process: Your Safety Net

If a direct resolution with the seller is not possible, AliExpress has a dispute process. Familiarize yourself with the steps involved (located in the Help Center) in case you need to escalate an issue. Remember to gather relevant documentation like order details and any communication you have had with the seller.

Translation Tools: Breaking Language Barriers

If you do not speak the seller’s language fluently, translation tools can be a lifesaver. Online tools like Google Translate can help bridge the gap. Just be sure to keep your sentences straightforward for the most accurate translations.

Be Patient and Respectful

Remember, you are communicating with another person. Even in frustrating situations, maintain a respectful and patient tone. A positive approach is more likely to yield a favorable outcome for your concerns.

Example Messages:

  • Pre-Purchase Inquiry: “Hello, I’m interested in [product name]. Can you confirm if this is available in size [your size] and color [your color]?”
  • Order Status Update: “Dear Seller, my order number is [order number]. Could you please provide an update on the shipping status? The expected delivery date was [date].”
  • Issue Resolution: “Hello, I received my order [order number], but the item is damaged. I have attached photos. Could you please assist me with a replacement or refund?”

Before You Go

Understanding how to contact AliExpress sellers is a valuable skill for any shopper on the platform.

Whether it’s to get product details, track your order, or resolve an issue, knowing the different communication channels empowers you to have the best possible shopping experience.


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