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Looking for high-quality, affordable human hair extensions and wigs? Look no further than Megalook Hair on AliExpress! Megalook Hair is a leading provider of human hair products, offering a wide variety of bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs at competitive prices.

Megalook Hair products are made with 100% virgin human hair, which is the highest quality of human hair available. Virgin human hair is unprocessed and uncolored, so it is soft, silky, and easy to style. It is also very durable and can last for several years with proper care.

Megalook Hair wigs are particularly popular among customers, as they are known for their natural look and feel.

Megalook Hair wigs are made with high-quality lace and construction, so they are comfortable to wear all day long. They are also very versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways.

In addition to its high-quality products, Megalook Hair is also known for its excellent customer service. The company offers free shipping on all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Megalook Hair also has a team of experienced stylists who are available to answer your questions and help you choose the right products for your needs.

Whether you are looking for human hair extensions to add length and volume to your hair or a wig to completely change your look, Megalook Hair on AliExpress is the place to shop.

With its high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, Megalook Hair is the best choice for your human hair needs.


Hair extensions are becoming an increasingly popular way to change up your style by adding length, volume, and new textures to your locks.

But getting extensions done at a salon can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Luckily, you can now get your hands on high-quality hair extensions for a fraction of the price through AliExpress sellers like Megalook.

Megalook offers a wide selection of clip-in, tape-in, and weft hair extensions made from 100% Remy human hair known for its soft, natural look and feel.

I recently had the chance to purchase and try out Megalook’s clip-in extensions for myself and was seriously impressed with the results.

I’ll be reviewing my experience shopping with Megalook on AliExpress for hair extensions. I’ll provide details on the ordering process, unboxing, hair quality, how the extensions blended and wore, plus pros and cons of choosing this affordable AliExpress option.

If you’ve been curious about hair extensions or fed up with salon prices, you’ll want to read on to learn why Megalook should be your next stop for gorgeous locks without blowing your budget.


For those unfamiliar, Megalook is a hair extension brand that has been around since 2006. They focus on making high quality 100% Remy human hair extensions in a range of styles.

Megalook offers clip-in, tape-in, U-tip/weft, and wig hair extensions. Their human hair comes in straight, wavy, and curly textures and lengths from 16 to 28 inches. You can choose from popular colors like jet black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, and more.

The key advantage of Megalook extensions is they use only Remy human hair which has cuticles aligned in the same direction to reduce tangling. This makes the extensions smooth, shiny, and long-lasting compared to cheaper synthetic hair options or lower quality human hair.

Megalook takes pride in keeping high standards for collecting, cleaning, and quality checking all their Remy hair. This ensures no split ends or tangled sections make it into the final extensions. The result is hair extensions that look and feel just like your real hair for a seamless blend.


I purchased a set of Megalook’s classic clip-in hair extensions in the 120g 20″ straight jet-black color. The set came with 8 different weft pieces of varying widths to allow a full head coverage.

When I received the package, I was pleased to see the extensions came in a nice gift box with the Megalook logo. Opening it up, the hair had a clean, fresh smell and felt incredibly soft to the touch. I gave the extensions a wash before installing which went smoothly with minimal shedding.

Blending the Megalook hair into my own wasn’t difficult at all. I clipped the widest wefts near the bottom and thinner ones toward the top of my head. The color match was spot on with my natural dark brown hair. Within minutes I had long, luscious locks down to my waistline!

I wore the extensions out to dinner that night. They were lightweight and comfortable, I barely noticed them once clipped in. I could run my hands through the hair and style it without issue. I even curled the extensions and they held the curl just like my real hair would.

So far I am very happy with the quality, comfort, and appearance of the Megalook clip-ins. They add the length and volume I want while looking and feeling incredibly natural. For the affordable price, this is an extension set I’d highly recommend.


One of the best parts of purchasing Megalook extensions is the affordable pricing available on AliExpress. I paid $120 total for my 20” clip-in set, a fraction of what I’d pay at a hair salon.

AliExpress has a wide selection of Megalook hair to choose from with prices ranging from $50 to $300+ depending on the type, length, and amount of hair. Even the highest quality Remy human hair options are very reasonably priced.

Ordering from the Megalook AliExpress store was quick and hassle-free. Delivery to the US took about 2 weeks which is standard for items shipping from China. The seller packaged everything securely.

When buying on AliExpress, I recommend carefully checking seller ratings and reviews for anyone claiming to sell Megalook hair. There are knockoffs out there, so purchase from a highly rated seller for best results.

Communicate with the seller ahead of time if you have specific questions or needs. Pay close attention to hair color and texture options to get the closest match to your own hair. Then you can look forward to gorgeous, affordable extensions delivered right to your door!


After reviewing the Megalook hair extensions I purchased on AliExpress, there are clearly many pros that make them a great choice:

  • High quality Remy human hair – This creates a smooth, natural look and feel. The hair quality is excellent, especially for the price.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear – The extensions don’t feel heavy or bother your scalp. Easy to style and forget you have them in.
  • Good variety of textures and lengths – They offer a range of curly, wavy, and straight hair in lengths from 16″ to 28″ for versatility.
  • Affordable pricing – Fraction of the cost of salon extensions thanks to buying directly through AliExpress. Great value for the quality.
  • Quick shipping from China – Only took about 3 weeks to receive the hair which is reasonable considering where it’s coming from.
  • Easy clip-in application – The clip-ins are simple to install yourself compared to other methods like tape-ins or bondings.
  • Natural blend with real hair – The colors match well and the texture makes them blend seamlessly into your own hair.
  • Can be cut, curled, flat ironed – Just like real hair, the extensions can be treated and styled however you wish.

Overall, it’s hard to beat the quality, price, and convenience of Megalook Remy human hair extensions bought through AliExpress sellers. The pros easily outweigh any cons.


While I was very satisfied with my Megalook extensions overall, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

  • Long shipping times – Orders from China take 2-3 weeks to arrive which requires planning ahead. Rush shipping is not an option.
  • Need to care for extensions – Remy hair requires gentle washing, air drying, and other care to keep them looking nice.
  • Chance of imperfect color/texture matches – Reviews suggest occasional issues with colors not matching hair exactly despite descriptions.
  • No in-person expertise/guidance – Must rely on online hair extension knowledge versus in salon assistance.
  • Limited recourse for problems – Returns/exchanges with AliExpress sellers can be a hassle compared to local businesses.
  • Potential for scams – There are fake Megalook extension listings from untrustworthy sellers. Must vet sellers carefully.
  • Can’t touch up roots as they grow – Unlike tape/bond extensions done in salons, clip-ins won’t grow out naturally with your roots.

For best results, read reviews thoroughly, communicate with the seller, and have realistic expectations. While minor issues can crop up, the pros still make Megalook an excellent affordable choice for hair extensions.


After extensively testing Megalook’s clip-in hair extensions bought through their AliExpress store, I can confidently recommend them as a top affordable hair extension option.

The Megalook Remy human hair is undeniably high-quality with its incredibly soft, natural texture and feel. I was able to blend the extensions into my own hair flawlessly. Wearing Megalook’s hair out was comfortable and earned me tons of compliments.

Considering the price, quality, customer service, and ease of ordering, the pros easily outweigh the few potential cons like long shipping and risk of imperfect color matching. As long as you set proper expectations, Megalook offers an amazing value on hair extensions.

If you’ve been seeking to add length, volume, and style to your locks without breaking the bank, look no further than Megalook hair on AliExpress.

Order with confidence knowing you’ll receive beautiful, luxurious extensions to transform your look. I certainly can’t wait to purchase my next set!

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