How AliExpress Combined Delivery Works

Tired of paying separate shipping fees for every little item you order on AliExpress? Frustrated by the hassle of tracking multiple packages?

AliExpress Combined Delivery could be the answer to your shipping woes. This handy service allows you to bundle eligible orders into one, saving you money and simplifying your shopping experience.


AliExpress Combined Delivery is a convenient shipping service that allows you to bundle multiple orders from different sellers into a single package. Here’s how it works:

  • Eligible Orders: When shopping on AliExpress, look for items with a “Combined Delivery” label. These are typically smaller and less expensive items eligible for the service.
  • Consolidation: Once you’ve placed orders for the items you want, AliExpress collects all the eligible packages at a consolidation warehouse.
  • Repackaging: Your orders are carefully combined into a larger, single package.
  • Shipment: This new combined package is shipped out to you with a single tracking number, making it much easier to follow its progress.

Instead of receiving multiple small packages from different sellers, AliExpress Combined Delivery lets you consolidate them, simplifying the shipping process and saving you money.


AliExpress Combined Delivery offers several advantages that can make your shopping experience smoother and more cost-effective:

  • Reduced Shipping Costs: One of the most significant benefits is saving money on shipping. Instead of paying individual shipping fees for each item, you may pay a single reduced fee for the combined package. This can add significant savings, especially if you frequently order smaller items.
  • Potential for Faster Shipping: Sometimes, combined delivery expedites your shipping time. Since packages are consolidated at a warehouse, they can be processed and shipped together more efficiently than individual orders from various locations.
  • Simplified Tracking: Instead of juggling multiple tracking numbers for different packages, combined delivery gives you a single tracking number. This makes it much easier to monitor the progress of your shipment and know precisely when to expect your goodies.

Is AliExpress Combined Delivery Right for You?

AliExpress Combined Delivery is a fantastic option for many shoppers. Still, it’s essential to consider whether it aligns with your specific needs. Here’s how to decide if it’s the right fit:

When it’s a great choice:

  • You frequently order smaller items: Combined delivery is primarily designed for smaller, less expensive products.
  • Cost-saving is your priority: This service can offer significant savings if you want to minimize shipping costs.
  • You value simplified tracking: If juggling multiple tracking numbers stresses you out, combined delivery offers a more streamlined experience.

When it might not be the best option:

  • You need items urgently: The consolidation process can add a slight delay to the overall shipping time. If you need something super fast, individual shipments might be better.
  • You’re ordering bulky or high-value items: Combined delivery usually isn’t available for larger, heavier, or more expensive products.

Bottom line: If you regularly purchase smaller items on AliExpress and want to save on shipping while simplifying the process, AliExpress Combined Delivery is worth considering.

Potential Limitations of AliExpress Combined Delivery

While AliExpress Combined Delivery offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of a few potential limitations:

  • Increased Handling Time: Consolidating multiple packages can add time to the overall delivery process. If you need items urgently, this slight delay might be a factor to consider.
  • Limited Item Eligibility: Not all items on AliExpress are eligible for combined delivery. The service is typically focused on smaller and less expensive products. More significant, heavier, or more valuable items might not qualify.
  • Regional Availability: AliExpress Combined Delivery may only be available in some countries or supported by some shipping methods. It’s essential to check the availability of your location.

Important Note: These limitations don’t mean that AliExpress Combined Delivery isn’t valuable. It’s crucial to weigh these factors against the potential benefits to decide if it’s the right choice for your specific orders.

Before You Go

If you’ve hesitated about using AliExpress Combined Delivery, now’s the time to try it! Check for the “Combined Delivery” label on your next order and experience the convenience and potential savings for yourself.


How much can I save on shipping with AliExpress Combined Delivery?

The savings will vary depending on the number of items, their weight, and destination. However, you can save significantly more than paying individual shipping fees.

Do all sellers on AliExpress participate in combined delivery?

Not all sellers offer this option. Look for the “Combined Delivery” label on product listings to identify eligible items.

Can I combine items with different shipping speeds?

Generally, you can only combine items with similar shipping methods. For example, you can’t connect an item with standard shipping with another with expedited shipping.

What if one of my items in a combined shipment is delayed?

Unfortunately, a delay with one item could hold up the entire combined package.

How do I track a combined delivery package?

You’ll receive a single tracking number for your combined shipment, making it easy to monitor its progress.

Are there any weight or size restrictions for combined delivery packages?

Yes, there are usually limits to the weight and dimensions of packages eligible for combined delivery. Check with AliExpress or your chosen shipping carrier for specific limitations.

Can I return an individual item from a combined delivery shipment?

Yes, you should still be able to process a return for a single item. Contact the specific seller for their return policy.

What if I receive a damaged item in a combined shipment?

Contact the seller of the damaged item directly. They will handle the issue according to their return and refund policies.

Can I combine orders placed on different dates?

Typically, you can only combine orders placed within a short timeframe (often a few days). Check AliExpress’s guidelines for the specific time limit.

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