Need it Fast? AliExpress Shipping Guide

Ever found yourself staring at a long list of AliExpress shipping methods, unsure which one to choose? Are you concerned about unexpected costs or lengthy delivery times?

This comprehensive guide aims to solve those pain points, giving you the clarity and confidence to make the best shipping decisions for your AliExpress orders.

AliExpress Delivery Key Facts:

  • AliExpress ships to over 200 countries and regions worldwide.
  • AliExpress processes millions of shipments daily.
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping is the most widely used shipping method on the platform.
  • A significant percentage of AliExpress products offer free shipping options.
  • Cainiao Shipping offers 5-days delivery services to 15 countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and others.
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Aliexpress Ship

AliExpress offers several shipping methods for your orders. AliExpress Standard Shipping is the default method, providing a balance of cost and speed. ePacket is often faster for small items, while Cainiao offers budget-friendly and express options.

For the fastest delivery, choose express shipping carriers like DHL or EMS, but expect higher costs.

AliExpress Standard Shipping $ – $$ 15-45 days Yes
ePacket $ – $$ 10-30 days Yes
Cainiao $ – $$$ Varies Depends
DHL/EMS/Express $$$ – $$$$ 3-10 days Yes


However, choosing the right shipping method on AliExpress is crucial for ensuring your order arrives on time and within budget. So, let us explore common shipping options on AliExpress in details.


AliExpress Combined Delivery

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a popular choice for many shoppers due to its balance of affordability and reliability.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

Unlike direct shipment by individual sellers, AliExpress Standard Shipping streamlines the process. AliExpress partners with various logistics companies to handle the transportation and delivery of your package. This system provides better tracking and a degree of consistency for buyers.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of AliExpress Standard Shipping varies depending on the product’s weight, size, and your destination country. Generally, it’s a more affordable option compared to express shipping services from companies like DHL or FedEx.

How Long Does It Take?

Delivery times for AliExpress Standard Shipping can fluctuate. Expect a typical timeframe of around 15-45 days. However, factors such as customs clearance and your location can influence the overall duration.

Can I Track My Package?

Yes! One of the main benefits of AliExpress Standard Shipping is the availability of tracking information. You can follow your package’s progress using the AliExpress order tracking system or third-party websites.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the advantages and potential drawbacks of AliExpress Standard Shipping:


  • Reliable: Offers a higher level of reliability compared to some of the cheapest economy shipping methods.
  • Affordable: A good mid-range choice for cost-conscious shoppers.
  • Tracking: Eliminates uncertainty about your package’s whereabouts.


  • Slower Delivery: Not the fastest option, especially when compared to expedited shipping.
  • Potential for Delays: Unexpected events like customs or peak-season congestion could add time to your delivery.

When is AliExpress Standard Shipping a Good Choice?

AliExpress Standard Shipping is ideal if you’re looking for a reasonably priced shipping method on non-urgent orders and want the peace of mind that comes with tracking information.


AliExpress Combined Shipping

Cainiao, part of the Alibaba Group, is a logistics network that’s become increasingly prevalent for AliExpress shoppers. It often appears as one of the most affordable shipping options.

Let us break down what Cainiao shipping means for you:

Types of Cainiao Shipping

Cainiao encompasses several shipping methods, each with cost vs. speed trade-offs:

  • Cainiao Super Economy: The most budget-friendly Cainiao option. It often offers very low or even free shipping costs. However, expect significantly longer delivery times (potentially 30-50 days or more).
  • Cainiao Super Economy Global: Similar to the above but specifically for shipments between certain countries, potentially offering slightly faster delivery times.
  • Cainiao Standard For Special Goods: Designed for transporting specific product categories which might have additional restrictions.

Understanding Cainiao Tracking

Cainiao tracking can be less comprehensive than other methods. While you may get some updates on your package’s progress, don’t always expect the same level of detail as with AliExpress Standard Shipping or expedited options.

Pros and Cons of Cainiao Shipping


  • Ultra-Low Cost: The primary appeal of Cainiao is minimizing shipping expenses, especially on smaller items.
  • Free Shipping: Sometimes, Cainiao options are offered for free.


  • Very Slow Shipping: Be prepared for extended wait times.
  • Limited Tracking: You may have less visibility into the exact location of your package throughout its journey.
  • Potential for Delays: Like any shipping method, unexpected events could cause further delays.

When to Consider Cainiao Shipping

Cainiao shipping is best suited for:

  • Low-cost items: When the shipping cost would be significant compared to the item’s price, Cainiao helps keep the total cost down.
  • Non-urgent orders: If you’re not in a rush to receive your items.
  • Shoppers willing to prioritize affordability: If your main objective is the lowest possible price, even at the expense of speed.


ePacket shipping has become a go-to choice for many AliExpress shoppers. It offers a unique balance between keeping costs down and getting your package delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

What is ePacket?

ePacket is a shipping agreement between China Post, Hong Kong Post and the USPS (United States Postal Service), with other countries increasingly joining in. It’s designed specifically for e-commerce parcels, prioritizing faster and more affordable shipping from China and Hong Kong to destinations worldwide.

Key Features of ePacket

  • Cost: While typically more expensive than the slowest economy options, ePacket remains very affordable compared to express shipping via carriers like DHL.
  • Delivery Time: Faster than standard shipping! Expect delivery within 10-20 days in many cases.
  • Tracking: ePacket shipments usually come with tracking information, letting you follow your package’s progress.
  • Restrictions: ePacket has size and weight limits (usually a maximum of 2kg/4.4lbs). It may also not be available to all destinations.

Pros and Cons of ePacket Shipping

Here’s a quick summary of its advantages and potential downsides:


  • Affordability and speed: A sweet spot between budget-friendliness and faster delivery.
  • Tracking Available: Peace of mind knowing where your package is.
  • Wide availability: ePacket is accessible to shoppers in many countries.


  • Not the fastest: Express shipping is still faster if you have an urgent need.
  • Restrictions: Not suitable for oversized or heavy packages.
  • Availability can vary: Check if ePacket is an option for shipments to your country.

When ePacket Makes Sense

ePacket is an excellent choice for AliExpress orders when:

  • You need a balance: If you want faster delivery than the cheapest economy shipping but can’t justify the cost of express options.
  • Your item fits the limits: ePacket is ideal for smaller, lightweight items.
  • You value tracking: Having visibility into your package’s journey is important.


Sometimes you need your AliExpress order fast, whether it’s a time-sensitive gift or an urgent replacement for something that broke. In these cases, exploring expedited shipping options is the way to go.

What are Expedited Shipping Options?

Expedited shipping on AliExpress often involves well-known global carriers like:

  • DHL: Known for rapid international delivery, usually within a few days to a week.
  • FedEx: Another reliable express shipping giant with similar delivery speeds to DHL.
  • UPS: A major player in the logistics world, offering fast shipping solutions.
  • EMS (Express Mail Service): A faster service provided by postal organizations and often available through AliExpress.

The Cost Factor

The key trade-off with expedited shipping is cost. Expect to pay significantly more compared to standard or economy shipping options. However, for the fastest delivery, it’s sometimes a necessary expense.

Delivery Times

Expedited shipping times can vary slightly based on your destination country. However, you can generally expect your package within a few days up to a week at most.

Tracking and Reliability

Expedited shipping methods from major carriers usually offer robust tracking systems, enabling you to closely monitor your package’s progress. The reliability of these premium services is generally higher than standard shipping options.

When is Expedited Shipping worthwhile?

Consider expedited shipping if:

  • Time is critical: You have a fixed deadline or need the item urgently.
  • High-value items: The extra cost may be worth it for greater security and faster delivery of expensive purchases.
  • Peace of mind: Detailed tracking and fast arrival can reduce stress in certain situations.

Before Choosing Expedited Shipping

  • Compare costs: Get quotes from different carriers offered by the AliExpress seller.
  • Check exact times: Verify the estimated delivery timeframes with the carrier.
  • Customs: Be aware that even expedited shipments can sometimes be held up by customs procedures.


When budget is your top priority, AliExpress economy shipping options can save you a significant amount on shipping costs. Welcome to the world of slower but super-affordable shipping methods on AliExpress.

Understanding Economy Shipping

Economy shipping on AliExpress often involves a combination of logistics companies and national postal services. Examples include:

  • Cainiao Super Economy (and variations): A very low-cost option often offered by AliExpress sellers for small and lightweight items.
  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus: Another common economy shipping method with a focus on minimizing cost.
  • Local postal services: In some cases, your package might be handled by your country’s standard postal system for the final leg of delivery.

The Trade-Off: Cost vs. Speed

The primary advantage of economy shipping is the incredibly low (sometimes even free) cost. However, be prepared for a long wait. It’s not uncommon for delivery times to stretch to 30-50 days or even longer.

Limited Tracking

Economy shipping methods frequently have limited or sometimes non-existent tracking. While you might receive certain updates, don’t expect the same level of detail as with AliExpress Standard Shipping or expedited options.

When Economy Shipping Might be Right for You

Consider economy shipping when:

  • Cost is paramount: If you want the absolute cheapest way to ship your AliExpress order.
  • You’re not in a hurry: You have plenty of time and aren’t concerned with rapid delivery.
  • The item is low-value: Risking a longer wait time for a small, inexpensive item might be acceptable.

Things to keep in mind

  • Potential for delays: Economy shipping is more prone to delays due to longer routes and multiple handovers between logistics providers.
  • Less reliable tracking: Make sure you understand the limited tracking available before choosing the cheapest method.
  • Returns can be tricky: Slow shipping may complicate situations where you need to return an item.


Understanding the elements that influence shipping costs is key to making smart buying decisions on AliExpress. Here are the break down of main factors at play:

Product Characteristics

  • Weight: Heavier items naturally cost more to ship than lightweight ones.
  • Size: Larger, bulkier items take up more space, driving up shipping costs.
  • Fragility: Products requiring special packaging and careful handling may incur additional charges.

Destination Country

Shipping an item across the globe is more expensive than sending it domestically. Consider:

  • Distance: Longer shipping routes generally result in higher costs.
  • Taxes and Duties: Be aware of potential import taxes or customs duties applicable to your country. These may not be included in the initial shipping quotes.
  • Logistics Infrastructure: Shipping costs can vary depending on the logistics network’s development in your region.

Shipping Method

Your chosen shipping method plays a massive role in the final cost. Remember:

  • Standard vs. Economy: AliExpress Standard Shipping is typically more expensive than the slowest economy options.
  • Expedited Shipping: Carriers like DHL offer faster delivery but come with significantly higher price tags.

Shipping Promotions and Coupons

Stay alert for these money-saving opportunities:

  • Seller-specific coupons: Many sellers offer shipping discounts or coupons for their products.
  • AliExpress-wide promotions: Keep an eye out for platform-wide promotions, sometimes offering shipping discounts or free shipping over certain spending thresholds.

Additional Factors

  • Fuel Surcharges: Fluctuating fuel prices can sometimes impact shipping costs.
  • Peak Season: Expect potential price increases during busy shopping periods like holidays.


Waiting for your AliExpress order to arrive can be exciting, but sometimes the uncertainty of where your package is can dampen the fun. Fortunately, tracking tools let you keep tabs on your package as it makes its way to you.

Step 1: Find Your Tracking Number

  • My Orders: Navigate to the “My Orders” section of your AliExpress account.
  • Order Details: Locate the order you want to track and click on “Details”.
  • Locate the Tracking Number: Look for a section labeled “Logistics Information” or “Tracking Number”. This is a unique code assigned to your package.

Step 2: Choose Your Tracking Method

  1. AliExpress Tracking System:
    • Use the tracking link provided on the “Order Details” page within your AliExpress account.
    • Detailed shipment updates from the moment it leaves the seller’s hands till it’s out for delivery.
  2. Third-Party Tracking Websites:
    • Numerous websites are dedicated to tracking shipments:
      • 17Track
      • ParcelsApp
      • Shipping or Carrier Website
    • Simply enter your tracking number on their site to see your shipment’s progress.

Understanding Tracking Statuses

Tracking updates can sometimes use unfamiliar terms. Here is a comprehensive guide on AliExpress tracking or a quick and scannable guide below:

  • “Shipment information received”: The carrier has been notified about your package but may not have physically taken possession of it yet.
  • “In transit”: Your package is actively moving toward its destination.
  • “Out for delivery”: The final stage! Your package is with your local courier and should arrive soon.
  • “Delivered”: Your order has been successfully delivered.

Troubleshooting: No Tracking Information

  • Give it time: Especially with economy shipping, tracking updates can take a few days to appear.
  • Contact the seller: If concerned, message the seller for clarification and assistance.

Why Isn’t My AliExpress Tracking Working?

  • Delays in Updates: It can take a few days for tracking information to appear after your package has been shipped. Be patient and check back again later.
  • Incorrect Shipping Method: Ensure you’re using the correct tracking service for the chosen shipping method. Some carriers offer better tracking than others.
  • Incorrect Tracking Number: Double-check that you’ve entered the tracking number provided by the seller correctly.


Sometimes, despite the excitement of an AliExpress order, things don’t go as smoothly as planned. If your package is significantly delayed or seems to have gone missing, there are steps you can take.

Step 1. Check Your Order’s Buyer Protection Time

  • Find it: Navigate to your “My Orders” section on AliExpress.
  • Protection Period: Every product has a specific Buyer Protection period (usually around 60 days). This is the timeframe within which you can raise a dispute if your order doesn’t arrive or isn’t as described.

Step 2. Contact the Seller

  • Communication is Key: Reach out to the seller through AliExpress’s messaging system. Explain your situation and politely inquire about the status of your shipment.
  • Provide Details: Include your order number, tracking information (if available), and any relevant dates.
  • Potential Solutions: The seller might offer to reship the item, provide a refund, or suggest waiting a little longer.

Step 3. Open a Dispute on AliExpress

  • Before the Protection Expires: If your Buyer Protection time is running out and you haven’t reached a resolution with the seller, open a dispute.
  • Dispute Process: Explain the issue clearly, providing evidence like tracking information or communication with the seller.
  • AliExpress Intervention: AliExpress will review the dispute and mediate between you and the seller to reach a fair outcome.

Tips for Preventing Lost Packages

  • Track Regularly: Check your package’s progress using the tracking information provided.
  • Choose Reputable Shipping: When possible, opt for shipping methods with more reliable tracking options.
  • Secure Delivery Address: Ensure your delivery address is accurate and consider a location where packages won’t be left unattended.


One of the biggest questions on every AliExpress shopper’s mind is, “When will my package arrive?” Unfortunately, there’s no single, definitive answer.

Shipping times on AliExpress depend on several factors, but let’s break it down to give you a better understanding.

Factors Affecting AliExpress Shipping Times

  • Shipping Method: The shipping method you choose plays a huge role. Express options like DHL or EMS can deliver your package in a matter of days, while standard shipping options, like AliExpress Standard Shipping, typically take a few weeks.
  • Destination Country: The further you are from China, the longer it will naturally take for your package to arrive.
  • Seller’s Processing Time: Sellers need time to process your order and prepare it for shipment. This adds a few days to the overall delivery time.
  • Customs Delays: Packages sometimes get held up in customs, especially during busy periods, which can add unforeseen delays.
  • Peak Seasons and Holidays: Shipping times can be significantly longer during peak shopping seasons like Christmas or major sales events.

Estimated AliExpress Shipping Times

Here is a general guideline, but always check the specific product page for more accurate estimates:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping: 15-45 days
  • ePacket: 10-30 days
  • Cainiao: Varies widely depending on method
  • DHL/EMS/Express: 3-10 days

Tips for Managing Your Expectations

  • Check the Estimated Delivery Date: Product pages on AliExpress display an estimated delivery date range. Use this as a reference, but remember it’s an estimate, not a guarantee.
  • Track Your Package: Most shipping methods offer some level of tracking, allowing you to keep an eye on its progress.
  • Be Patient: Shipping from China takes time, especially with standard options.
  • Plan Ahead: If you need an item for a specific occasion, order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Don’t Let Shipping Times Deter You

While waiting for your AliExpress package can sometimes test your patience, the fantastic deals and unique products often make it worthwhile. By understanding the factors that affect shipping times and setting realistic expectations, you can enjoy a smoother AliExpress shopping experience.


We’ve covered the core aspects of AliExpress shipping, but here are a few extra points to keep in mind for a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience:

  • Customs and Import Duties: Familiarize yourself with your country’s import regulations and potential customs duties. In some cases, you may have to pay additional fees when your package arrives. A quick online search for “[your country] import duties” should provide helpful resources.
  • Seller Reputation: Choosing reliable sellers makes a difference! Look at seller ratings, reviews, and the number of times a product has been sold. Sellers with a proven track record are more likely to handle the shipping side of things professionally.
  • Optional Shipping Insurance: If you’re ordering a high-value item, consider purchasing additional shipping insurance. This provides coverage in case your package gets lost or damaged during transit.
  • Language Barriers: If you need to communicate with a seller about shipping, be aware that there might be language differences. Keep your messages clear and simple, and consider using translation tools for assistance.

How to Find Out Shipping Costs on AliExpress

  1. Product Page: Most product listings on AliExpress display an estimated shipping cost. You can often change the shipping method and your destination country to see updated pricing.
  2. Checkout: Once you’ve added items to your cart and proceed to checkout, you’ll see the exact shipping costs based on your chosen items and your address.

Tips for Reducing AliExpress Shipping Costs

  • Look for “Free Shipping”: Many sellers offer free shipping options, especially if you spend a certain amount.
  • Bundle Your Orders: Consider combining purchases from the same seller to save on shipping, as it’s often cheaper to ship multiple items together.
  • Be Patient: If you’re not in a hurry, opt for slower, more economical shipping methods.
  • Search for Coupons: AliExpress occasionally offers shipping coupons or discounts that can be applied during checkout.

Before You Go

Think of this guide as your AliExpress shipping toolbox.  Whenever you have a question about shipping methods, want to compare prices, or need help tracking a package, refer back to it.

Armed with this knowledge, you can find the shipping solutions that best suit your budget, needs, and level of patience.

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