AliExpress Tracking Not Working? Quick Fixes

The anticipation of an AliExpress delivery is thrilling! But that excitement can quickly become confusing when your tracking number leaves you hanging.

If you’re staring at a “not found” message, don’t panic. Let’s troubleshoot the issue and get you back on track to receiving your AliExpress package.


Unregistered or economic mail generally means more affordable shipping for the seller. Still, it needs comprehensive tracking or may only have limited tracking within the origin country.

  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus: One of the most widely used options for small, inexpensive items shipped from China. Tracking may cease once the package leaves China.
  • Yanwen Economic Air Mail: Popular for its low cost. Tracking is often limited to key milestones rather than detailed movement.
  • SunYou Economic Air Mail: Offers a balance of affordability and some tracking capabilities.
  • 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro: Used by some sellers, especially those shipping from Singapore-based warehouses. Tracking may be limited.
  • SF eParcel (SF Express): Occasionally used for very small or inexpensive items, even though SF Express is generally a more premium carrier. Tracking may be limited in this context.

Additional Notes

  • Local Carriers: Unregistered packages from AliExpress are often handed over to your country’s local postal service (USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, etc.) for final delivery.
  • Regional Carriers: Sellers may also utilize smaller regional carriers specific to their area, which can take time to track.


There are a few surprisingly common reasons why your AliExpress tracking number might seem to have vanished.

Let’s break them down:

Newly Shipped Orders: The Waiting Game

When you receive a tracking number, you are expected to be eager to track your AliExpress package. However, patience is critical in the first few days after an order is shipped. Here’s why:

  • Processing Time: Even when your order’s status changes to “shipped,” the seller may still need some time to physically prepare your package and hand it over to the shipping carrier.
  • System Updates: Shipping carriers have systems for registering and updating package information. It can take 2-3 days for your tracking number to become active and show updates.
  • International Shipping: AliExpress orders often involve long journeys across borders. The initial shipping stages might need to be detailed, especially for budget shipping options.

Tip: Check back on the tracking website after 2-3 days. If you still need more information, proceed to the other possible reasons in this guide.

Incorrect Tracking Number: The Typo Culprit

It’s surprisingly easy to mistype a tracking number, especially when they’re a long string of numbers and letters. Here’s how to avoid and fix this common issue:

  • Double-check and then Check Again: Carefully compare the tracking number you’ve entered into the tracking website with the one provided in your AliExpress order details. Look for easily confused characters like 0 (zero) and O (the letter).
  • Where to Find the Right Number: Go directly to the “My Orders” section on AliExpress and locate the specific order. The correct tracking number should be listed within the order details.
  • Copy and Paste the tracking number directly from your AliExpress order and paste it into the tracking website. This minimizes the chances of manual typing errors.

Important Note: Some sellers may accidentally provide incorrect tracking numbers. Contact the seller for clarification if you’ve verified that the number is accurate.

Carrier Issues: Delays and Handoffs

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your tracking number but the shipping carrier itself. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • Internal Delays: Shipping carriers, even large ones, can experience delays in processing or updating their tracking systems. These hiccups might cause your package to be in transit, but the tracking information doesn’t reflect its current location.
  • Multiple Carriers: If your AliExpress order involves numerous shipping companies (especially for international shipments), tracking updates might need consistency. It can take time for a package to be transferred between carriers and for each carrier’s tracking system to update.
  • Unusual Statuses: Watch for odd tracking updates like “Exception” or “Clearance Delay.” These might signal temporary issues with customs or unexpected rerouting of your package.


  • Carrier-Specific Tracking: Find out which shipping carrier handles your package from your AliExpress order details. Visit their official website directly for the most reliable tracking.
  • Patience is Key: While frustrating, short delays are common, especially with international shipping. Allowing a few extra days to catch up might resolve the issue if there’s no concerning status update.


Now that we’ve explored the common reasons behind a “missing” tracking number let’s get proactive:

Identify the Shipping Carrier:

  • Check your AliExpress order details. The shipping carrier (e.g., China Post, Cainiao, DHL) should be listed.
  • Some sellers include the carrier’s website in the order information.

Use the Correct Tracking Website:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping: If your order was shipped this way, start by tracking on the Cainiao website.
  • Other Carriers: Visit the official tracking website of the carrier assigned to your package. A quick web search for the carrier’s name + “tracking” should lead you there.

Allow Time for Updates:

  • Remember the 2-3 day processing window for new orders.
  • International shipping involves long distances and varying levels of tracking detail throughout the journey. Be patient, especially if there are no unusual status messages.

Important: If you’re using the correct website, the carrier is known, and you’ve given it reasonable time, the next step is to contact the seller or AliExpress support.


If you’ve tried the troubleshooting tips and your AliExpress tracking number is still not updating, it’s time to escalate the issue.

Here’s how:

  • Contact the Seller:
    • Send a polite message to the seller through the AliExpress messaging system.
    • Explain that you need help to track your package and ask for their assistance.
    • The seller might have more insights into the carrier used and possible delays, or they can resend the tracking information.
  • Contact AliExpress Customer Support:
    • If the seller can’t resolve the issue or has a significant delay, contact AliExpress customer support directly.
    • Access their support through the AliExpress website or app.
    • Provide your order details and explain the tracking issue. AliExpress may intervene with the seller or provide further guidance.

Important: AliExpress has buyer protection policies. You have yet to be eligible for a refund under their dispute resolution system if you never receive your package.

Additional Considerations

While most AliExpress tracking issues are resolved with troubleshooting or seller communication, it’s good to be aware of these less common but essential scenarios:

  • Fake Tracking Numbers: In rare cases, a seller may provide an entirely fake tracking number to avoid penalties or stall concerned buyers. Red flags include:
    • No activity: The tracking number shows no updates on any carrier’s website.
    • Odd formatting: The number needs to be more concise or match the standard format for any known carrier.
    • Seller unresponsiveness: When you question the tracking number, the seller must pay attention to messages or provide a valid explanation.
  • Unusual Customs Delays: International shipments are subject to customs inspections. Sometimes packages can be held for reasons like:
    • Missing or incomplete paperwork: You or the seller may need to provide additional documentation.
    • Prohibited items: Double-check your country’s import restrictions.
    • Random inspections: Even routine shipments can be temporarily delayed.

What to do:

  • Contact the Seller: This is always your first step. A reputable seller might clarify the situation or help you with customs requirements.
  • Research: Look into the typical customs process for your country. This can help you determine if the delay is expected.
  • Contact AliExpress Support: If the package is significantly delayed or appears seized, AliExpress may guide you on retrieving it or obtaining a refund.

Remember: AliExpress usually has buyer protection in place. If you diligently follow the dispute process, you should be protected from losing money on undelivered goods.


Yanwen Economic Air Mail is a popular and affordable shipping option for AliExpress sellers. However, tracking with Yanwen can sometimes cause worry when updates stop unexpectedly. Let’s understand why this happens and what you can do about it:

Reasons for Yanwen Tracking Delays:

  • Milestone Tracking: Yanwen often uses a system to provide tracking updates mainly at critical points (e.g., leaving China and arriving in your country). You might not see detailed movement in between.
  • Transfer to Local Carrier: Once your package arrives in your destination country, it’s often handed over to a local carrier like USPS or FedEx for final delivery. Tracking updates might pause until that handoff is complete.
  • Processing Delays: Customs inspections, busy seasons, or weather events can cause temporary delays with any shipping carrier, including Yanwen.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Allow for Time: Give it 5-7 days after the last tracking update. Sometimes, these delays resolve themselves.
  2. Yanwen Tracking Website: Use the official Yanwen tracking site  for the most reliable information.
  3. Look for Handoff: See if the tracking indicates it has arrived in your country or shows something like “awaiting final delivery.” This signals an imminent carrier change.
  4. Track on the Local Carrier: Try your tracking number on the website of your country’s common delivery carrier (like USPS).
  5. Contact the Seller: If the above steps don’t yield results, the seller might have insights into shipping delays or alternative tracking options.

Important Notes

  • Yanwen tracking can be less detailed than some premium shipping services.
  • Patience is critical, especially with international shipping.


Yanwen Economic Air Mail is a legitimate shipping company many AliExpress sellers use. However, concerns about “fake” Yanwen tracking numbers are understandable. Let’s break down the nuances:

Why the Confusion:

  • Limited Tracking Detail: Yanwen’s economical shipping often provides less frequent and detailed updates than premium carriers. Long periods without updates can raise suspicions.
  • Disreputable Sellers: Unfortunately, a few sellers may provide fake tracking numbers to stall buyers. These numbers will never show activity on any carrier’s website.
  • Transfer Delays: When Yanwen packages are handed off to local carriers, there can be a delay in the new tracking number being generated or the handoff showing in the system. This temporary limbo can be mistaken for a fake tracking situation.

The Bottom Line:

  • Yanwen Tracking is Generally Real: The vast majority of Yanwen tracking numbers are legitimate, though the tracking might need to be more comprehensive.
  • Red Flags for Fake Tracking:
    • The number never shows any activity on the Yanwen or local carrier websites.
    • When you inquire about the tracking, the seller must be more responsive or provide evasive answers.

What to Do if You’re Concerned:

  1. Allow for Reasonable Time: International shipping takes time, especially with budget options.
  2. Check the Yanwen Website directly: Use the official Yanwen website for the most reliable updates.
  3. Contact the Seller: A reputable seller should be able to clarify delays or provide alternative tracking information.
  4. Utilize AliExpress Buyer Protection: If you suspect a fake tracking situation and the seller is unhelpful, AliExpress has dispute resolution processes to ensure you’re not left without your product or a refund.


Yanwen Economic Air Mail often focuses on the initial stages of international shipping, getting your package from China to your destination country. To complete the delivery, they partner with local carriers. Here’s what you need to know:

It Depends on Your Country: There’s no single answer, as Yanwen partners with different carriers in different regions. Common partners include:

  • United States: USPS, FedEx
  • Canada: Canada Post
  • UK: Royal Mail
  • Australia: Australia Post
  • Many Others: Yanwen partners extensively with local postal services worldwide.

How to Find Out Your Carrier:

  • Check the Tracking: Once your package arrives in your destination country, the Yanwen tracking might indicate the local carrier or include phrases like “awaiting final delivery.”
  • Carrier Websites: Try entering your Yanwen tracking number into the websites of common carriers in your country.
  • Contact the Seller: The seller may know which carrier will handle the final delivery in your area.

Important Notes:

  • The transfer between Yanwen and the local carrier can sometimes cause a short delay in tracking updates.
  • A package may be handed between multiple local carriers before reaching your doorstep.

Understanding SunYou Logistics

SunYou Economic Air Mail (SY Post) is a popular shipping option for AliExpress sellers, balancing affordability and tracking capabilities. Let’s dive into how to track your SunYou shipments and troubleshoot common issues:

How to Track SunYou Packages:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: Find your SunYou tracking number in your AliExpress order details. It typically starts with “SY” or “LP”, followed by numbers.
  2. Choose the Right Website: Here are some reliable tracking options:
  • SunYou Website: Visit the official SunYou website for comprehensive tracking.
  • Tracking Universal Sites: Sites like 17Track or ParcelsApp often support SunYou tracking.
  • AliExpress Order Page: For a quick check, your AliExpress order page may also display limited SunYou tracking updates.

Troubleshooting SunYou Tracking Issues:

  • New Orders: Give it a few days for the tracking number to activate.
  • Delays and Limited Updates: SunYou, as an economical option, may have less frequent updates than premium carriers. Be patient, especially with international shipments.
  • Check for Local Carrier Handoff: See if the tracking indicates it has arrived in your country. SunYou often partners with local carriers for final delivery.

What if Tracking Isn’t Working:

  1. Double-check the Number: Ensure you enter the correct tracking number without typos.
  2. Contact the Seller: The seller might provide insights into delays or alternative tracking links.
  3. Contact SunYou Customer Service: If the seller needs help, consider contacting SunYou directly. Their contact information should be available on their website.

Important Note: AliExpress has buyer protection policies. If you have not received your package and followed the troubleshooting steps, you should be eligible for a refund.


SunYou Economic Air Mail (SY Post) is a legitimate shipping company many AliExpress sellers use. However, concerns about “fake” SunYou tracking numbers sometimes arise. Let’s break down what’s going on:

Why the Concerns Exist:

  • Limited Detail and Delays: SunYou is a budget-friendly carrier, meaning tracking updates may be less frequent or detailed than premium shipping services. This can lead to periods of inactivity that raise suspicion.
  • Disreputable Sellers: Unfortunately, a small minority may provide invalid tracking numbers as a stalling tactic. These numbers will never show any activity on SunYou’s website.
  • Handoff Confusion: SunYou packages are often transferred to local carriers for final delivery. Sometimes, there’s a delay in the new tracking number being generated or the handoff reflecting in the tracking system.

The Bottom Line:

  • SunYou Tracking is Generally Real: Most SunYou tracking numbers are legitimate. However, the tracking process might have some quirks to understand.
  • Red Flags for Fake Tracking:
    • The tracking number never registers on SunYou’s official or local carrier websites.
    • The seller must be more responsive or provide more precise replies when you question the tracking’s validity.

What to Do if You’re Concerned:

  1. Be Patient with Updates: Especially with international shipping, expect some delays in tracking.
  2. Check the SunYou Website: This is the most reliable source for SunYou tracking.
  3. Contact the Seller: Ask for clarification on delays or possible alternative tracking information.
  4. Utilize AliExpress Buyer Protection: If you suspect a fake tracking number and the seller is unresponsive, AliExpress has dispute resolution processes to protect you.

Before You Go

We understand the anticipation of waiting for an AliExpress order and the confusion when tracking goes awry.

Hopefully, this guide has armed you with the knowledge to find the root of the issue and anticipate your delivery.

Remember, you’re not alone – most tracking problems have straightforward solutions.

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