What does “arrived at destination” country tracking update means for products ordered on AliExpress means? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our readers when they contact us for clarification on AliExpress.

Let us explore exactly where your package is when you receive the “arrived at destination country” tracking update on your AliExpress order and what happens next.

Sometimes, your AliExpress package is stuck on “arrived at destination country” and you start wondering what to do next. What should your next be or what action is required of you to get your order delivered?


The “Arrived at Destination” tracking status is used by multiple AliExpress shipping carriers to communicate that your AliExpress shipment has arrived in the country where the recipient is located.

Essentially, if you are the recipient of the item, the shipment has just landed at the airport of the country where you are located.

At this point, the item will still be with the linehaul carrier. In other words, the air cargo service responsible for shipping the item from the origin country will have scanned the shipment upon arrival in the destination country.

From here it will be handed over to the carrier service responsible for the next section of the journey. In some cases, this is the local postal service such as USPS in the united states, Royal Mail in the united kingdom, Canada Post in Canada or the Nigerian Postal Service for residents of Nigeria. It could also be a third-party carrier such as DHL or FedEx.

However, before the item can be released from the arrival point at the destination country, it will have to pass customs clearance.


You might have reached this page because your AliExpress shipment is delayed on the “arrived at destination” tracking status alert.

There are a lot of reasons why your AliExpress package might be stuck at “arrived at destination.”

What you will do next will depend on on some factors such as:

  • Your Country (Shipping Address)
  • AliExpress Shipping method used
  • Customs Clearance


If low-cost or economy shipping services such as Yanwen and Sunyou were used by the AliExpress vendor to ship your order, the tracking number given to you will only work when your order is within China.

The tracking information will stop updating once the item leaves China.

Your next step will be to check for tracking updates using a Universal tracking service or your country’s local post tracking service.

If you didn’t get any new updates about your order movement and it seems the package is stuck, you should take a look at your AliExpress buyer protection period to ensure that it hasn’t run out.

If your 60 days of “Buyer Protection” is about to get exhausted, you will have grounds to either open a dispute about the unsuccessful delivery or contact the seller to inform them of the issue.

If upon the expiry of your buyer protection period, your order is still not delivered or still stuck at “arrived at destination” go-ahead to open a dispute and seek for a refund immediately.


If your order wasn’t shipped via a low-cost shipping company, your next step will be determined by your AliExpress Shipping address or the country you reside.

Arrived at Destination – the United States

Any mail item or package arriving in the united state will pass through a USPS International Service Center before it can be dispatched toward its final destination.

There are a number of these centres located throughout the united states such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles etc.

It is at these centres that mail arriving and leaving the United States goes through customs clearance with the US Customs and Border Control and is sorted for onward transit.

However, in recent years due to increased mail volumes and the pandemic causing staff shortages, bottlenecks have occurred within these distribution and clearance centres.

AliExpress shipments have been known to be held up for multiple weeks. With items scanned upon arrival into the ISC which triggers the “Arrived at destination country” update and then seemingly stuck in limbo until they are either put forward for customs clearance or customs issues are solved.

When the Office of Inspector General, United States Postal Service, conducted a site audit at the Chicago International Service Center (ISC), they found significant operational delays of international packages they consider required immediate attention and corrective action of management.

More than 729 million pieces of foreign mail and parcels were processed by the U.S. Postal Service in 2020, and the Chicago ISC is one of five Postal Service facilities principally responsible for processing international inbound and outbound volumes.


Arrived at Destination – Europe

AliExpress and other China-based eCommerce platforms have a similar issue arriving in European-based destination countries.

The bottleneck here is Liege Linehaul. When you get “Liege Linehaul Arrival” update, it means that your package has arrived at Liege Airport in Belgium. The linehaul carrier was the shipping service used to transit the AliExpress product from the origin country (China).

In 2018, Alibaba – the parent company and owner of AliExpress entered a business arrangement with the Belgium government to utilize Liege as its main gateway for delivering products into Europe.

Liege is Belgium’s largest cargo airport but the black hole is a similar situation to that experienced by AliExpress customers in the United States.

When your package arrives at Liege Airport, Belgium, it will trigger the “arrived at destination” tracking update.

If you reside in France or your destination shipping address is located in France or other European country is irrelevant in terms of the alert.

However, some AliExpress packages are getting stuck on the “Liege Linehaul Arrival” for considerable lengths of time, sometimes for weeks due to the high volume of shipments being made into the understaffed facility.

Because of the shortage of adequate manpower at Liege Airport, your package can remain inside the warehouse at Liege awaiting clearance. The huge number of packages passing through this distribution centre each day has continued to cause backlogs.

Arrived at Destination – Africa

Depending on your shipping address and which country you reside in Africa, your AliExpress shipment can get stuck at “arrive at destination” for a very long time due to a lack of efficiency in package handling by the staff of your country postal service.

However, with the business arrangement between some African countries postal service and Speedaf Express, things are getting better in package delivery.

ZTO Express was one of the companies that helped start Speedaf Express in 2019. Speedaf express focuses on cross-border door-to-door logistics services between China and emerging markets like Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. It also offers domestic express services, warehouses, and other value-added services that cover the whole region.

Speedaf express creates one-stop, full-tracking, and door-to-door integrated logistics service solutions with the help of a service network and information systems that it built itself. Speedaf express offers international shipping services by air and sea to more than 50 countries.

With its localized operations, Speedaf express has launched a local express and less-than-truckload network in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco.

Nigeria Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami on January 27th, 2022 commissioned 27 logistics vehicles for NIPOST in partnership with Speedaf Express. The courier service vehicles are expected to cater for e-commerce and speedy delivery of logistics all over Nigeria.


Aside from the international postal service centres’ bottleneck that delays the swift delivery of your package from AliExpress, there are other reasons or factors that could delay your AliExpress order delivery.

One of the obvious issues that make AliExpress orders get stuck at “arrived at destination” is Customs Clearance.

Customs charges, import taxes, missing paperwork, incorrect documentation,  prohibited items, or replica products can get your AliExpress order held by your country’s customs during the border control check of your package.

When you get the “Held by Custom” tracking update for any AliExpress package you’re expecting, be prepared that will be a delay and additional charges in some cases to your country’s customs services.

If your AliExpress package is held by customs because of tax or duties owed, you will/should be notified by the courier service so that the necessary payment can be made, the package released by customs and delivered by the logistic company to your doorstep.

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