Choosing a baby car seat on AliExpress is a big decision because keeping your child safe in a car is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. An infant car seat is a must-have baby item if you want to take your little one on a road trip or even just to the grocery store.

As a new parent, one of the most important things you’ll buy is a car seat. It is one of the few things you will buy for your child that could actually save his or her life. And you can’t even take your baby home from the hospital without it!

You have questions about child safety seats on AliExpress. This guide has all the answers, including a suggestion for the best baby car seat for your child.

AliExpress has three main types of car seats for newborn babies and toddlers:

  • Rear-facing,
  • Front-facing, and
  • Convertible car seat.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that children should stay in a rear-facing baby car seat until they reach the maximum height or weight limit permitted by the seat.

Before, the AAP recommended that kids should stay in back-facing seats until at least age 2, but the new guideline takes out that specific age.


A car seat designed exclusively for newborns and younger babies is an infant car seat. A rear-facing infant seat can be used from birth until your child reaches the seat’s maximum height or weight limitations, which is often approximately one year of age.

Attaching infant car seats to a base. The base remains fixed in your vehicle, and the seat clicks in and out, making it very easy to get your child into and out of the car.



A convertible car seat can be used with children of different sizes and can be converted from a rear-facing to a front-facing position.

A convertible seat begins in the rear-facing position for infants and toddlers and transitions to the forward-facing position once your child exceeds the rear-facing height or weight limits. A convertible car seat can be used from birth through early childhood and beyond.

Infant car seats are more compact and lighter than convertible car seats. Instead of attaching to a base, convertible seats are installed directly into the vehicle using the seat belt or LATCH system.

LATCH is an acronym for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. It’s a system of built-in straps and hooks on a car seat and anchor gear in your vehicle meant to make installing a car seat safer and easier.

Due to their size and weight, convertible car seats cannot be attached to a stroller and are not intended to be transferred frequently between vehicles.



A booster seat accomplishes exactly what its name implies: it raises your child’s position in the car seat. This guarantees that the lap and shoulder belts in your vehicle cross over your child’s body at the appropriate positions.

Booster seats are intended for youngsters that weigh at least 40 pounds and are at least four years old.

There are two sorts of booster seats: those with a back and those without. Similar to car seats, high-back boosters are smaller seats having a base and a back.

They provide a guide for threading the shoulder belt of your vehicle so that it fits your youngster properly.

Backless booster seats solely consist of a seat. They are designed to provide the additional height necessary so your child can be safely buckled in.



Consider your child’s age, weight, and height when deciding which car seat to purchase.

As your child develops, you may need to adjust their car seat’s orientation and seating position, and you may need to purchase a new seat. Check out this age-by-age advice for keeping your child’s car trip safe.


There are two types of infant car seats, all of which are entirely reliable, so your choice will depend on your personal taste. These are your choices when purchasing an infant car seat on AliExpress:


A car seat designed for infants can be used until the child weighs 20 to 22 pounds or their head is within 1 inch of the seat’s top. They are often meant to be lightweight and portable.

Many parents prefer an infant carrier since the seat may be removed from the vehicle without the need to unbuckle and perhaps wake a sleeping infant. The base of the car seat remains secured to the vehicle, while the carrier snaps in and out of the base.

Infant-specific seats are especially practical because they may be attached to a stroller frame. Therefore, when buying for a baby carrier, ensure that it is suitable with your stroller.



A convertible car seat can be used from birth, however, infant-only seats are more comfortable for little infants. Choose one that is certified to face the rear until the child reaches 30 pounds or more.

Convertible seats are a wonderful alternative if you want a durable product since they can be put in either a rear-facing or forward-facing orientation. Additionally, most allow youngsters to ride rear-facing for at least 2 years.

However, convertible seats are not designed to be movable; they remain permanently installed in the vehicle.


When your child outgrows the requirements for a rear-facing car seat, they should use a forward-facing car seat with a harness until they reach the maximum height and weight. These alternatives are available on AliExpress when purchasing a car seat for a child who has outgrown a rear-facing seat:


Many forward-facing car seats can handle youngsters weighing at least 65 pounds. Always check to your car seat’s handbook for the maximum height and weight requirements! These guidelines are not applicable to all car seats.


This works with a harness until the baby weighs between 40 and 65 pounds. The car seat then changes to a belt-positioning booster, which can be used for children up to 80-100 pounds with the lap/shoulder belt in your vehicle.


When your preschooler no longer meets the standards for a forward-facing car seat with a harness, they should switch to a belt-positioning booster with a lap/shoulder belt. This type of car seat accommodates children up to 80-100 pounds, and most children require booster seats between the ages of 3 or 4 and 8 years old.

Remember that youngsters require head support: Use a high-back booster in the backseat of the vehicle is low. If the vehicle seat has a headrest, an unbacked booster can be used.


Before your baby’s first ride, practice installing the car seat. Ensure that the harness straps are taut around your child’s body. Use the lowest available harness slots for a baby. For the rear-facing position, keep the shoulder straps in the slots at or below the baby’s shoulders.

It is crucial that the harness straps fit properly over the shoulders and between the legs. Dress your infant in clothes that allow their legs to move freely.

To fill empty places and provide support, roll up a couple of tiny blankets and put them between your infant’s shoulders and head on both sides. If they continue to slouch, place a diaper roll between their legs below the crotch strap. Do not place thick padding under or behind the child.



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