A baby stroller is among the most crucial investments you will make for your child. If you get the ideal baby stroller and maintain it, it will serve you for years, memories, and miles. 

Your baby’s stroller should be safe, easy to use, and comfortable. Even if you try out a stroller in a store, it’s hard to know how it will work on sidewalks, curbs, grass, playgrounds, and boardwalks.

There is no one type of stroller that works best for all parents. The best choice for you is the one that has features that work for your child and your way of life at a price that fits your budget.

When should you buy a stroller?

When it comes to deciding when to buy a baby stroller with car seat, many moms-to-be are torn. This is because it can be hard to get ready for your unborn child.

Between the second and third trimesters is the best time to buy a stroller. Buying a stroller as soon as possible during pregnancy is easy because you will be looking for one that fits a newborn.

If you wait too long, you might not have enough energy to walk around looking for a stroller.

There are many brands that say which strollers are good for newborns. Most of these strollers come with a car seat. Make sure you get a lightweight stroller because there will be days when you have to lift it in and out of your car a lot.

If you want to buy cheap baby strollers from a foreign site like AliExpress, you should do it right away because the maker or seller needs time to ship the stroller to your location.

What features should I consider when buying a stroller?

A stroller is one of the best pieces of baby equipment you can buy. It can also be one of the most stressful baby products to buy because the right stroller for you might not be the same as the right stroller for the parents next door.

So how do you know which stroller features is right for you, your child, and the way you live?

Certification & Safety Sign

Check to see if the model you like has a sticker that says the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has approved it (JPMA). You can also go to the JPMA website to find out which brands of strollers are certified. Most of the time, this means that the most important parts of the stroller, such as its stability and brakes, locking system, or lack of sharp edges, have been carefully tested.

If you are based in Australia or New Zealand, check that the stroller complied with AS/NZS 2088 standard.

Five-Point Restraint System

Most strollers come standard with a five-point harness, which is the safest option. When the stroller tips, it stops your kid from sliding or tumbling out of the stroller or from climbing out of the stroller when you’re not looking. Make sure the buckles are easy for you to operate but tough for small hands to unfasten. To ensure a secure fit, the straps should be both adjustable and well-anchored.

Folding Mechanism

When not in use, a stroller should be simple to store in a trunk or your home. Once folded, it should be secured with a lock to prevent accidental reopening.


A canopy is a must if you want to keep your baby safe from the sun and bad weather. Canopies can be small and not cover much of the front of the stroller, or they can be deep and pull down to cover almost the entire front of the stroller.

The hood can be stretched out to give shade and shelter. You can keep an eye on your child through a viewing window in the hood. A boot cover protects the child’s legs and feet; if you go on long walks in cold weather, it’s something to think about. You can buy a generic rain cover if the stroller you want doesn’t come with one.

Quality Wheels

The ones with big, air-filled wheels are best for long walks and bumpy terrain. Smaller wheels might be better for running errands in the city. When the front wheels are locked, the stroller is less likely to move around.

Shock Absorber

Your newborn baby doesn’t have to deal with shocks because the ride is smooth and the suspension works well. This is important because a baby’s spine is very soft and they don’t have control over their neck and head for the first few months.


The easier a stroller is to push, put in a car, carry upstairs, or into a house, the lighter it is. The stroller has to be light enough so that you don’t have to work too hard.


The storage basket under the stroller is big and easy to get to, which makes it easier to run errands with baby stroller toy. Some models have a divider that folds down, and others have a zippered pocket to keep your wallet or keys safer. Make sure the basket can be reached when the seatback is leaned back or when an infant car seat is snapped in.


A stroller’s ability to stop safely is dependent on the quality of its brakes. The parking brakes on the majority of strollers are foot-activated. You can activate the brakes on some strollers with a single stroke of your foot, while others include pedals above each wheel that can be used to stop the stroller.

The rear-wheel brakes on certain recent versions are activated by a single-hand lever.

Washable fabric

It is common knowledge that infants are messy. When you combine a baby’s messiness, such as snack crumbs and snot, with normal wear and tear, your stroller will undoubtedly take a battering. A model with fabric that is simple to clean will help you maintain your stroller for a longer period of time.

How to Choose the Right Stroller for Your Lifestyle?

The best baby stroller is a big purchase for your family and a very personal one. You might need a stroller that can handle the long distances you want to walk or one that can handle a bouncing toddler or calm a newborn baby. You may need one that is light enough to carry into and out of your car or up and down your apartment steps. You might want a stroller that shows off your style.

No matter what you need, you need a stroller that will work for you and your baby.

To find the perfect baby stroller that fit your lifestyle, you need to decide how you want to use the stroller before buying it, most lifestyles fit into one of the categories below:

  • Outdoor
  • Urban
  • Jogger
  • Shopper


For shopping trips in the city, short walks around the block, and long walks in the park, you should look for a stroller that is easy to move and folds up small.

You need a flexible stroller if you’re a new parent with a busy life and want your baby to fit in with you.

Most likely, you will want a stroller that can handle bumps well, but you don’t have to get something as extreme as an all-terrain or jogger stroller.

Stroller Features to Prioritize:

  • Size and tread of the tires,
  • Shade canopy size,
  • Car Seat compatibility
  • Cup holders
  • Storage spaces (for holding snacks, drinks, phone, keys, etc.)


Your baby stroller will feel like your main mode of transportation, so it needs to be comfortable and have good wheels.

You’ll take it everywhere you go to find great places. You’ll use it in all kinds of weather, buildings, terrain, and crowds.

If you’re an active parent or live in the city, you need a sturdy stroller with all-season weather-proof fabric and all-terrain tires, but your baby’s comfort should never be sacrificed.

You will also need a small, sturdy stroller that folds up quickly and easily, moves well, and has a lot of space for storage.

Stroller Features to Prioritize:

  • Handling – How easy it is to move
  • The fabrics
  • The width of the stroller
  • The Storage space


Due to all of the jolting and jostling, running can be physically taxing on a child, therefore it is essential to find a high-quality jogging stroller.

They can be bulky, therefore many families that use jogger strollers also have a conventional stroller. Nevertheless, if the jogger’s size is not an issue, you can get by with only that.

Stroller Features to Prioritize:

  • The size of the tire
  • The height of the handle
  • The suspension
  • The wheel locking


If you need to take your child shopping a lot, you need a stroller that is easy to move, folds up small, and is easy to put in and take out of the car.

You’d also be better off with a stroller that comes with a car seat that easily attaches to it and isn’t too wide so you can get through all of those great sale racks to enjoy your shopping sprees.

Stroller Features to Prioritize:

  • Car seat compatibility
  • Maneuverability
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy to carry & fold
  • Storage compartments

What is the difference between a travel system and a stroller?

A travel system is a game-changer because you have a compatible stroller and an infant car seat that click together with ease. It enables you to quickly move your sleeping baby from the stroller to the car and back again without waking him or her up.

A stroller or pram is a vehicle that can be moved by hand and is used to carry babies and young children.

For older babies, a stroller is the best way to carry them. It is mostly light and can be folded up. It has either three or four wheels.

A travel system, on the other hand, is made up of a separate stroller and an infant car seat that clips into the stroller when you are walking or into the car when you are driving with your baby.

While a stroller can be used by itself and is best for babies who can hold their heads up without help, an infant car seat can be attached to a stroller so that it can be used for babies as young as birth. The baby can lie flat on the car seat, which is then attached to the stroller.

What is the difference between pram and stroller?

A stroller is a small folding chair on wheels in which a baby sits and is pushed, whereas a pram is a traditional baby carriage with a flat recline. Furthermore, prams resemble carriages with wheels, whereas strollers resemble chairs with wheels.

Why are stroller called pram?

Even though “pram” (British word) is only used in the United Kingdom and “stroller” is more common used in the United States & Canada, most parents, babysitters, and nannies will understand what you mean if you say “pram.”

The word “pram” comes from the word “perambulator,” which means “one who walks or strolls.” In the 1850s, it came to mean “baby carriage.”

Which is better baby carrier or stroller?

The short answer is that it depends on your baby.

Some babies don’t like being in strollers. They just can’t sit in a stroller for more than a few minutes before they get fussy, cry, or scream. For these kinds of kids, a baby carrier may be the only way for you to bring the baby with you when you go out.

There are also babies who hate being carried in a wrap or carrier because they can’t stand being wrapped in it. Instead of calming them down, baby carriers make them angry. Children don’t like to nap in them, and after a few minutes, they start to move around in them. If so, you’ll probably need a stroller.

Many moms who have been baby wearing for a long time may choose a baby carrier over a stroller because they can “survive” without the stroller and there are so many amazing, ergonomic, comfortable, and cute baby carriers on the market right now.

However, most moms will need the stroller at some point and in some situations. If you plan to use both, it’s best to think carefully about the type of stroller you want so that it works well with the baby carrier and doesn’t put too much strain on your budget.

Is bassinet stroller really necessary?

A bassinet attachment is essential and will help if you are always on the go, want your newborn to sleep while you take long walks or run errands with the stroller, or need to regularly put your newborn down for a nap away from home.

A bassinet stroller lets your baby rest and sleep in a position that is safe and good for his or her motor development. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that putting a baby to sleep on his or her back lowers the risk of SIDS and is the only way to put a baby down for naps or sleep.

Do I need a stroller for newborn?

You may not require a stroller immediately if you have an infant car seat that keeps your baby safe and comfortable while traveling. For short trips, most people find that a baby carrier suffices. A stroller may come in handy later on, when you are more active and able to move around more.

Do I need a stroller rain cover?

Short answer – It depends. Some parents will never need a stroller rain cover, no matter how long they are parents. But getting a rain cover is a good idea if it’s about to start raining or if you just want to feel sure that you’re ready to face the weather whenever you go out. After it rains, you’ll be glad that your kids, the stroller, and all your other things are dry.

Can I put my 3 month old in a regular stroller?

Before you contemplate placing your stroller in a sitting position, your baby should be able to hold up and support their own head. Some strollers are meant to be used from birth in a fully reclined position as a bassinet stroller. Those that do not fully recline are generally unsuitable for infants less than 3 months.

Can newborns ride in strollers?

Yes, but the most important thing is to make sure the baby is stable, supported, and comfortable. Look for a stroller with a strong frame and a good suspension system that can handle bumps and keep the baby from being jostled.

Also, make sure the stroller can be lowered, since babies can’t sit up or hold their heads up. Some strollers can be laid all the way back, or they can be used with a bassinet or a car seat made just for babies.

Can I bring a stroller on a plane?

Yes, most airlines let you bring a stroller and a car seat for free, as long as you put them in the plane’s hold with the rest of your luggage. This is in addition to your normal baggage allowance.

No matter where you’re going, you can bring a stroller with a folded diameter of up to 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length of up to 92 cm (36 in). This is in addition to your carry-on allowance. It can be checked at the gate and given to you at the door of the plane when the flight is over.

Is it safe for baby to sleep in stroller?

The short answer – It depends. Never allow your newborn baby sleep in a stroller except it is a bassinet style stroller that allows him or her to lay flat.

Babies who sleep in a standard stroller can suffocate. If your baby falls asleep in a standard stroller, take the baby out and put him/her in the crib as soon as possible.

Always put your baby to sleep on his/her back every time until the baby is a year old. It isn’t safe when a baby sleep on his/her side or tummy.

Can baby sleep in stroller bassinet at night?

Short answer: yes, your baby can sleep in the stroller. If your baby falls asleep while you’re out for a walk, you don’t need to worry about their safety. If you have a newborn, it’s best to put them to sleep in a stroller that looks like a bassinet and lets them lay flat.

Experts recommend that a newborn baby is most comfortable and safest when he or she is lying flat.

Some stroller bassinets are safe enough to sleep in all night, which makes them a great addition to your list of must-haves for a new baby.

Can newborn use travel system?

Yes, travel systems are safe for newborns as long as your baby can lie down flat in it. There are, however, a few rules you should keep in mind.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that car seats should not be used to sleep in places other than cars. If your baby falls asleep in their car seat, you should take them out as soon as possible and put them in a crib, bassinet, or other safe place to sleep.

If your baby falls asleep in their car seat while you’re driving and is still sleeping when you get to your destination, it’s best to take them out and put them somewhere safe to sleep.

If you decide to let your child finish his or her nap for a short time, make sure the baby doesn’t get too hot by taking off hats and blankets and opening the windows. Also, make sure the straps are tight and put the car seat on the floor where you can watch it.

How long can baby use bassinet stroller?

Depending on the model, most bassinet strollers have a bassinet that can be used for 3 to 6 months. Most bassinet strollers, on the other hand, can have the bassinet taken out and turned into toddler seats with one hand. This means that the same stroller can be used for years with different seats.

How long do strollers last?

The awesome news, particularly for parents who are unaware, is that strollers do not expire. Strollers are designed with safety features to protect infants. However, the major purpose of strollers is to facilitate transporting infants from one location to another easier and less burdensome.

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