CIGA Design is a Chinese watch brand that has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative and visually stunning designs. Founded in 2013, the brand has already won numerous international awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

CIGA Design watches are known for their unique and unexpected features. For example, the brand’s Blue Planet watch features a rotating globe that tells the time, while its MY series watches feature a dial that appears to float in mid-air.

In addition to their innovative designs, CIGA Design watches are also known for their high quality and affordability. The brand uses only the finest materials and components, and its watches are assembled with great care.

If you are looking for a watch that is both stylish and innovative, then CIGA Design is a brand to consider.


With the sheer variety of watch brands on the market today, it can be difficult to find timepieces that strike the perfect balance between quality craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, and affordability.

But that is exactly what CIGA Design aims to achieve with their line of minimalist watches. Based in Hong Kong, CIGA Design has made a name for itself by offering uniquely styled watches with high-end materials and features at surprisingly accessible price points.

CIGA Design has already captured the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide for their sophisticated yet straightforward approach to timepieces.

Their collection of watches fuse inspiration from architectural shapes, racing elements, and aquatic themes into fashionable wristwear.

Standout features across their watches include titanium cases, sapphire crystal glass, Swiss quartz movements, and water resistance up to 200 meters.

We’ll take a closer look at some of CIGA Design’s most popular models and the key selling points that make their watches worth consideration for those seeking modern luxury timepieces that won’t break the bank.

The brand offers an intriguing option for the discerning watch lover who values contemporary design, precision, durability, and affordability in equal measure.


CIGA Design Z Series Z12 Chronograph

With its rugged 45mm black titanium case, intricate multi-layer dial, and quintessential chronograph sub-dials, the Z12 is one of CIGA’s most coveted aviation-inspired watches. The orange accents provide bold style.


CIGA Design R Series [R Denmark Rose]

The V02 exemplifies CIGA’s minimalist aesthetic to perfection with its slim 42mm case, ultra-thin bezel, and striking matte blue dial. Rose gold hands and indexes provide subtle contrast. It’s an elegant everyday piece.


CIGA Design Blue Planet Neptune

Built for diving with 500m water resistance, the Neptune sports a 45mm case, blue ceramic bezel, luminescent hands/markers, and textured silicone straps. It delivers stellar performance even while saturating your wrist with aquatic style.


CIGA Design Mach Series MACH1A

Unique in CIGA’s lineup, the MACH1A intrigues with its octagonal stainless steel case and vintage-vibe brown leather strap. The blue sunray dial contrasts nicely while amplifying the retro masculinity of this watch.



Quality Materials

CIGA Design utilizes high-end materials like titanium, ceramic, sapphire crystal and stainless steel to ensure durability and resilience. Titanium cases are exceptionally lightweight while providing rugged protection. Sapphire crystal, which has a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, makes for highly scratch-resistant glass. Ceramic bezels boast extreme hardness and fade-resistance even after prolonged sun exposure.

Minimalist Aesthetic
True to their name, CIGA Design watches embrace a decidedly minimalist aesthetic. Watch faces tend to be cleanly stylized with slim hands, simple hour markers, and little extraneous text or clutter. For multi-function chronographs, the sub-dials are seamlessly integrated into the watch face. The overall look is modern and fuss-free.

Water Resistance

Many CIGA Design watches have impressive water resistance thanks to screw-down crowns and gasket systems. Their dive watches are built to withstand depths of 200-500m, while regular models are water-resistant to 50m at minimum. The durability makes them suitable for swimming and high-intensity water sports.

Quartz Movements

The watches utilize quality Swiss quartz movements known for their accuracy and low maintenance. Quartz movements have fewer delicate moving parts compared to mechanical movements, making CIGA Design watches reliably precise. The long battery life of 2-3 years is also convenient.

Affordable Pricing

Despite premium materials and Swiss movements, CIGA Design watches are very reasonably priced between $100 – $1200. This positions them in an attractive mid-range bracket for consumers who want high-performing quality without the high luxury markups.


These models skillfully represent the diverse range of styles, features, and aesthetics covered by CIGA Design’s watch collection.

For shoppers seeking modern appeal coupled with durability, these watches make fine choices.


    • Case: 45mm diameter black titanium case with tachymeter bezel
    • Dial: Multi-layer chronograph dial in black and orange with 3 sub-dials
    • Watch Hands: Luminescent orange hands
    • Watch Markers: Orange Arabic numerals and indexes
    • Movement: Swiss quartz chronograph movement
    • Water Resistance: 20 ATM (200m)
    • Strap: Black silicone strap with orange stitching
    • Other Features: Screw-down crown, date window, exhibition caseback, sapphire crystal

The Z12 has an athletic, motorsport-inspired look with its black case and orange accents. The busy chronograph dial adds to the sporty appeal with 3 sub-dials tracking seconds, minutes, and hours. Luminescent hands and markers provide visibility in low light conditions.

Built with sapphire crystal and a screw-down crown, the Z12 has impressive 200m water resistance. The quartz chronograph movement offers precise timekeeping.

Overall, this dynamic watch is great for those with an affinity for rugged, racing-style watches with attractive Swiss construction and quality.

With a price around $300, it’s a very competitively priced Swiss-made chronograph.



  • Case: 42mm stainless steel case with slim notch bezel
  • Dial: Minimalist matte blue dial with silver/rose gold hands & indexes
  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement
  • Water resistance: 50m
  • Strap: Brown or black leather strap
  • Other features: Sapphire crystal, exhibition caseback, date window

The V02 is a prime example of CIGA’s distinctive minimalist aesthetic. The 42mm case is polished stainless steel with an ultra-thin bezel that showcases the striking blue dial.

Rose gold accents on the hands and indices subtly contrast against the dial.

The simple, sparse dial design provides an elegant and modern look. The V02 is powered by a precise Swiss quartz movement visible through the exhibition caseback.

With 50m water resistance and durable sapphire crystal, this watch can withstand daily wear.

Priced at around $120, the V02 offers great value for those wanting a stylish minimalist watch with high-end details like sapphire crystal and a Swiss movement.

The blue dial colorway is especially popular for its versatility.



  • Case: 45mm stainless steel case with unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Dial: Black dial with luminous hands/hour markers
  • Bezel: Blue ceramic bezel with 60-minute scale
  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement
  • Water resistance: 500m
  • Strap: Black silicone strap
  • Other features: Helium release valve, screw-down crown and caseback, sapphire crystal

As a professional-grade diving watch, the Neptune is built to withstand use in extreme underwater conditions. It has an impressive 500m water resistance rating, screw-down crown and caseback, and helium release valve for saturation diving.

The rotating blue ceramic bezel with engraved markers provides timing capability underwater. Large luminous hands and indices ensure excellent visibility in murky depths. The textured silicone band provides flexibility and durability during aquatic use.

With its bold size, utilitarian design, and serious diving capabilities, the Neptune is geared for recreational or professional divers. It combines Swiss watchmaking with robust construction to deliver exceptional performance.

Priced around $850, it’s a cost-efficient diving watch compared to luxury counterparts.



  • Case: 42mm stainless steel case with octagonal bezel
  • Dial: Blue sunray dial with silver hands & indices
  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement
  • Water resistance: 50m
  • Strap: Brown leather strap
  • Other features: Sapphire crystal, exhibition case back

The MACH1A draws inspiration from vintage pilot watches with its faceted octagonal case and classic leather strap. The blue sunray dial adds elegance and pairs nicely with the stainless-steel case.

Silver hour markers and hands keep the dial design straightforward and legible. The Swiss quartz movement provides accurate timekeeping visible through the exhibition case back. With 50m water resistance and sapphire crystal, this watch has durability for daily wear.

Priced around $150, the MACH1A delivers strong vintage aviation style with modern Swiss watchmaking at an affordable price point.

For those wanting a stylishly retro men’s watch, the MACH1A is a compelling choice that stands out from more conventional round cases.



CIGA Design watches can be grouped into a few distinct stylistic collections, each with their own aesthetic sensibilities and technical capabilities.

The Z Series of chronograph watches represents CIGA’s bold, motorsports-inspired designs. With chunkier cases and multi-function sub dials, the Z Series packs a sporty punch. Models like the Z Series Z12 feature multi-layer 3D dials and carbon fiber accents on the dial for an elevated technical look.

For those who prefer minimalist elegance, the V Series offers slender cases and sparse watch faces, punctuated only by sleek hands and hour markers. The V Series V02 is a classic example, with its thin stainless-steel case and hand-polished notch bezel. Elevated details like sapphire crystal and aircraft-grade aluminum complete the refined yet contemporary vibe.

Built for aquatic adventures, CIGA’s Blue Planet Series comprises their professional dive watches. The Blue Planet Neptune diver watch delivers robust water resistance to 200m, uni-directional bezels, luminous hands, and textured silicone bands – making it equally at home in the water or around town.

Lastly, the Mach Series spotlights CIGA’s unconventional angular case silhouettes, imbuing a sense of rugged elegance. The Mach1A’s faceted case contrasts with its rounded dial for a balanced geometric look, punctuated by vintage-style leather straps.


Online Retailers

CIGA Design watches are primarily sold through online retailers. This allows the brand to offer competitive pricing by reducing distribution costs. Popular sites to purchase CIGA Design watches include:

  • AliExpress – Massive collection of CIGA Design watches at affordable prices with free shipping worldwide.
  • Amazon – Extensive selection of new and used CIGA Design watches at affordable prices with quick shipping
  • eBay – Good source for discounted pre-owned CIGA Design watches in auction or Buy It Now formats
  • Jomashop – Authorized CIGA Design dealer with discount prices on select models

CIGA Design Website

Purchasing directly from provides the full selection of current CIGA Design models. Limited edition and newly released watches may only be available here. Offers free shipping and returns. Provides 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Authorized Dealers

A few select authorized dealers also carry CIGA Design watches both online and in-store:

  • Long Island Watch – Popular for affordable watches, offers free shipping
  • Timepiece Trading Outlet – Carries a wide range of brands including CIGA Design

When buying from unauthorized dealers, be cautious of extremely discounted prices which may signal counterfeit or used watches marketed as new. For peace of mind, authorized dealers are best for authenticity.



  • Unique modern designs – CIGA Design watches have contemporary styling not typically seen from major brands. Options like angular cases or skeletonized dials offer distinctive looks.
  • Quality materials – The use of sapphire crystal, titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic ensures durability and resilience even with frequent wear.
  • Water resistance – Many models have excellent water resistance due to screw-down crowns and casebacks, making them suitable for swimming and diving.
  • Good value – Prices range from around $100-$500, which provides substantial value given the use of Swiss movements and high-end materials.
  • Clear readability – Minimalist dials prioritize legibility with simple, high-contrast designs. Lumed hands and markers also improve readability.


  • Limited brand recognition – As a newer company, CIGA Design lacks the prestige and heritage of major Swiss watchmakers.
  • Proprietary bands – The unique case designs means bands are often proprietary rather than standard lug widths. This makes band replacement tricky.
  • Quartz movements only – CIGA Design does not offer any mechanical watch movements, which some watch enthusiasts strongly prefer over quartz.
  • Limited official retailers – Only a handful of authorized dealers carry CIGA Design watches, limiting in-person shopping options.
  • No smartwatch options – The focus is solely on traditional non-smartwatch models, leaving no CIGA Design option for those wanting a hybrid smartwatch.


CIGA Design has earned its place as a refreshingly modern watchmaker that defies expectations for affordable timepieces. Their catalog of thoughtfully designed watches fuse inspiration from sleek architecture, performance motorsports, and futuristic technology into sophisticated wristwear.

By focusing on clean aesthetics and precisely executed details, CIGA Design’s watches punch above their weight with quality and style typically found in watches costing many times more. The use of premium materials like sapphire crystal and titanium cases elevates the perceived value. And the fair pricing positions CIGA Design as an appealing entry point into Swiss made watches.

For shoppers wanting to stand out from the crowd with minimalist contemporary designs or rugged diving watches, CIGA Design delivers compelling options. Their varied catalog has choice for every taste while maintaining their signature DNA of high-end finishing touches.

While CIGA Design may not have the rich pedigree of legacy Swiss maisons, they represent exciting new possibilities in watchmaking.

By blending technical excellence with modern aesthetics and youthful energy, CIGA Design represents the future rather than the past. For those seeking out this mix of forward-thinking design and Swiss watchmaking mastery, CIGA Design is worthy of consideration.

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