Hair extensions are a must-have for anyone who wants to make a statement with their hair without fully committing to one style. You can get a new look in just a few hours with hair extensions. Whether you want to change your hair’s length, color, or volume, there are many types you should try.

To get hair extensions on AliExpress, you must make some essential choices. It’s one thing to decide if you want hair extensions, but it’s something else to decide what kind you want.

It can be hard to decide what to do when you have a lot of choices, especially if you have specific needs. But in this guide, we talk about how to put hair extensions in, how long they last, and the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so you can make an informed decision.




People like clip-in hair extensions because they are easy to put on and take off. Use them when you want to change your look with a temporary hair extension. Take them out before bed to keep the extensions in good shape.

How to Install

This kinds of hair extension have clips that are sewn in and are easy to attach to the hair’s base weft. They can be set up from home and take around five to fifteen minutes. Clip-ins can last up to six months or longer if properly cared for.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Benefits

Clip-in extensions are easier to maintain than other types of hair extensions. You don’t have to go to a salon to remove them safely.

You can do it at home. It doesn’t require heat or glue-like other methods, so it’s great for people who want to avoid methods that cause things to break. They are also much less expensive than other hair extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Cons

Traction alopecia can happen if you wear clip-ins for too long because they add weight to your hair. Taking them off also adds a step to your nighttime routine because you always have to do it before bed. Clip-ins aren’t a good choice for people with thin hair because they can fall out.



Bid farewell to your old clip-in extensions and hello to the new tape-in extensions that are better than ever. Tape-in extensions are the best way to add luxurious length and volume to your hair for a short time (one to two months). The extensions are also painless, won’t hurt your hair, and can be worn in many different ways. You can even wear a high ponytail without the extensions showing.

Also, tape-in extensions aren’t as painful as clip-ins or wigs, which can be uncomfortable to wear. Think about getting hair extensions that are light and airy, so they don’t pull on your natural hair.

How to Install

It takes approximately 45 and 60 minutes to set up. Most of the time, tape-in extensions will last longer than clip-in extensions, but you should have them taken out within five weeks so you can move them.

With hair extensions, unlike clip-ins, you need to visit the salon to have your stylist move them. During these appointments, your hairdresser will help you blend them in with your natural hair.

Tape-Ins Hair Extension Benefits

Tape-in hair extension works for most hair types and is easier on your hair than other methods. This makes them an excellent choice for people with thin hair.

They are also cheap and can be used again. Tape-ins are one of the better options for people with very short hair who want to make sure they can hide their extensions.

Tape-Ins Hair Extension Cons

When you use oil-based hair products, tape-in extensions may fall off. Ask your stylist for product recommendations compatible with this type of extension.



Sewn-in hair extensions are a short-term way to add more hair to your own. They can be used for numerous things, like making your hair longer, thicker, or even a different color.

The words “sew-in” and “wefted” are often used similarly. Both terms refer to attaching human hair to natural hair by stitching it on with thread.

Sewn-in hair extensions are common because they are one of the most secure and long-lasting ways to add hair. Sew-ins can be expensive and take time, but they are worth it.

How to Install

First, your natural hair is braided in a style that goes with your desired look. Then, a stylist uses a needle and thread to sew extensions into the braids.

Most installations take between one and two hours, and they can stay in place for up to eight to ten weeks without being moved.

Sew-In Hair Extension Benefits

If you don’t want to use heat or hair balm but still want a style that will last, sew-ins are a great choice. Sew-ins are more secure than other methods, so you won’t have to worry about your extensions falling out. Sew-in hair extensions also tuck away and protect your natural hair.

Sew-In Hair Extensions Cons

If the extensions are not inserted properly, this technique can cause damage to your natural hair. If braids are too tight or the sew-in is put too tightly, tension may result. Inform your hairdresser if this occurs so they can release the weave. You should not depart the salon in discomfort.



Glue-in hair extensions are a way to add length and/or volume to one’s hair.

These extensions, which consist of adhesive and hair strands, are put directly to the root of the hair shaft. If properly maintained, they can remain in your hair for several months.

Some individuals may wish to apply hair extension adhesive to areas of thinning hair. A synthetic or genuine human hair extension adhesive can be simply applied to the scalp.

How to Install

In this method, your stylist puts hair balm on the base of the hair weft and attaches it to your hairline. It takes about 50 minutes to install. An oil-based solvent can be used to get rid of these extensions. Glued-in extensions can last from four to eight weeks.

Glue-In Extensions Benefits

Choose glue-in extensions if you don’t want a style that will last for a long time. This is also a good way to save money if you want to use extensions more than once.

Glue-In Extensions Cons

If you use too much hair balm or if the extensions are not adequately applied or removed, the glue-in procedure can cause harm to your hair.

To keep the quality of the hair balm, you cannot use oil-based products on this hair extension. If not, your extensions may begin to fall out earlier than expected.



Fusion hair extensions are also called pre-bonded extensions or keratin bonds. You may also hear them called I-Tips, U-Tips, or keratin fusion extensions. Instead of wider wefts, general fusion hair extensions come in stands.

Also, each strand has keratin at the top and is already made. Keratin is a natural protein that strengthens hair. It sticks to your hair better than other methods and causes less damage.

In hot fusion hair installations, the keratin bond is fused to the hair with the help of a heating element. With cold fusion extensions, the hair is attached with a bead clamped down to keep the bond in place.

This method is thought to be better for the hair because it doesn’t use heat.

Since 95% of human hair is made of keratin, the fusion method is less damaging to natural hair than traditional hair extensions.

How to Install

A stylist will use a keratin bond to attach each strand of hair to your own hair. Then, they’ll use a heat clamp to attach the extension to the natural hair.

Depending on how skilled the stylist is, the whole process will usually take between two and four hours.

After your extensions are put in, you’ll need to go back to your stylist in eight to twelve weeks to move them.

This hair extension can live up to four months if properly applied and maintained.

Fusion Hair Extension Benefits

Fusion hair extensions look natural and stay in place well on most hair types, incredibly thick hair. If you want your look to last, this is good news.

With fusion hair extensions, you can also get many different looks.

Fusion Hair Extension Cons

It takes a long time to install these add-ons. If you don’t like spending a long time in the salon chair, this type of extension isn’t for you.

This is also not a good choice if your hair is damaged or you don’t like using heat and hair balm.



Micro-link hair extensions are meant to look more natural than sew-ins and crochet extensions, and with proper care, they can last a little bit longer than tape-ins.

They are tiny beads made of silicone or metal that attach tiny hair extensions to small pieces of your own hair.

A micro link install is made up of a pre-tipped keratin I-tip hair strand that weighs between 0.7g and 1g and is attached to a small cluster of your own hair strands with a copper or aluminum cylinder micro bead using a special tool.

How to Install

To put them in, the stylist threads a micro bead through your hair and then through the hair extension. Once the extension is in place, they will use a hair plier to clamp the microbeads onto the tips of each hair.

The tips are arranged in neat rows to help them blend in with your natural hair. Also, the installation will take between two and four hours, depending on how skilled the stylist is.

Micro link hair extensions can be worn for up to four months.

Micro-links Hair Extension Benefits

If you want the same benefits as fusion hair extensions but don’t want to use heat or hair balm, micro-links are a great choice. This kind of hair extension also looks good with your hair.

Micro-links Hair Extension Cons

This method seems safe because it doesn’t use heat or hair balm, but if it’s too tight, it can cause hair to break.

Pulling on your strands is also needed to remove and reposition them. This process can cause your hair to break if it is damaged or thin.



Hand-tied hair extensions are like the beaded weft method in that a stylist attaches beads to a row of a client’s natural hair.

The detailed process is perfect for people who want to add length and volume to their hair without putting too much stress on their scalp or hair.

How to Install

Hand-tied extensions are a little more complicated than the other methods and can take up to five hours to put in.

Each weft must be sewn into each row until it fits just right. Once your hair is covered, you can keep your extensions in for at least six months.

As your hair grows, you’ll need to have them moved every six to ten weeks.

Benefits of Hand-Tied Extensions

There is no heat or hair balm involved in the process. It’s also a great way to get a secure look without braids, hair balm, or heat.

Cons of Hand-Tied Extensions

This is another method that isn’t great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the salon.

This method also needs a stylist with a lot of experience, so you’ll have to research to find the right Pro.



AliExpress Wigs can be worn by people with all kinds of hair. For example, even if your own hair is short and thin, you can wear wigs that are long and full.

They come in many shapes and colors, so you’re sure to find one you like. Wigs, in contrast to extensions, cover your whole head.

How to Install

Putting on a wig is pretty easy, and you can do it independently. You only need bonding balm, sticky tape, or clip-ins.

Putting on a wig can take up to 15 minutes. If you take care of a human hair wig well, it can last up to a year.

A synthetic wig, on the other hand, won’t last as long. You can also decide if you want to wear a wig cap with it.

Benefits of Wigs

You don’t have to go to a salon or spend time or money to take off and put on your wig. Easy removal makes it easier to keep your natural hair clean and take care of it.

Cons of Wigs

Since wigs are one-piece, you will need to style and modify it so that it appears natural. During the hotter season, it can also become warm and a little unpleasant under the wig.



Human hair or synthetic hair is used to make hair extensions. Each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of price and quality.


Synthetic hair extensions are composed of synthetic materials that mimic natural hair. Even though they are available in numerous varieties, they are often rigid and abrasive to the touch.

Most synthetic hair is damaged by heat. Thus styling options are limited.

This hair extension is often less expensive than a human hair but will not last as long.

You can use synthetic hair if you’re unwilling to commit to a specific style, color, and texture.



Human hair extensions are crafted from genuine human hair. Since they have a similar texture to your hair, it is a bit easier to integrate them.

If you want to style your hair more, you might consider getting a human hair extension because human hair is more straightforward to style than synthetic hair.

In contrast to synthetic hair, natural hair can be colored, styled using heat tools, and exposed to the elements without fear of damage.

Since it is genuine hair, you have more freedom to style it than with a pre-designed synthetic style.



There are numerous AliExpress hair extensions available. With the proper extensions, you can obtain the desired hair length and volume.

Your choice of hair extension will depend on the style you wish to achieve, how long you intend to wear it, and your natural hair texture.

A professional hair stylist can discuss your options with you to assist you to pick which extensions to try.

Since there are so many kinds of hair extensions on AliExpress, there are also many ways to take care of them after you get them.

Once you have your new style, you may need to use different oils, sleep carefully, and stay away from heat styling tools to keep it looking good.

Also, when it’s time to get rid of the extension, you might need to.

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