These are the affordable homage watches you can buy on AliExpress without hurting your wallet.

If you like luxury watches but can’t get one because of the price or the long wait list, you’re not alone. If so, you should read this article. If you don’t want Chinese copies and don’t want to spend a lot of money on the real thing, homage watches are here to help.

How does an homage watch work? Here’s what you need to know: When it comes to design, homage watches are exact copies of the original high-end timepieces.

They are often even better than the originals, and they cost less. Homage watches are a great alternative to expensive luxury watches because they are easy to get, look the same, and are very cheap.

A “homage” watch is not a fake or a copy in any way. It’s just a cheaper version of the original timepiece, and it often has a little twist.

A excellent homage watch is always manufactured by a firm with a reputation for quality and service. If they’re only interested in copying a design, putting a cheap movement in the watch, and not caring about customer service, quality control, or an overall good reputation, you’re dealing with an amateurish copycat “brand.”

Here are 10 of the best cheap homage watches you can find on AliExpress:

  1. Parnis Submariner Homage – Starts around $80. Homage to the iconic Rolex Submariner design. Multiple color options.
  2. Cadisen Datejust Homage – Around $75. Inspired by the Rolex Datejust. Features a fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet.
  3. Guanqin Omega Planet Ocean Homage – Around $70. Features a ceramic bezel insert and Seamaster style design.
  4. Steeldive SKX007 Homage – Around $100. Affordable homage to the popular Seiko dive watch. 200M water resistance.
  5. Tevise T801 Rolex Daytona Homage – Around $50. Chronograph with tachymeter bezel inspired by Rolex Daytona.
  6. Nakzen Pagani Design Submariner Homage – $79. Another Sub homage with solid end links and sapphire crystal.
  7. Cadisen C1025 Tag Heuer Carrera Homage – $68. Chronograph with racing-style design inspired by Tag Heuer.
  8. Benyar Explorer II Homage – Around $100. GMT watch paying homage to the Rolex Explorer II.
  9. Corgeut Black Bay Fifty-Eight Homage – $90. Dive watch design inspired by Tudor Black Bay 58.
  10. Megir Chronograph Breitling Navitimer Homage – Around $65. Features the distinctive slide rule bezel.

The quality varies across these options, so be sure to vet seller feedback and product reviews closely. But these represent some of the best bang-for-buck homage watches on AliExpress.

That’s why you need to know how to tell a good homage brand from a bad one.

Almost all homage watch brands make their watches in China, which is a big part of how they can make very affordable watches.


Even though China doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to making watches, there are some companies that have shown they can make high-quality watches consistently.

We’re talking about watches made in China that not only meet the same high quality standards as watches made in the West, but are also very cheap compared to Western watches.



This watch was made to look like the Omega Ploprof. The Steeldive Ploprof looks a lot like the original Omega Ploprof.

For example, the locking bezel, the crown at 9 o’clock, the watch hands, and the watch case are all the same.

This homage watch is also water-resistant to 1200M, has a mesh bracelet, and a sapphire crystal, making it a must-have for watch fans.

The Steeldive Polprof boasts an excellent and dependable Seiko automatic movement, making the price quite low.



The classic Rolex Submariner was the inspiration for the San Martin Water Ghost watch. The Rolex Submariner is one of the versions popularized by Sean Connery’s use of it in the first James Bond films.

The price of the watch is higher because of this connection to Hollywood.

Luckily, the San Martin homage watch has all of the same design elements and specs as the original, famous Rolex Submariner.

For example, it has the same standout crown, Mercedes hands, aged lume, and 38mm watch case.

This homage watch also has a sapphire crystal and a Seiko automatic movement, which makes it even more special.



The Tudor Heritage Black Bay served as the inspiration for this affordable homage timepiece. Not everyone can afford the original Tudor timepieces due to their high price.

This is why the homage version was made. It has a reliable Japanese movement and a Sapphire crystal glass.

It can also withstand water up to 100M, and its design is based on the original Tudor model that made a big splash.

The watch has the same design as the original Tudor. It has snowflake-shaped hands, a black dial with gold accents, no crown guards, and a 41mm watch case.

This watch is a tribute to a famous watch, and it has a Japanese automatic movement and is water resistant. It also has a low price.



This amazing watch is a homage of Rolex’s classic Datejust model.

Winston Churchill has a lengthy relationship with the original Rolex Datejust, which is one of the most classic timepieces ever manufactured.

The Datejust from Parnis is an exact copy of the classic Rolex design.

By using a plain bezel, it keeps the design simple and true to itself.

The Chinese automatic movement in this homage makes it affordable. This watch is perfect for Rolex fans who are looking for an affordable vintage watch.



SAN MARTIN Explore looks just like the famous Rolex Explorer 1.

Some people would say that the original Rolex is a good “value for money” because it has a very stylish vintage look.

It goes without saying that it costs more because it has the Rolex name on it. The best alternative to the original Rolex is the SAN MARTIN Explore homage watch.

It looks like the original Rolex because it has a 36mm watch case, Mercedes hands, and big numbers.

This homage watch has a Chinese PT5000 automatic movement, which is different from the original.

It also has a sapphire crystal and can be bought for a price that is easy on the wallet.

If you are looking for other cheaper options, you can check PHYLIDA 37mm Explore or Addiesdive Explore Watch.

They are both powered by Japanese NH38 automatic movements with three hands, 21,600 vibrations per hour, stop-seconds mechanism, bidirectional automatic winding, 24-jewel self-winding movement, and 41-hour energy storage.



This watch is a homage of the Omega seamaster and is another James Bond classic.

We all know that Omega watches can be very expensive, so the Pagani homage watch is the best alternative.

This homage watch looks a lot like the original Omega in many ways, but the watch case is the only major difference between the two.

The original Omega has a titanium case, while the Pagani Design Homage has a stainless steel case, 100M water resistance, sapphire crystal, and a Seiko movement.



The Rolex Milgauss is the only Rolex watch with a tinted crystal. The Benyar Milgauss is the perfect homage of the Rolex Milgauss.

The Benyar Milgauss is a fun homage watch because it looks a lot like the original Rolex, especially in terms of color.

Even for people with big watch budgets, this would be a “fun and playful” watch to get, but the price tag would probably keep them from getting it, since it’s not something most people would wear every day.

The homage version looks a lot like the original Rolex Milgauss because it has a green crystal, colorful markers, and a hand that looks like a lightning bolt. It also costs less.



The Seagull 1963 watches have a good reputation among people who like watches. One of the best homage watches ever made is a copy of the original Seagull 1963 made in the same way it was made during the Second World War.

With the story behind it, the unique design, and the ST1901 movement inside, this is an obvious choice for any watch fan.

This watch is a tribute to the original aviation timepiece. It has a lot of different dials, but they all have a red star on them.

The golden watch hands, red second’s hand, and retro texture are also similar to the original classic design.

So, the Aviation watch homage of the Seagull 1963 chronograph watch has all the features of the original aviation series at a much lower price, making it a must-have homage watch for collectors.



This watch is a tribute to Seiko’s first dive watch. The original watch is probably very expensive, so the Heimdallr 62MAS homage watch is a great alternative.

This homage watch has a vintage look and all the specs of a diver’s watch. Also, for a low price, Heimdallr 62MAS watch has a Japanese automatic movement and a domed sapphire crystal.



This watch was made to look like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The Pagani’s Design is real. It’s an honest attempt to copy the look of the Royal Oak on a budget.

The original Piguet Royal Oak watch is definitely very expensive, which is why the Pagani Design Royal Oak homage watch is the best alternative.

All of the important parts are here. The bezel, which this time has screws, the dial’s geometric pattern, and the bracelet that is part of the watch.

Pagani Design makes watches that are of good quality. Seiko’s reliable NH35A automatic movement is a key part of the watch.



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