CIGA Design is not your grandfather’s watch brand. These timepieces shatter the mold of traditional watchmaking, blending cutting-edge design with the intricate beauty of mechanical movements.

From award-winning skeletonized watches to space-inspired masterpieces, CIGA Design is where art meets horology.


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CIGA Design watches stand apart from the crowd thanks to a potent mix of innovative design, mechanical mastery, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking.

  • Design Philosophy: Where Art Meets Function CIGA Design rejects the notion that watches must adhere to a rigid, classic form. Their designers draw inspiration from diverse sources like architecture, industrial design, and even abstract concepts. The result is a series of watches that look more like miniature sculptures than traditional timepieces. Expect bold shapes, intricate cutouts, and a fearless approach to color and materials.
  • Award-Winning Excellence CIGA Design’s bold design philosophy isn’t just about looking different – it’s about redefining excellence. Their watches have been recognized with numerous prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, and the Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie (GPHG). This global recognition reinforces CIGA Design’s place as a true innovator in the industry.
  • International Collaboration: A Global Design Ethos CIGA Design believes that great design knows no borders. They frequently partner with world-renowned designers and artists from diverse backgrounds. This collaborative approach infuses their watches with fresh perspectives and ensures a constant evolution of their design language.


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CIGA Design offers a captivating range of collections, each showcasing a distinct design aesthetic. Let us explore some of their most acclaimed and sought-after series:

Z-Series: Space-Age Wonders

The CIGA Design Z-Series embodies a passion for futuristic design and exploration. These watches often evoke a sense of interplanetary travel or the sleekness of advanced technology. Here’s a closer look at some defining features:

  • Materials: Titanium is the star material in the Z-Series. It’s incredibly lightweight yet stronger than steel, providing exceptional durability and comfort on the wrist. Some models also feature ceramic accents or special DLC coatings for added scratch resistance.
  • Design Aesthetic: Flowing lines, sharp angles, and asymmetrical shapes dominate the Z-Series. The watches often have a multi-layered, almost architectural feel to them.
  • Movement: The Z-Series primarily utilizes custom-designed automatic mechanical movements, often visible through an open case back. In some models, you’ll also find quartz movements.
  • Complications: Look for Z-Series watches with unique functions beyond basic timekeeping. These include retrograde displays, multi-time zone indicators, or even creative visualizations of orbital movements.
  • Limited Editions & Collaborations: CIGA Design frequently releases limited edition Z-Series models, often in collaboration with artists or inspired by specific space exploration themes. These offer truly unique variations on the core design.

Notable Z-Series Models

  • Z-Series Titanium: The quintessential Z-Series model, showcasing the core design language with exposed gears and a flowing titanium case.
  • Z-Series Exploration: Featuring distinctive sub-dials or unique complications inspired by space travel.
  • Z-Series DLC: Models with a dark, stealthy look thanks to a special Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating on their titanium cases.

X-Series: The Art of Skeletonization

The X-Series is CIGA Design’s flagship collection, renowned for its bold skeletonized designs. These watches celebrate the art of mechanical movement, transforming the interior workings into a captivating visual spectacle. Let’s break down the defining traits:

  • X-Shaped Structure: The core element of the X-Series is the namesake X-shaped frame that houses the watch movement. This unique structure is not only visually striking but also offers enhanced stability and shock resistance.
  • Skeletonized Glory: The X-Series removes traditional dials entirely, instead showcasing the beautifully finished gears, levers, bridges, and mainspring of the watch’s mechanical heart.
  • Movement: CIGA Design primarily utilizes their own custom-developed automatic mechanical movements in the X-Series. These movements are designed with reliability and visual appeal in mind.
  • Materials: 316L stainless steel is a common choice for X-Series models, providing strength and a classic luster. You’ll also find variations using titanium for a lighter, more contemporary feel.
  • Vibrant Accents CIGA Design often adds splashes of vibrant color throughout the X-Series, highlighting specific gears or structural parts, further emphasizing the mechanical artistry within.

Notable X-Series Models

  • X-Series Classic: The original icon that started it all, featuring the pure skeletonized design with refined elegance.
  • X-Series Gorilla: A cyberpunk-inspired model with bolder colors, a square case design, and even more aggressive skeletonization.
  • X-Series Limited Editions: CIGA Design frequently releases collaborations with world-class designers or limited editions with unique color palettes and finishes.

U-Series: Design with Purpose

The U-Series stands out in the CIGA Design lineup with its focus on social and environmental awareness. These watches blend design prowess with a mission to inspire and evoke change. Here’s what sets the U-Series apart:

  • Visually Symbolic Designs: U-Series watches use design to symbolize important themes. The iconic “Blue Planet” model, for example, features a multi-layered, globe-inspired dial highlighting the fragility of our oceans. You’ll find other models that symbolize conservation themes with unique visual cues.
  • Sustainability Focus: CIGA Design frequently utilizes recycled or sustainable materials in the U-Series. Look for models crafted from recycled ocean plastic, titanium, or innovative bio-based materials.
  • Limited Editions for a Cause: CIGA Design partners with organizations and charities to create special-edition U-Series watches. A portion of the proceeds from these models directly supports environmental or social initiatives.
  • Movements: The U-Series features both automatic mechanical movements and, in some cases, reliable quartz movements for those seeking affordability.
  • Conversation Starters: U-Series watches go beyond aesthetics—they invite discussion about important global issues and the role we play in shaping the future.

Notable U-Series Models

  • U-Series Blue Planet: The award-winning design featuring a globe-like dial, sapphire crystal dome, and a focus on water conservation.
  • U-Series Full Metal: Bold, minimalist models with cases and bracelets made entirely from recycled materials, emphasizing sustainability.
  • U-Series Collaborations: These vary throughout the year but often feature unique designs celebrating nature, conservation, and specific environmental themes.

R-Series: Inspired by Love and Nature

The CIGA Design R-Series draws inspiration from the delicate beauty of nature and the power of love. These watches often feature organic forms, soft colors, and symbolic design elements that evoke a sense of tenderness and connection.

  • Floral Inspiration: The iconic R-Series “Danish Rose” model embodies this concept through its multi-layered dial designed to resemble a blooming rose. Other models subtly evoke floral elements in their design.
  • Natural Materials: Mother-of-pearl is a frequent star in the R-Series. Its unique iridescence adds a touch of natural beauty and makes each watch one-of-a-kind.
  • Feminine Focus: While not exclusively aimed at women, the R-Series often leans towards a sense of delicate elegance that makes them particularly appealing to a female audience.
  • Symbolism: You’ll find hidden details within many R-Series models carrying meanings of love, friendship, and connection. These can be represented visually or as inspirations behind a model’s name.
  • Movement: The R-Series primarily utilizes precise Japanese quartz movements for accuracy and reliability. Some models in the “Danish Rose” line feature automatic mechanical movements.

Notable R-Series Models

  • R-Series Danish Rose: The core model, available in both quartz and mechanical versions, with its layered rose design and mother-of-pearl dial.
  • R-Series Crystal Love: Inspired by the Chinese characters for love and friendship, this model uses zircon accents in a distinctive pattern.
  • R-Series Special Editions: CIGA Design frequently releases gift box sets incorporating R-Series models with matching themed jewelry or accessories, making them excellent for special occasions.

My Series: Simplified Elegance

The CIGA Design My Series offers a refined take on their signature design approach, featuring a minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes clean lines and geometric forms. These watches find beauty in simplicity, perfect for those who appreciate a modern and understated look.

  • Open-worked Simplicity: The My Series retains the spirit of skeletonization but employs it subtly. Instead of a fully exposed movement, you’ll find strategic cutouts in the dial, providing glimpses of the automatic movement in action.
  • Refined Geometric Shapes: Circles, squares, and clean lines dominate the My Series. You’ll see round cases with distinct square cutouts or variations playing with these geometric forms.
  • Focus on Materials: The My Series showcases a combination of textures and finishes. Expect brushed and polished stainless steel, pops of colorful accents, and subtle texturing on the dial.
  • Award-Winning Design: The My Series solidified CIGA Design as an international design powerhouse, famously winning the iF Gold Product Design Award.
  • Versatility: With their minimalist appeal, the My Series watches can easily translate from casual attire to more formal settings.

Notable My Series Models

  • My Series Classic: The quintessential model featuring a round stainless steel case, square dial cutouts, and a variety of color combinations.
  • My Series Variations: CIGA Design frequently adds to the series with unique colors, subtle texturing, and special finishes, offering diversity within its minimalist approach.


With such a diverse range of CIGA Design watches, choosing the right one might feel overwhelming at first. Here is a simple guide to help you find the perfect wrist companion:

  • Style Preference: Embrace Your Aesthetic Do you gravitate toward bold, eye-catching pieces, or do you prefer refined elegance? CIGA Design caters to a wide spectrum of tastes.
    • Bold Statement: Explore the X-Series and Z-Series with their futuristic designs and exposed movements.
    • Refined Elegance Look to the My Series for contemporary minimalism or the R-Series with its delicate, nature-inspired designs.
    • Purposeful Design: If you’re inspired by causes, the U-Series offers meaningful designs that give back.
  • Materials & Features: Beyond the Look CIGA Design employs cutting-edge materials and innovative mechanical features. Consider:
    • Titanium: Ultra-light and durable, perfect for those who value comfort.
    • Skeletonized Movement: If you’re fascinated by the inner workings of watches, look for models with fully or partially exposed mechanics.
    • Special Complications: Seek out Z-series watches with unique displays.
  • Occasion: Where Will You Wear It? Think about where and how you’ll primarily wear your CIGA Design watch:
    • Everyday Wear: If you want a daily companion, consider a versatile model from the My Series or a robust titanium design.
    • Special Occasions: A limited-edition Z-Series or R-Series watch can make a stunning statement piece.
    • Themed Expression: Choose a U-Series watch if expressing a social or environmental cause matches your personal style.

Remember, choosing a CIGA Design watch is all about expressing your unique style and preferences. Don’t be afraid to go for something that speaks to you – that’s what makes these timepieces so special!



Ready to add a CIGA Design timepiece to your collection? Here are the best places to start your search:

  • Official Website: The Ultimate Source The CIGA Design website ( offers the complete range of their current collections. You’ll find detailed product descriptions, images, and often access to exclusive or limited-edition models. They frequently offer free international shipping promotions as well.
  • AliExpress Official Store & Authorized Retailers: CIGA Design has a network of authorized retailers on AliExpress.
  • Secondary Markets: Pre-Owned Options with Caution Websites and marketplaces specializing in pre-owned watches occasionally offer CIGA Design models. Proceed with caution:
    • Know the Seller: Research the seller’s reputation and feedback.
    • Authentication: If buying a higher-value model, have it authenticated by a watch expert to ensure it’s genuine.
    • Condition: Carefully assess photos and descriptions for the watch’s condition.

Important Note: Always check the retailer’s warranty and return policies, especially if you’re buying from a source outside of the official channels.

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If you have been yearning for a watch that makes a statement, sparks conversation, and showcases your individuality, it’s time to explore the world of CIGA Design.

These are not just watches; they’re wearable works of art designed to elevate your style.

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