A wood watch is your ultimate eco-friendly accessory. They are crafted by professional watchmakers using the finest wood with utmost care.

In recent years, wood watches have become increasingly popular. Wood watches are gorgeous, unique and attractive, and both men and women can wear them to any event. They also have various advantages over regular watches.

Wood watches are extremely trendy because they are eco-friendly, and have a sturdy design.


A wood watch is a piece of jewelry that is made out of wood. Wood is used to make the case and sometimes the strap. The inside of the watch works pretty much the same as a regular watch.

Wood has been utilized for construction since humans started making tools. It is a durable and adaptable substance. The natural wood grain gives a skilled watchmaker a unique place to start making a unique timepiece.



The durability of wood watches is the primary concern for many people because wood timepieces are not durable like their metal counterparts, which is a valid issue

Metal watches have dominated the market for a long time because, with proper care, they can serve you for a lifetime.

The same cannot be said about watches made of wood, because wood is a natural material that will break down over time no matter how well you take care of it. It can be damaged by water, insects, perspiration, or by being in direct contact with sunlight for a long time.

But don’t think that because of all of these things, wood watches can’t be trusted. The truth is that wood watches can last for years or even decades if they are taken care of properly.


If you are searching online for the right wood watch suitable for your lifestyle, you may already be aware of a few things about wood watches such as:


You can easily obtain a beautiful wood watch, but you must examine the wood’s quality.

Wood watches crafted from solid wood can last for a long time and don’t need much care because they are strong by nature, and they gracefully age well.

Choose a watch crafted from natural wood. If you want a long-lasting wooden watch, stay away from watches made of faux plastic wood or cork.

Woods like acacia, maple, bamboo, olive, walnut, and sandal are all durable, excellent and strong choices for a wood watch.


Select your most preferred watch movement when buying a wood watch. Automatic wood watch with self-winding movement and a quartz watch movement are the most common types of wood watches available today.

Make sure you understand what the different watch movements are and which one is best for you before you buy a wood watch.


Make sure the wood watch is resistant to splash or water. If your wood watch can’t handle water splash, you might have problems right away. If you have the cash, buy a water-resistant wood watch.


Ensure that the wood watch you’re purchasing complements your style. Check the wood watch vendor page on AliExpress and any videos demonstrating the functionality of the watch. Sometimes, images provide a more accurate depiction of a product than reality.

Check the versatility of the design to ensure that you may wear it for both formal and informal events.


A watch made of wood should have a dial that goes with its design. Don’t forget to look at the dial’s material and quality, because they are equally essential.


People often think that wood watches don’t last long, but with the right care and maintenance, they can last for years or even decades. You can keep your wood watch in good shape by doing the following few simple things:


Keep your wooden watch away from water, particularly during total immersion.

Even though many wood watches are water-resistant to some extent, you should avoid prolonged exposure to water to keep your watch in working order.

If you avoid swimming, showering, perspiring, and walking in the rain while wearing a wood wrist watch, and if you safeguard it from wood insects, you will have little more to worry about. Always remove your wood watch before undertaking any tasks listed above.


You should avoid exposing your wood watch to direct sunlight.

Wood watches should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible. The sun’s UV rays can discolour and, in the worst case, damage the watch.


To keep your wood watch in pristine condition, you must preserve or store it appropriately.

Harmful chemicals can deteriorate the watch’s finish and destroy the wood, so avoid exposing your wooden watch to them.

Also, keep dirt and dust off your watch to ensure its optimal appearance. If soiled, wipe the watch gently with a moist towel and dry quickly.

Always keep your wood watch in a safe place, as it is susceptible to harm from pressure. Wrap in soft cotton and store in a jewellery box or pouch in a secure location


There are numerous online stores that only sell wood watches, and they are excellent places to begin your search. Always verify the store’s credibility and investigate its track record. Prior to making a purchase, it is essential to examine the product’s ratings and return policy.

We highly recommend searching for wood watches on AliExpress, where there is a vast selection of affordable wood watches for all budgets and tastes.

Communicate clearly with the AliExpress vendor to ensure you receive precisely what you desire.



BOBO BIRD is a Chinese wood watch brand owned by Shenzhen 2Win Tech Ltd established in 2014.

The leading wooden vintage watch brand pursues the perfect combination of Chinese watchmaking craftsmanship and the unique texture of wood.

BOBO BIRD watches are crafted from high-quality woods such as bamboo, maple, and sandalwoods.

The BOBO BIRD Official Store started selling wood watched on AliExpress on Sept. 5th, 2013.

BOBO BIRD makes watch essentials using the most sustainable materials in the world.

Every time you buy a wood watch from BOBO BIRD,  they plant a tree. By planting trees for every purchase, they are making big changes accessible to everybody and showing the lasting impact that one small choice can have.




DODO DEER is a Chinese wood watch brand that started selling on AliExpress on June 3rd, 2018.

The AliExpress watch vendors sell affordable top-quality wood watches for men and women.

You can get quartz and automatic movement wood watches with a wooden band, leather bands, and silicone bands.

You can also request a custom engraving and other wood watches accessories from the DODO DEER store on AliExpress.

The wood watch brand has a great positive feedback rating on AliExpress which can only mean that you are getting high-quality wood watches at an affordable price


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