Yaki hair is for people who want their hair extensions and wigs to look like their own hair. Yaki hair is rough or wavy and is meant to look like the chemically-relaxed Caribbean or Afro-Caribbean hair.

The first people who made yaki hair noticed that it looked a lot like human hair. It is long and shiny, and it even reacts to dyes as human hair does. Yaks live mostly in the Himalayas, and their hair is used to make wigs. This is where the name “yaki hair” comes from.

But the longer people wear the yaki wig, the itchier it gets on their scalp. The production stopped, and real hair from donors took its place. This is still done today. Yaki hair is popular among women with coarse hair because it looks like African hair that has been let down.

Yaki hair gives women who like the way their natural hair looks but want to protect it from being over-styled more options.

With realistic-looking straight or curly options in everything from clip-in extensions to full wigs, yaki hair can be worn as a full-coverage style or just to make your natural hair look better.



Yaki hair is a type of hair extension designed to mimic the appearance of natural black hair. It’s an excellent option for people who desire a more natural appearance or want extensions that will mix flawlessly with their natural hair.

Yaks, an animal with long, silky hair that is remarkably similar in structure to human hair, were initially used to manufacture Yaki perm hair.

Due to the fact that many people are allergic to yak hair, it is no longer created from that material. Currently, yaki hair can be either Remy, synthetic, or non-remy.

The texture of yaki hair can range from relaxed, natural hair to tightly coiled, kinky hair due to chemical processing.

Because yaki hair closely resembles genuine black hair, it is an excellent option for women who like to experiment while maintaining a natural appearance.

The Yaki hair doesn’t come from just one person – a single donor. Instead, it comes from multiple donors.

Yaki hair extensions are popular among people with straightened or relaxed hair who want to add volume and length or make their hair feel and look more natural.

Synthetic, non-remy, and remy hair can all be used to make yaki hair but Yaki hair doesn’t look straight and sleek as Remy hair.

Non-remy hair doesn’t come from a single donor; instead, it comes from many different people. When the hair is collected, the cuticles are often broken.

The best kind of hair to buy is remy yaki hair, which is less likely to shed and get tangled. Yaki hair is the best choice if you want to add natural hair extensions that match the texture of your 4b/4c hair.



Virgin hair extensions are made of natural hair that has never been treated in any way. This means that the hair has not been dyed, permed, or treated with chemicals before it was donated.

There’s no use of any heat-based styling tools.

The cuticles of virgin hair are still intact, and each hair is the same length from root to tip. Virgin hair is unprocessed hair, whereas yaki hair has been treated to resemble its wavy texture.

Therefore, it is impossible to have virgin yaki hair. You can either have virgin hair or yaki hair but never yaki virgin hair.


The hair used to create Yaki hair originates from different hair donors. It is similar to non-remy hair which comes from different sources. However, non-remy hair is comprised of 100 per cent human hair, whereas yaki may contain synthetic, Remy, and non-remy hair.

Virgin hair can also be found in Yaki hair. Before being donated, these hair strands did not undergo any chemical treatment, such as colouring or perming. It is also not ironed or blow-dried at high temperatures.

Once the hair is donated, the company will process it to make it look like it has a Caribbean or Afro texture. This process is done to all yaki hair, so there is no such thing as “yaki virgin hair.”


Yaki hair is not for everyone, though. It is made just for people with African hair, even if the strands look straight. Most of these styles are tight curls, afros, or looser styles that are still a little rough. So this is not for people with naturally straight hair.


Here are the different kinds of yaki hair you can choose from now that you know what it is. There are different types of yaki hair extensions because there are different types of hair.

There are four types of yaki hair, namely:

  • kinky
  • coarse
  • regular
  • silky


The kinks in the hair look more like natural African-American or Afro hair that has been blown out. It is thicker and looks exactly like natural hair that has been flat ironed or pressed.

There are afro hairs that like to be blow-dried rather than relaxed. If you desire this for your hair, Kinky Yaki is an excellent choice. The texture is more coarse than the Silky and Regular Yaki hair extensions. Nonetheless, it appears as natural as Silky and Regular Yaki.

Kinky Yaki hair has a fluffier, thicker, or fuller appearance, akin to the original texture of African American hair. Since it resembles hair that has been blow-dried, the curls are neither as tight nor straight.



Silky Yaki, which is also called Yaki straight, is one of the most popular types of yaki hair extensions for women because it has the smoothest texture of all the different types. It feels light and straight like it was just ironed or loosened up.

Even though it is silky, it is not as smooth as the other hair extensions because it still looks like African hair. When you touch the hair, you can still feel little kinks in the strands. Also, if you look closely, you can still see small waves or ripples in it.

This texture is bone straight and looks a little bit like your hair after you’ve just straightened, flat ironed, or relaxed it.



If you want your hair to have a little more texture, regular yaki may be what you need. This most well-known yaki hair extension looks natural and relaxed at the same time. Silky Yaki is also more smooth than Regular Yaki.

This type of Yaki hair extension is not as recently relaxed as Silky Yaki hair extensions. After three days of treatment, the appearance resembles that of after three days of treatment. Since it is not particularly smooth, you can adopt a more relaxed style and attitude.

Even though this yaki looks straight and relaxed, it isn’t smooth. Instead, it still has the look of having been washed 2 or 3 times to get rid of the “beauty salon” look. It looks like someone who got a new perm about two or three days ago. The regular yaki will always make your hair look fuller.



Coarse Yaki is the only form of Yaki hair extension that has never been chemically processed, thus it precisely replicates the wavy texture of regular African American hair. Since it contains no chemicals, the extension will not be straight or slightly waved, but entirely curled and wavy.

This version will give the impression that you still have those tight curls. If you already enjoy the appearance of your hair and need more length, this product is ideal for you. In addition, this Yaki hair extension will give your hair a bold appearance and distinct individuality.



AliExpress yaki clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair and are easy to curl. Choose a curling iron with a barrel that is the right size for the curl you want. A smaller barrel will make a tighter curl. For example, for beachy waves on long hair, a barrel size of about 2′′ to 3′′ is needed. Set the curling iron to medium heat and start curling your hair with a small section near your face.

Curl the parts closest to your face outward, and hold each part around the barrel just long enough to feel the heat in your fingers. For a natural, full look, curl your hair in different directions all over your head. When styling synthetic hair with heat, you need to be more careful and do it less often. Spray a little water on each section of hair before curling it to protect it. Hold the section around the barrel until it stops sizzling or just long enough for the curl to stay. Check it often to make sure it doesn’t burn.


One of the most realistic hairstyles for black women is kinky straight hair. You can get them as clip-ins, weaves, or even full wigs, so you have a lot of options. You already know that yaki hair extensions can be made of any kind of hair, but they are all treated the same way. Chemicals are used to give each hair strand small kinks or waves that look like natural black hair.

Yaki hair extensions are a good choice for a lot of different women because they look so natural. A silky straight wig could give you a dramatic look for the evening, while a kinky yaki hair weave looks more natural and can be worn every day. Yaki hair extensions can be used by women with their own hair to add volume or length without making it look fake.

With straight yaki hair clip-ins, a woman with naturally straight hair could add inches to her length, and a woman with naturally curly hair could make an extra-full updo with kinky curly yaki hair extensions.

One of the best things about yaki hair extensions is how closely they look like the real hair of the person who wears them. This means that women can have hair that looks natural and can be styled often without hurting their natural hair in the long run.


After you choose the yaki hair you want and buy it, you need to learn how to take care of it. What good is yaki hair if you don’t take care of it? Here’s how to care for this beautiful hair extension.

  • Use a shampoo without sulfates to get rid of the dirt that has built up in your hair.
  • Never massage your Yaki hair.
  • Rinse your hair well and use a conditioner that adds moisture.
  • Start at the tips and work your way to the roots.
  • Use a comb to spread your hair out evenly.
  • Give it one last good rinse.
  • Don’t use heat to dry it out.

Don’t wash your hair more than once a week, because it will strip it of the natural oils and moisture it needs. You can also choose to co-wash, in which case you won’t use shampoo, just conditioner and water to wash your hair.

If you take care of your yaki hair extensions and keep them in good shape, you can use them over and over again to make different hairstyles and they will last you a lifetime. With yaki hair, you can do quick and easy styles like a half-updo, buns, or a loose ponytail.

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