Datejust Homage? AliExpress Alternatives

The Rolex Datejust is a watch that needs no introduction. Its timeless design, impeccable quality, and enduring prestige have made it one of the most sought-after luxury timepieces in the world.

However, the Rolex price tag may not be accessible to everyone. That’s where homage watches come in, offering remarkably similar aesthetics at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re searching for an affordable way to channel Datejust elegance, AliExpress provides a surprising array of homage options.

This guide will arm you with everything you need to find the perfect Rolex Datejust homage on AliExpress.


The term “homage watch” often sparks debate within the watch community. Let’s dive into what makes a watch a homage, how it differs from a replica, and the ethical considerations surrounding them.

What is a Homage Watch?

A homage watch draws inspiration from the design and features of an iconic luxury watch, offering a similar aesthetic at a significantly lower price point.

True homage watches walk a careful line: they pay tribute to a classic design but incorporate their own distinct elements, whether that’s different branding, subtle design changes, or the use of more affordable materials.

Homage vs. Replica (Counterfeit)

It’s crucial to distinguish homage watches from replicas or counterfeits. Replicas illegally copy a luxury watch’s design, down to the brand logo, with the intent to deceive buyers into thinking they’re purchasing a genuine product.

Homage watches, on the other hand, make no pretense of being the original. They often feature their own brand name prominently and may have design tweaks that differentiate them from the watch they’re inspired by.

The Ethics of Homage Watches

Some watch enthusiasts consider homage watches a form of flattery and a way to make classic designs accessible to a broader audience. Others argue that they blur the line with knockoffs, undermining the creativity and investment of the original watchmakers.

It’s a personal choice whether or not to support homage brands. Ultimately, it’s important to be aware of the differences between homages and replicas, and always support brands – luxury or homage – that engage in ethical design and manufacturing practices.


Now that you understand homages and what to look for, let’s explore some top AliExpress picks that strike a balance between quality and affordability.

  • Best Budget Homage [Pagani Design PD-1645] : Pagani Design offers unbeatable value. Their Datejust-inspired models often come in under $100, making them a great way to test the waters. Look for models featuring the Seiko NH35 movement for reliability.
  • Closest to the Real Thing [SAN MARTIN SN0059-G]:  San Martin is your best bet for homages that closely resemble the genuine Rolex Datejust. They use higher-end materials like sapphire crystal and focus meticulously on replicating the fit and finish of the original.
  • Premium Pick [Cronos L6010]: If you’re willing to invest slightly more, Cronos homages are worth considering. They offer excellent build quality, reliable movements, and often feature design elements that set them apart, like unique dial colors or textures.


Sold By: San Martin Watch Store on AliExpress


The San Martin SN0059-G V2 is an exceptional homage to the Rolex Datejust, offering meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials that rival watches at much higher price points.

Standout Features:

  • Craftsmanship: Impeccable attention to detail is evident in the polished 316L stainless steel case, perfectly executed fluted bezel, and choice between a classic Jubilee or Oyster bracelet.
  • Materials: A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, solid stainless steel links, and a choice of reliable PT5000 or Swiss-made Sellita SW200 automatic movements elevate this homage beyond mere affordability.
  • Dial and Aesthetics: Available in gorgeous mother-of-pearl (MOP) variations, with each dial showcasing unique, shimmering patterns. Applied indices and well-finished hands demonstrate a focus on refinement.
  • Versatility: Classic size (40mm) and timeless Datejust design make the SN0059-G V2 suitable for both casual and dressier occasions.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Price: While still very affordable in the grand scheme of watches, the San Martin SN0059-G V2 is slightly more expensive than some competing homages.
  • Date window frame: The purists might point out the frame around the date window as a deviation from the genuine Datejust.

Overall Verdict:

If you’re looking for a Datejust homage that focuses on quality and comes remarkably close to “the real thing”, the San Martin SN0059-G V2 is an outstanding choice. It stands out as a testament to the concept that impressive watches don’t need to carry luxury brand price tags.

Important Note: Consider the movement option (PT5000 for value or SW200 for a Swiss-made upgrade) as it impacts the price significantly.



Sold By SteelDive Store on AliExpress

Steeldive is known for its robust dive watches, and the SD1933 brings that same durability to a classic Datejust-inspired design. This homage delivers excellent value and sporty appeal.

Standout Features:

  • Build Quality: Solid 316L stainless steel case and bracelet feel substantial on the wrist.
  • Movement: Reliable Seiko NH35 automatic movement offers a smooth sweep of the seconds hand and easy hand-winding.
  • Water Resistance: An impressive 200m water resistance rating makes this a true worry-free daily wearer.
  • Sporty Vibe: Bold printed indices, a sturdy Oyster-style bracelet, and a unidirectional rotating bezel give the SD1933 a more tool-watch feel than some dressier homages.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Finishing: While perfectly adequate, the case and bracelet finishing may lack the finesse found on premium homages.
  • Less Dressy: The sportier design may not be ideal for those seeking a Datejust homage purely for formal occasions.

Overall Verdict:

The Steeldive SD1933 is a fantastic option if you prioritize durability, value, and a sporty take on the Datejust aesthetic. It’s a watch built for active lifestyles, offering reliable performance without sacrificing classic design elements.



Sold By: Pagani Design Store on AliExpress

Pagani Design is synonymous with affordable homages, and the PD-1645 fits that mold perfectly. While it won’t fool anyone into thinking you’re wearing a Rolex, it offers a surprising amount of watch for the price.

Standout Features:

  • Price: Likely one of the most affordable Datejust homages available, often found under $100.
  • Functionality: Reliable Seiko NH35 automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and a classic Jubilee-style bracelet provide the essential watch experience.
  • Variety: The PD-1645 comes in a range of dial colors and with both fluted and smooth bezel options for personalization.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Finishing: Expect some roughness in finishing details, especially on the bracelet.
  • Cyclops: Magnification over the date window tends to be weak compared to pricier homages.
  • Long-Term Durability: May not withstand heavy wear and tear like more premium options.

Overall Verdict:

The Pagani Design PD-1645 is an excellent “starter” homage. If you’re curious about the Datejust style or want a beater watch with classic looks, it delivers. Don’t expect luxury-level quality, but be prepared to be surprised by what you get for the price.



Sold By: Cronos Watch Store on AliExpress


Cronos has quickly gained a reputation for high-quality homages, and the L6010 exemplifies why. It bridges the gap between affordable homages and the genuine Rolex Datejust in terms of fit, finish, and overall refinement.

Standout Features:

  • Exquisite Details: Beautifully executed fluted bezel, polished case, and excellent bracelet finishing give the L6010 a luxurious feel.
  • Premium Materials: Sapphire crystal, solid 316L stainless steel, and choice of reliable Seiko NH35 or Swiss-made Sellita SW200 movements elevate it above basic homages.
  • Design Variety: Explore unique dial colors with textured finishes alongside classic options, plus the choice between Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.
  • Refinement: The applied indices, hands, and overall dial execution demonstrate Cronos’ commitment to quality.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Price: While still a great value, the Cronos L6010 sits on the higher end of the homage price spectrum.
  • Availability: Certain versions, particularly those with Swiss movements, can sell out quickly.

Overall Verdict:

If you’re willing to invest a bit more for a truly high-quality Datejust homage, the Cronos L6010 is an outstanding choice. It offers tangible quality upgrades over budget-focused brands, making it a compelling option for discerning enthusiasts.



Sold By: Parnis Watch Store on AliExpress

Parnis is another well-known name in the world of homage watches, and the PA6088 delivers a straightforward take on the Datejust formula while prioritizing a budget-friendly price point.

Standout Features:

  • Price: The Parnis PA6088 is often remarkably inexpensive, making it an accessible entry point into Datejust homages.
  • Classic Design: With its fluted bezel, Jubilee bracelet, and cyclops date window, it captures the essential Datejust aesthetic.
  • Movement: While it will likely use a basic Chinese automatic movement, these are typically reliable for casual wear.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Build Quality: Expect lower-grade stainless steel and some rough edges in the finishing, especially on the bracelet.
  • Crystal: The PA6088 likely uses a mineral crystal, which is more prone to scratches than sapphire.
  • Limited Refinement: Don’t expect the meticulous detail or precision of higher-end Datejust homages.

Overall Verdict:

The Parnis PA6088 is best suited for those who want the core Datejust look without any frills and don’t mind sacrificing some quality for affordability. If you’re testing the waters or simply value low cost above intricate details, the PA6088 could be a decent choice.



Sold By: Cadisen Watch Store on AliExpress

The Cadisen C8185MWWH puts a modern, fashion-focused spin on the Datejust design. It prioritizes trendy style elements and affordability over replicating the genuine Rolex with meticulous detail.

Standout Features:

  • Unique Design: Features bold Roman numeral indices, various dial textures, and a wide array of color combinations – setting it apart from classic Datejust homages.
  • Price: One of the most affordable Datejust-inspired options, making it an accessible fashion accessory.
  • Quartz Movement: A battery-powered movement offers low-maintenance accuracy and contributes to the slim watch profile.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Deviations from the Classic: Large Roman numerals and less focus on the cyclops lens mean it’s not a faithful Datejust replica.
  • Build Quality: Expect basic materials and functional finishing. Likely uses mineral crystal instead of sapphire.
  • Limited Longevity: Best considered a fashion watch rather than a long-term durable timepiece.

Overall Verdict:

The Cadisen C8185MWWH is a good choice for those who love the general Datejust aesthetic but want a trendy, ultra-affordable watch with a fashion-forward design. If you prioritize unique looks over precise replication, this is worth considering.




  • Ideal For: Watch enthusiasts seeking a high-quality Datejust homage, prioritizing build quality and materials.
  • Features: Sapphire crystal, excellent finishing, solid 316L stainless steel, choice of reliable movements (PT5000 or Sellita SW200).
  • Price Point: Mid-range in the homage market.



  • Ideal For: Budget-conscious buyers wanting the basic Datejust look without concern for finer details.
  • Features: Likely mineral crystal, basic Chinese automatic movement, functional but less refined than premium homages.
  • Price Point: Very affordable, often one of the cheapest options.



  • Ideal For: Adventurers and sports enthusiasts seeking a rugged Datejust-inspired watch with practical features.
  • Features: Likely sapphire crystal, robust 200m water resistance, sturdy case, and potentially a rotating dive-style bezel.
  • Price Point: Similar to other San Martin homages (mid-range).



  • Ideal For: Fashion-forward individuals wanting a trendy take on the Datejust look at an ultra-affordable price.
  • Features: Quartz movement, unique design elements like textured dials or colorful bezels, basic materials.
  • Price Point: Very inexpensive, prioritize style over long-term durability.



The world of Datejust homage watches is surprisingly diverse, offering options for various budgets and preferences.

Let’s explore some of the most popular brands known for their Datejust-inspired timepieces:

  • Seiko: Seiko, a Japanese watchmaking giant, produces highly respected automatic watches. Their Seiko 5 line features numerous Datejust-inspired models at incredibly accessible prices. Look for fluted bezels, Jubilee-style bracelets, and a similar overall aesthetic.
  • Orient: Another Japanese brand, Orient is known for its excellent value proposition. They offer a variety of Datejust homages with quality automatic movements and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Pagani Design: Pagani Design specializes in budget-friendly homage watches, including a wide range of Datejust-inspired pieces. While less focused on exact replication, they offer the general look and feel of the Datejust at remarkably low prices.
  • Invicta: Known for its bold designs, Invicta’s Pro Diver series offers homage watches with a sportier take on the Datejust. Expect larger sizes, vibrant color options, and more robust construction.


AliExpress boasts a number of watch brands that have gained a reputation for producing quality Rolex Datejust homage watches. Here’s a look at some of the most popular choices:

  • Pagani Design: Arguably the most well-known homage brand on AliExpress, Pagani Design offers a wide range of Datejust homages at incredibly affordable prices. They’re respected for using reliable movements and decent quality materials.
  • San Martin: San Martin is known for its attention to detail and slightly higher price point than Pagani Design. Their Datejust homages often feature premium materials like sapphire crystal and come with excellent finishing.
  • Steeldive: Steeldive specializes in dive watches, but they also offer several Datejust-inspired models. These tend to be rugged and well-built, perfect if you’re looking for a sporty take on the Datejust style.
  • Cronos: Cronos is a slightly newer player in the homage space, but they’ve quickly gained popularity for their high-quality offerings and close adherence to classic designs.


While the appeal of a Datejust homage lies in its overall aesthetic, paying attention to specific details will help you find a watch that offers quality and longevity alongside its classic looks. Here are the key features to focus on:

  • Classic Design Elements
    • Cyclops Lens: This small magnifying lens over the date window is a defining Datejust feature. Ensure the homage has a cyclops and that its magnification is adequate.
    • Fluted Bezel: The fluted bezel (a ring around the watch face with textured ridges) is another Datejust hallmark. Look for a well-defined fluted bezel on your homage.
    • Jubilee or Oyster Bracelet: Datejust watches are often paired with either the dressier Jubilee bracelet (multi-link design) or the sportier Oyster bracelet (three-piece links). Choose the bracelet style that suits your preference.
  • Movement
    • Automatic: Many Datejust homages use reliable automatic movements like the Seiko NH35 or Miyota movements. This wind themselves with the motion of your wrist and offer a smoother sweep of the seconds hand.
    • Quartz: Quartz movements are battery-powered, known for their accuracy and low maintenance. They’re a budget-friendly option for homages.
  • Materials
    • Stainless Steel: Opt for a homage with 316L stainless steel, the preferred grade for its corrosion resistance and durability.
    • Sapphire Crystal: A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects your watch face and is highly desirable in a quality homage.
    • Water Resistance: While most Datejust homages won’t match the water resistance of a genuine Rolex, look for one with at least a 50m or 100m rating for everyday wear.
    • Bracelet: Well-made bracelets add comfort and a premium feel. Solid links are preferable to hollow ones.
  • Homage Accuracy: How closely do you want the watch to mimic a Datejust? Some homages are near-exact, while others offer subtle variations.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reliability, customer service, and overall quality standards.
  • Resale Value: While not typically as strong as a Rolex, some homage watches hold their value better than others, especially from established brands.
  • Price: Homage brands have different price points. Find a brand that aligns with your budget and desired quality level.


While the affordability and style of a Rolex Datejust homage are highly appealing, there are a few more points to think about before making your purchase:

  • Customization: Many homage watches, especially those with Seiko NH35 movements, offer a potential gateway to the world of watch modding. Since the movements are common, aftermarket parts are readily available. You could easily swap out the bracelet, hands, or even the dial, to truly personalize your homage.
  • Sizing and Fit: Pay careful attention to the watch’s case size. The classic Datejust comes in various sizes (36mm, 41mm), and homages often follow suit. Choose the size that looks most proportionate on your wrist. Additionally, ensure the bracelet can be adjusted to fit comfortably.
  • Realistic Expectations: It’s important to manage your expectations when buying a homage watch. While some brands offer impressive quality for the price, they won’t be identical to a genuine Rolex in terms of materials, precision, or long-term durability. If you set realistic expectations and appreciate a homage for what it is – an affordable way to enjoy a classic design – you’re less likely to be disappointed.


The world of Rolex Datejust homages offers a tempting alternative to the luxury icon. But with so many factors to consider, is a homage the perfect fit for your wrist? Let’s break down the key questions to help you decide.

Prioritizing Prestige vs. Affordability

Are you drawn to the timeless design of the Datejust, or is the Rolex name itself a significant factor? If brand prestige is paramount, a homage might not fulfill that desire. However, if the classic aesthetics resonate with you and the price tag of a genuine Rolex feels out of reach, a homage presents an exciting opportunity.

Exploring Style vs. Long-Term Investment

Homage watches are fantastic for exploring a particular style. You can experience the elegance of the Datejust design on your wrist without a hefty upfront investment. This can be particularly valuable if you’re unsure if the classic look will truly suit your taste. However, if you’re looking for a timepiece that will hold its value over time, a genuine Rolex will likely outperform a homage in the long run.

Matching Priorities with Features

Think about the features that matter most to you. Do you crave the smooth sweeping seconds of an automatic movement, or is the accuracy and low maintenance of a quartz movement more appealing? Similarly, consider the materials. High-quality stainless steel and sapphire crystal are essential for long-lasting wear, but may affect the price of the homage.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Ultimately, the decision comes down to finding the perfect balance between your budget, desired features, and long-term goals. If affordability and exploring the Datejust style are your priorities, a well-made homage can be a fantastic choice. However, if brand prestige and long-term investment are key factors, saving for a genuine Rolex might be the wiser path.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to try on both homage watches and genuine Rolexes, if possible. This will give you a firsthand sense of the quality differences and help you solidify your decision.

Before You Go

Finding the perfect Datejust homage is a fun journey for any watch enthusiast. Whether you value meticulous craftsmanship, affordability, or a unique design twist, there’s an homage out there for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, explore different brands, and enjoy the thrill of owning a piece of that iconic Datejust style on your own terms.

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