How to pay with revolut on aliexpress

Have you ever filled your AliExpress cart with amazing finds, only to hesitate at checkout?

Worries about hidden fees, clunky currency conversions, or payment security can quickly dampen the excitement of online shopping. But there’s a smarter way to pay – with Revolut.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a financial technology company, often called a “neobank.” It offers a range of banking services through a convenient mobile app. Think of it as a digital alternative to traditional banks with a strong focus on international spending and money management.

Here’s what you can do with Revolut:

  • Get a multi-currency account: Hold money in different currencies like euros, dollars, and pounds.
  • Spend abroad without hefty fees: Revolut’s exchange rates are often better than what your traditional bank offers.
  • Send money internationally: Transfer money to friends and family around the world quickly and with low fees.
  • Get a Revolut card: Use a physical or virtual debit card (linked to your Revolut account) for purchases both online and in stores.
  • Other features: Revolut also offers budgeting tools, cryptocurrency trading, and even travel insurance options.


To use Revolut for your AliExpress purchases, you’ll need to complete a few key steps:

  1. Download the Revolut App:
    • Search for “Revolut” on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    • Download and install the app on your phone.
  2. Create Your Account:
    • Open the Revolut app and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • Provide your personal details, including your name, email address, phone number, and residential address.
  3. Verify Your Identity
    • Revolut, like most financial services, requires identity verification.
    • Prepare a government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.).
    • Follow the app’s instructions to upload a clear photo or scan of your ID.
  4. Fund Your Revolut Account:
    • You’ll need money in your Revolut account to make purchases.
    • Link your existing bank account to easily transfer funds.
    • Alternatively, you can add a debit or credit card to top up your balance.
  5. Get a Revolut Card (Physical or Virtual):
    • For physical payments, order a Revolut card through the app (this may take a few days to arrive).
    • To use for online payments immediately, create a virtual Revolut card instantly within the app.

Important Considerations:

  • Currency Match: Ensure the currency in your Revolut account matches the currency you’ll use on AliExpress to avoid unnecessary conversion fees.
  • AliExpress Account: Remember, you’ll also need to have an active AliExpress account to make purchases.


  1. Shop and Add to Cart:
    • Browse AliExpress and find the items you’d like to purchase.
    • Add those items to your AliExpress shopping cart as you usually would.
  2. Proceed to Checkout:
    • When you’re ready to buy, go to your AliExpress shopping cart.
    • Click the “Proceed to Checkout” or similar button.
  3. Select Revolut as Payment Method:
  4. Enter Card Details:
    • Provide your Revolut card number, expiration date, and CVV (the security code on the back).
    • Double-check that your billing address matches the address associated with your Revolut account.
  5. Confirm Payment:
    • Review your order details and total cost.
    • If everything is correct, confirm the payment.
  6. Revolut Authorization:
    • You might be redirected to the Revolut app or receive an in-app notification to authorize the transaction.
    • Follow the prompts in the Revolut app to complete the security verification.

Important Notes:

  • Currency Conversion: Revolut usually offers excellent exchange rates. If the AliExpress price is in a different currency than your Revolut account balance, Revolut will handle the conversion automatically.
  • Fees: Revolut itself might not charge fees, but AliExpress may have transaction fees depending on the payment method. Check their policies for clarity.

Advantages of using Revolut on AliExpress

  • Excellent exchange rates: Revolut often beats traditional banks when it comes to converting currencies, potentially saving you money on international purchases.
  • Minimal fees: Revolut typically has lower fees for international transactions compared to regular debit or credit cards.
  • Security: Revolut offers features like disposable virtual cards for added online purchase protection.
  • Control: The Revolut app gives you real-time spending insights and the ability to set spending limits.
  • Convenience: Paying with your Revolut card is just as easy as using any other card on AliExpress.
  • Multi-currency account: If you shop on AliExpress frequently, holding balances in different currencies within your Revolut account can streamline payments and avoid unnecessary conversions.


Why was my Revolut payment on AliExpress declined?

Here are common reasons and how to address them:

  • Insufficient Funds: Check your Revolut account balance and ensure you have enough to cover the purchase and any potential fees.
  • Card Information Error: Double-check you’ve entered your Revolut card number, expiration date, and CVV code correctly.
  • Revolut Card Limitations: Ensure your Revolut card is enabled for online and international transactions within the app.
  • Security Blocks: Revolut’s security systems might occasionally flag a transaction as unusual. Contact Revolut support through the app for assistance.
  • AliExpress Issues: Sometimes the issue might be on AliExpress’s side. Try again later or contact their customer support.

How can I check my Revolut transaction history for AliExpress purchases?

  • Revolut App: Open the Revolut app and view your transaction history. You should see detailed information about your attempted AliExpress purchases, including any declined ones.

How do I contact Revolut for help with AliExpress payments?

  • In-App Support: The easiest way is through the in-app chat function in the Revolut app. Explain your issue and provide details of the AliExpress transaction.

Additional Tips:

  • Match Billing Address: Make sure the billing address you use on AliExpress matches the address linked to your Revolut account.
  • Check Card Status: Ensure your Revolut card (physical or virtual) is active and not expired.


There are several reasons why your Revolut online transaction could be declined. Here are some common culprits and how to address them:

Insufficient Funds:

  • This is the most common reason for declined transactions.
  • Solution: Check your Revolut account balance to ensure you have enough money to cover the purchase amount and any potential fees (like foreign transaction fees).

Incorrect Card Information:

  • A simple typo can cause a decline.
  • Solution: Double-check that you’ve entered your Revolut card number, expiration date, and CVV code (the security code on the back) accurately.

Card Limitations:

  • Not all Revolut transactions are created equal.
  • Solution: Make sure your Revolut card (physical or virtual) is enabled for online transactions within the app. You might also need to activate international transactions if you’re buying from a foreign website.

Security Blocks:

  • Revolut prioritizes security, and their system might flag a transaction as suspicious.
  • Solution: If you suspect this is the case, contact Revolut support through the app. Explain the purchase and provide details about the merchant to help them verify it’s legitimate.

Merchant Issues:

  • Occasionally, the problem might not be on your end.
  • Solution: Try contacting the merchant’s customer support to see if they’re experiencing technical difficulties or have payment processing problems.

Before You Go

Now that you understand the ins and outs of using Revolut on AliExpress, you’re ready to unlock a world of smarter, more cost-effective international shopping.

Sign up for Revolut, link your card, and start exploring all that AliExpress has to offer!

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