Understanding 'Arrived at Linehaul Office' Status

Ordered something exciting on AliExpress and your tracking updated to “Arrived at Linehaul Office”? While this is excellent news, the term might be confusing. Don’t worry!

In this post, we’ll explain precisely what this status means, the following shipping stages, and how to keep tabs on your package while it makes its way to you.


Arrived at linehaul office

When you see the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” or “Received by Linehaul” status update on AliExpress, it means your package has arrived at a central transportation hub within the shipping network. Here’s what’s happening at this stage:

  • Sorting and Consolidation: Your package and many others are being sorted for its onward journey. It’s likely being grouped with shipments headed to the same region or country as yours for more efficient transport.
  • Linehaul Explained: The term “linehaul” refers to the long-distance, bulk movement of goods. Think of it as the highway stage of your package’s trip. It’s now ready to be loaded onto a truck, plane, or ship to take it closer to your country.
  • Progress Indicator: This status update is a positive sign! It means your package is actively moving through the shipping process and isn’t stuck in a warehouse or lost in transit.


Unfortunately, there’s no answer to how long your package will remain in the linehaul office. The wait time depends on several factors:

  • Shipping Method: Expedited shipping options (like DHL or dedicated airline shipping) usually move through linehaul facilities faster than AliExpress Standard Shipping.
  • Destination: The further your package needs to travel, the more linehaul stages or processing points it might encounter.
  • Customs: International shipments often need additional clearance checks, which take longer than domestic parcels.

Important note: The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status is a progress indicator, not a sign of a standstill. While your package might spend several hours to several days at a linehaul facility, it’s continuing its journey toward your doorstep.


The good news is you can continue to track your AliExpress package even after it leaves the linehaul office. Here’s how to stay updated:

  • AliExpress Order Page: The “My Orders” section of AliExpress will provide your package’s most up-to-date tracking information. Look for more detailed status updates as it progresses.
  • Shipping Carrier Website: If your tracking information includes a designated shipping carrier (e.g., Cainiao, ePacket, etc.), visit their website and enter your tracking number for additional details.

Potential Updates You May See:

  • “Departure from Linehaul Office” or “Shipment Dispatched”
  • “Shipment in Transit”
  • “Arrival at [country/region]”
  • “Customs Clearance” (for international shipments)
  • “Out for Delivery”

Keep Tracking: Regularly checking these status updates helps you monitor your package’s progress and provides insight if there are any unexpected delays.


Seeing your package at the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status for longer than expected may be worrying; patience is critical. International shipping, especially from AliExpress, takes time. However, if your package’s status has stayed the same for a period significantly exceeding the estimated delivery time, it’s worth taking action.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact the Seller: Contact the seller through AliExpress‘ order messaging system. Politely explain that your package’s tracking appears stuck and ask if they have any additional insights into its location or movement.
  2. Consider Dispute: If the seller is unresponsive or unable to provide helpful information, and the estimated delivery date has passed, consider opening a dispute through AliExpress’ buyer protection program. This allows you to request a refund if the package is significantly delayed or needs delivery.

Important note: Always try contacting the seller first. Most sellers work to resolve shipping issues as they want to provide positive customer service.


Beyond understanding those shipping status updates, here are some additional tips to keep in mind when ordering from AliExpress:

  • Choosing Shipping Options: If you need an item quickly, consider paying for a faster shipping method (like DHL or FedEx). AliExpress Standard Shipping, while often the most affordable, can take longer.
  • Tracking Updates: Keep an eye on tracking for all AliExpress orders. This offers proactive insight if something unexpected happens during the journey.
  • Estimated Delivery Dates: Pay attention to the estimated delivery dates when ordering. These provide a realistic expectation of when the package should
  • Patience is Key: International shipping, especially from China, takes time. Be prepared for a wait with AliExpress orders, even without unexpected delays.
  • Understanding Common Statuses: Familiarize yourself with typical Aliexpress shipping updates (e.g., “Departed Country of Origin” and “Arrived at Destination Country”) to gain a better picture of your package’s progress.

Before You Go

The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status is just one step in your AliExpress package’s journey. While international shipping can take a while, consistent tracking provides peace of mind. If you encounter concerns, remember to contact your seller for assistance.

Share your experiences in the comments below if you have any engaging experiences with the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will my package stay at the Linehaul Office?

It varies. Usually, it’s a brief stopover, kind of like a quick pit stop for a bus to refuel and change drivers. However, external factors like weather, holidays, or customs inspections might extend this time.

Is my package safe at the Linehaul Office?

Generally speaking, yes. These facilities are designed to securely handle and store packages. Think of it as a gated bus terminal with security personnel to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Can I pick up my package from the Linehaul Office?

NO. The line haul offices are often huge, busy logistics centers and are not set up for customer visits. It’s like asking to board a long-haul bus from the maintenance yard—it’s generally not an option.

Do I need to contact AliExpress or the shipping provider when my package arrives at the Linehaul Office?

Most of the time, no action is needed. Your package is simply in transit. However, if it remains at this status for an unusually long time, reaching out might be a good idea.

What happens if my package is damaged at the Linehaul Office?

If your package gets damaged at any point in its journey, including the linehaul office, the responsibility typically falls on AliExpress or the shipping provider to make it right. You can either seek for a partial refund or full refund when you open dispute on AliExpress for the damaged products.

Is “Arrived at Linehaul Office” the same as “Out for Delivery”?

Nope! These are two different statuses. “Out for Delivery” is like your bus making its final approach to your local bus stop, whereas “Arrived at Linehaul Office” is more like a significant but interim bus terminal.

Why did my package go to multiple Linehaul Offices?

Sometimes packages take a bit of a circuitous route, bouncing from one major ‘bus terminal’ to another before reaching you. This can be due to several logistical reasons like package volume, available routes, or even customs processes for international packages.

Before You Go:

Let’s be honest, tracking a package can sometimes feel like you’re deciphering a mysterious code. But once you understand the lingo—think of it as learning the bus route—it all starts to make sense.

Now, the status “Arrived at Linehaul Office” won’t send you into a spiral of confusion. Instead, you’ll know it’s just a scheduled pit stop on your package’s journey to you.

While waiting for your package to be delivered, it is important to track its progress and stay updated with the latest tracking information provided by AliExpress.

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