AliExpress Premium Shipping: Faster, Reliable... Worth It?

We’ve all been there – anxiously refreshing the tracking page, wondering when our AliExpress order will finally arrive. If you’re hesitant about paying extra for AliExpress Premium Shipping, you’re not alone.

In this post, we’ll examine the costs, benefits, and potential drawbacks of AliExpress Expedited Shipping, empowering you to make an informed decision.


What exactly is it?

    • AliExpress Premium Shipping is an expedited shipping option offered by AliExpress on select products. It provides significantly faster delivery times compared to the free or standard AliExpress Standard Shipping options.
    • This service typically promises delivery within 7-15 business days to many major countries.

How does it differ from AliExpress Standard Shipping?

    • Speed: The primary difference is speed. Standard Shipping can take anywhere from 15-45 days or longer, while Premium Shipping aims for significantly faster delivery.
    • Cost: Premium Shipping comes at an additional cost, varying based on the item, your location, and the seller.
    • Reliability: Premium Shipping often involves more reliable shipping partners, resulting in better tracking and a higher chance of on-time delivery.

Which shipping companies does AliExpress Premium Shipping use?

    • AliExpress partners with various reputable international logistics companies, including:
      • DHL
      • FedEx
      • UPS
      • TNT
      • Local courier services in specific countries.

How the Process Works

  1. Choosing Premium Shipping: When browsing AliExpress, look for products that offer “AliExpress Premium Shipping” as a delivery option. You’ll see the estimated delivery time and cost on the product page.
  2. Partnership with Couriers: AliExpress works with its shipping partners to streamline the delivery process using their established logistics networks.
  3. Faster Processing and Transit: Your order may receive priority handling by both AliExpress and the shipping company, leading to faster processing and shipping times.
  4. Detailed Tracking: You’ll usually receive detailed tracking information, allowing you to closely monitor your package’s progress.


Is there a standard cost?

    • Unfortunately, there is no set standard cost for AliExpress Premium Shipping. The price varies significantly depending on several factors.

How is the cost calculated (size, weight, location)?

    • Here are the primary factors influencing the cost of AliExpress Premium Shipping:
      • Product dimensions and weight: Larger and heavier items naturally cost more to ship.
      • Destination country: Shipping to further locations or countries with complex customs regulations will generally be more expensive.
      • Seller: Different sellers on AliExpress may work with different shipping partners, leading to price variations.

Are there any hidden costs to be aware of?

    • In some countries, you might be charged additional customs duties or import taxes upon delivery. These costs are not included in the AliExpress Premium Shipping price and are the buyer’s responsibility.

How to Find Out the Cost

  1. Product Page: When you find an item on AliExpress offering Premium Shipping, the estimated cost and delivery time will be displayed directly on the product page.
  2. Checkout: Before finalizing your order, the exact Premium Shipping cost will be calculated and shown during the checkout process.

Important Note: Always compare the Premium Shipping cost to the cost of Standard Shipping on the same product. This will help you evaluate whether the quicker delivery is worth the extra expense for your specific needs


What is the typical delivery time with Premium Shipping?

    • AliExpress Premium Shipping generally promises delivery within 7-15 business days to many major countries. This is significantly faster than AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Delivery time examples to different countries.

    • It’s important to note that delivery times can vary slightly based on your location and specific circumstances. Here’s a general idea:
      • USA: 7-10 business days
      • Canada: 7-12 business days
      • Major European Countries (UK, Germany, France): 7-10 business days
      • Australia: 8-12 business days

Remember: You can find the estimated delivery time for a specific product on the AliExpress product page.

Factors that might impact delivery times.

    • Even with Premium Shipping, certain factors can sometimes cause delays:
      • Customs clearance: Complex customs procedures in your country might extend the process.
      • Weather and unforeseen events: Severe weather disruptions or unexpected logistical issues can lead to delays.
      • Remote locations: Deliveries to more remote areas may take longer.

Overall: Yes, AliExpress Premium Shipping is significantly faster than AliExpress Standard Shipping. While it’s not always guaranteed to arrive within the 3-15-day window, it offers a much more reliable and expedited experience compared to the free or standard options.


The answer depends on your individual needs and priorities. Here’s how to decide if it’s worth it for you:

Speed and reliability.

  • Faster Delivery: If you need an item urgently or dislike long shipping times, Premium Shipping’s faster delivery window is a major advantage.
  • Improved Tracking: Premium Shipping typically offers more reliable and detailed tracking information, giving you peace of mind.
  • Greater chance of on-time arrival: While not guaranteed, Premium Shipping increases the likelihood that your package arrives within the estimated timeframe.

Cost vs. convenience.

  • Analyze the price difference: Carefully compare the cost of Premium Shipping versus Standard Shipping on the same product. Determine if the faster delivery is worth the additional expense to you.
  • Consider the value of the item: For high-value or time-sensitive items, the extra cost for Premium Shipping might be a worthwhile investment.
  • Factor in your urgency: If you need the item quickly for a specific event or reason, Premium Shipping can eliminate the stress of a potentially long wait.

When is using Premium Shipping ideal?

  • Time-sensitive orders: Birthdays, holidays, or if you simply need an item quickly.
  • Higher-priced items: When you’ve invested more in a product, ensuring faster and more reliable delivery can be worth the extra cost.
  • Peace of mind: If detailed tracking and a greater likelihood of on-time delivery are important to you, Premium Shipping can be a worthwhile expense.


Step-by-Step Guide

Find your tracking number:

    • Go to “My Orders” on AliExpress.
    • Locate the order that was shipped with Premium Shipping.
    • Click on “View Detail” or “Track Order.”
    • You’ll find your AliExpress Premium Shipping tracking number within the order details.

Choose a tracking method:

    • Option 1: AliExpress Tracking: The order details page on AliExpress will provide basic tracking updates.
    • Option 2: Carrier’s Website: For more detailed tracking, copy the tracking number and visit the website of the carrier handling your shipment (e.g., DHL, FedEx, etc.). You’ll find this information on the AliExpress order details page.
    • Option 3: Universal Tracking Services: Websites like 17 Tracks or ParcelsApp allow you to track packages from multiple carriers using a single tracking number.
  1. Monitor your progress: Enter your tracking number on your chosen website and you’ll see the current status of your package, its location, and a detailed history of its shipping journey.

What do different tracking statuses mean?

Here are common tracking statuses you might encounter:

  • Shipment information received: The shipping label has been created, but the carrier hasn’t physically received the package yet.
  • In transit: Your package is on the move, traveling between logistics hubs.
  • Out for delivery: The package is with your local courier and should arrive that day.
  • Delivered: Your order has been successfully delivered.
  • Exception/Delay: There might be an unexpected delay due to weather, customs, or other issues.

Troubleshooting common tracking issues.

  • No updates: If it’s been a few days with no updates, contact the seller on AliExpress for assistance.
  • Incorrect information: Double-check the tracking number for typos. If incorrect, contact the seller.
  • Stuck in transit: If a package is stuck for an extended period, contact the shipping carrier directly for more details.

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